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June 2011


Leadership Lessons From A Dancing Guy

I have been heavily on the grind this week in addition to taking som time out to reflect on the year thus far as we approach the end of FY2011. Consequently, I have not had much time to post anything on my tumblr, but i wanted to post this video just to highlight the importance of being the first not only to believe in something, but also to share that same passion with other people. Wether its in your social, work or personal life do not be afraid to stand out. You may feel like a dancing fool; but to others you are who they aspire to be. “Dare to be different – It pays!”


My sentiments exactly!


Album Review- 4: Beyonce

You would have to have lived under a rock to not know that @Beyonce’s new album leaked last week. @Beyonce’s new album titled ‘4′ – could very well be a number one hit in years to come (Think Thriller – M.J.) but as an self proclaimed massive "B" fan (i have a Beyonce doll amongst other things for God’s sake) the album doesn’t have the hit songs that her fans are used to. In other words its a slow sound for the ‘grown + sexy" which isnt necessary a bad thing, just going to take some getting used to for her Die Hard fans….


What She Wore…

Jeans  – Gripp Jeans

T- Shirt – American Apparel

Cardigan – Country Road Circa 2008


What She Wore..

Shirt – Ralph Lauren

Cord Pants – Sportsgirl

Earring – Sportsgirl

Other gold jewelry is my own.


You ready???!!!!

Shoegasm Alert!!