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August 2011


Wow – and just like that BANG!


What She I Wore…

Turtle Neck – Zara

Skirt – Country Road

Stockings – David Jones

Earrings – Zara


What She I Wore…

I would normally put my whole outfit up for review, but today i simply wore a country road suit – i didn’t think that would be very inspirational. It is a suit after all. I did however want to do a blog on my accessories. So where are they from?

Earrings – Sports girl 

Belt – Ralph Lauren

Watch – Gucci


Domestic Goddess – What I Made…

Every now and again you have visitors randomly come over – which i personally love, i have now started keeping a variety of fresh ingredients in my fridge and pantry. That way i put together a nice platter. Of course being a vegetarian myself there is always a vegetarian option.


Eat > Drink > Play; Dinner  – Ilforno Pizzeria 

Managed to sneak out for a quick bite and sneaky drink at this little place in Sandgate – in North Brisbane. I wont say much, but its the street style food that just makes the place so alluring!

With made to order fresher than fresh Italian pizzas, salads, and desserts, wino – its like you are eating in the streets of Italy. Google it you will be pleasantly surprised.


Natural Wonders…

In my last post you would have seen that i have introduced a new segment to my blog dubbed ‘Natural Wonders’! I was fortunate to have a friend to be the first cab of the rank…She is a personal trainer who loves to work out, so having “hair drama” is the least of her worries. Catch the interview below…

Name: Chanda

How would you describe your natural hair texture? Really soft provided theres no humidity.

When did you do the big chop or transition? I’m always chopping and changing. I love my natural hair but this climate makes me run for the braids all the time!

Why did you go natural? I’ve always had natural hair,never been chemicalised 🙂

What is your natural hair maintenance regime? Products Washing routine etc.  – shampoo, set or ghd. I use Suphur 8 and as for the shampoo/conditioner mainly Pears.

What is your no fail natural hair style? Afro. I’ve come to embrace it!

What advice do you have for any one who is thinking of going natural? They have to be comfortable with it..

Finally whats the best thing about being natural? Sounds silly but low maintenance. I don’t worry about regrowth, chemicals etc