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September 2011


Came across this beautiful spread and had to share with my followers….


What She I Wore….

Back at work, so decided to inject some Colour – BAM! Who said you cant wear colour in the office? Not me….

Shirt – CUE

Skirt – Temt

Stockings – Best & Less

Shoes – Wittner


Play>Eat>Drink; Dandelion & Driftwood

Ever wanted to go to high tea in Brisbane?

Well i found this delightful place in Hendra Brisbane. It comes complete with mini cupcakes, american baked goodies amongst other sweet nothings, tea served in modern tea pots with the cutest tea cups and bow tied men and women serving your culinary delights. I just died….


Style Crush…..

This woman is another Natural Hair Inspiration, residing in South Africa and boasting a marvellous singing career.



What she’s famous for:

She is a multi-platinum selling and award winning Afro-Soul vocalist who refers to her music as “a fusion of soul, funk, elements of jazz and African

Distinctive features:

Well maintained TWA and distinct make up and infusion of modern African style.


What She I Wore….

It was the last day of the course and the weather was nice and warm. So i decided to wear a dress to welcome Spring. I always believe its not where you buy the clothes its how you wear it… Here it goes.

Dress – Cotton On

Shoes – Target

Jewellery – Diva


What She I Wore….

Another casual look from me today, that i used to go to my WHSO course..feels good to just throw on a jeans and a top and be out the door.

Top – Temt

Jeans – FCUK jeggings

Brogues – Sportsgirl

Jewellery – Lovisa Bangles, Sportsgirl necklace