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October 2011


What She I Wore…

I dunno what it is about fashion rules that makes me want to break them or rearrange them. For example when i think of a tea party one would think you would attend with a neatly pressed dress. Well at least in my mind anyway. What does the birthday girl do?

Jeans – Zara; when i saw the rips i knew they had to be mine. They literally had me at hello! My mama was like “You gone lost your mind! Who buys jeans with rips in them?”

Top – General Pants Co; the vintage flower print, interesting side design and cut out back, gave it enough street cred for it to be worn with my jeans.

Pumps – Nine West; you know my love for leopard print is never ending and shall never falter.

Jewellery – Sports Girl; again with the tribal wrist band, its my most over worked item in my wardrobe at the moment.

I sometimes laugh at myself, please do not think i am trying to model, just thinking of new and creative ways to show off my attire. As the first picture dictates, i have just about mastered the pose Beyonce does after a song…hehehe


Eat>Drink Play; Pre- Birthday celebrations…

With two days to go until my official birthday i commenced my birthday celebrations by hosting a tea party. I am getting to that stage in my life where all i need is good company, food and atmosphere, and today did not disappoint! I was surrounded by such love and laughter.

Such a Blessing indeed! Submitted is one happy snap that gives a sense of our 4hour laugh fest while we consumed, teas, coffees, milkshakes (can anyone say that seriously without breaking into Kelis’s song? hehe), sandwiches, cakes etc.


What She I Wore…

As i was attending the Young African Professional’s breakfast, i consiously made an effort to bring out my inner african side.

Dress – Sussan; who would have thought such a glorious maxi dress would come from there? People tag it as an older women store, but if i like i buy…

Jewellery – Sportsgirl; the tribal look of the wrist band just felt all so right!


Drink>Play>Eat: Young African Professional’s Breakfast; Brisbane.

Although feel like i had been hit by a bus from my week in Sydney, i dragged myself out of bed at 7am to make the 8am start of the Young African Professional’s Breakfast. The events title was “Do you Dare?”, which was interesting because it dared everyone to  be push themselves to their full potential or to strive to be better in whatever they may choose to do.

I saw it as a great opportunity to meet other young African Australians that were doing great things or were up and coming. I can say that i walked away feeling so refreshed, and even more determine to achieve my goals in life!


Eat>Drink>Play – Out & About In Sydney

Whilst i was only out for limited periods of time Sydney here i showcase a few happy snaps for your viewing please. They are all pretty random really but i found beauty in each one.

If you are a Sydneysider can you guess where these were taken?