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February 2012


Whoa – Serena Williams!!

We all knew that Serena has an amazing body, but ya’ll hands down Miss Williams is popping in this dress. This picture was captured at the 2012 Oscars After Party. The colour of this dress is very va-va-voom marigold gown that accentuated her hour-glass figure. Whoa!


Viola Davis…Woman Of The Moment.

I have been keeping an eye on this special lady, but I really started to take a closer look at her when she skipped the wig and dared to bare her natural hair and to the “Oscars”- BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE. I am sure she will be making waves across all blogger sites for the next week or so. Having said that, although the make up was a little heavy for my liking – in a long and flowing Vera Wang mermaid-style gown and green drop earrings she is really owning the look. When asked on E red carpet of why she was rocking her natural hair she simply stated “It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing up my life a bit.” “The Help” indeed, more women of color should also embrace their natural self.


Polka A Dot This…

Melbourne is really turning up the nice weather! For every fashionista good weather means greater opportunities to showcase goodies that i packed for my getaway!

Hat – Topshop; Silk Dress – Purchased in Thailand; Belt- Portmans; Shoes – Havainnas; Bag – Collette



The many faces of Tview, captured in Melbourne, the sun rays make my skin ever so radiant!


Hello #Zara! #melbourne (Taken with instagram)


Black & Yellow + Brogues

I spent my third day in Mebourne exploring this amazing city. This is the first time i have had the nerve to hire a car and drive around (hook turns and trams on the the road – eeek!). All that stress aside I couldn’t be happier to discover plenty of hidden gems. Here is what i wore…

Dress – ASOS; Brogues – Top Shop; Bag – Zara; Jewellery – Fossil & Lovisa, Sunnies – Raybans