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July 2011


Today my outfit was inspired by the First Lady of Fashion herself – Jackie Kennedy…I am currently obsessed with the television series – The Kennedys" in which there is a complete showcase of her wardrobe shift dresses, Chanel suits, cropped pants, ballet flats and her don’t leave home without accessory; a single strand pearl necklace…I always say i should have been around in the 50’s because the fashion of that era speaks to me in great volumes! Pictures of my outfit to come later on the day!


I have spent much of this weekend listening to Miss Winehouse who only last weekend passed away at a young age of 27. I have spent the time listening to the music because a lot had been said of her personal – which quite frankly I don’t care about…but the advertising whores (magazines) have felt its been newsworthy. When you listen to the music you can hear the pain, desperation, feeling of helplessness; a lost soul looking for help….It’s often said that the tortured souls make the best artists because they speak to each listener’s inner emotion….think Michael Jackson, and more recent times Kanye West. it just saddens me to think that we have lost this artist when we everyone knew the day would come….May her soul finally rest in PEACE.


Eat>Drink>Play: Brisbane Farmers Market

Can’t tell you how many times my brain is urging me to type Eat Pray Love instead of my title…sigh

These pictures are of particular interest to me, as it was an interesting experience. During work time (sounds like i am a naughty school girl bunking work) but let me be clear it was during lunch, i skipped off to the Brisbane markets for a bit of a gander…This is what i came across – some delicious street food, with its main ingredient being the humble mushroom… delicious! Brisbane Farmers Markets are on every Wednesday located right next to the casino as if you are heading to South bank…You wont regret it – Food, atmosphere…


What She I Wore…

Sunnies – Ray Ban

Shirt – Asian purchase whilst overseas

Wet Look Leggings – General Pants

Jewellery – Fossil Watch

Ballet Flats – Country Road


What She I Wore..

Cardigan – Zara (PSA- wash on its own – learnt this the hard way, it leaked on my yellow cardigan that featured in a previous post)

Dress – TopShop

Stockings – Best & Less


What She I Wore..

Jumper – Zara

Top – Chiffon blouse – Material picked by yours truly: Made in Vietnam.

Pants – Country Road

Shoes – Nine West