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March 2012


Jersey Dress…

Today i just wanted to blend in like the tourist i am here in Sydney. Here’s one way to dress down a jersey dress by adding leopard print and leather old school converse sneakers. Leopard Print potato sack dress – just the way i like it….<INSERT SMILE>

Jersey Dress – Sportsgirl; Shoes – Converse; Jewellery – Fossil, Pandora, Tiffany & Co.


Sneaker Queen…

Any one who follows me knows that I am not really a heel wearing diva. Its’s only rarely that you see me in sky high shoes – tend to feel comfortable in flats, or small kitten heels. Until now….Introducing the no gimmicks no tricks shoes.

Yes ladies these shoes are sneakers that double as wedges (there is a secret hidden compartment). To date I have seen celebrities such as Beyonce and Rihanna rocking this trend…

These shoes are a steal for $40 from Rubi Shoes…comes in various colours too!

Get em girls!


Trendy & Simple…

Again with the pencil skirt, now in a different hue. You can never go wrong with black and white.


Panel Dress…

The angled waist panel lines draw attention to the waist, complementing all the curvy women…the colour is a delicious shade also.

Dress – Sheike; Shoes – Wittner 

How will you wear yours?


Pencil Skirt Mad…

This week i have been having a slight infatuation with pencil skirts, adding a mod flare to it by incorporating colour.

Top – Cue; Skirt – Asos; Shoes – Wittner; Jewellery – Tiffany & Co, Fossil, Pandora.


HELLO Sydney!

This Is the View from my hotel…i will be In Sydney for the next 5 days. Moments like this when i look out the hotel window it makes me so thankful to be given the opportunity to do the job I do. I guess it’s true what they say, with true passion, perseverance and positivity it will take you a long way.