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April 2012


The Urban Gent…

Its the 1st of May, and i have decided to commerate this day by introducing men’s fashion to this blog – The first of many to come! 

Introducing my swagged out friend Tend McFly, who is best described as a uni student by day and rapper/spoken word poet by night with quite a CULT FOLLOWING. I personally love his music and fashion just DOPE!


Mad Monday…

That just about sums up my day today. For the occasion I donned all black with a pop of colour. To be precise red pumps (the lace tie up at the back is divine!) and polka dot stockings…

Shirt – Portmans (similar here); Skirt – Portmans (similar here) ; Shoes – Diana Ferrari (similar here); Stockings – Sportsgirl


I Invented Swag…

Colour blocking heaven further accented by the oversized frames. No words just FIERCE images.


My Essentials: Solange

My Top: A silk white blouse.
It is for sure my most frequent purchase. I have them in several different cuts and wear them with everything. You know the famous scene in Forest Gump, where he names all of the different ways Bubba Gump can prepare shrimp? I feel the same ways about all the different styles I can name of white silk blouse’s. A sleeveless, a short sleeved, a quarter sleeved, a long sleeved, a spaghetti strap, a silk chiffon, a silk satin, oh the list can go on. I think they are so easy, simple, and comfortable.
My favorite is a sleeveless v-neck by Vince.
My Bottom: A printed pant. I missed out on pants for way too many years of my life. I was an avid skirt wearer from ages 13-22. As a young girl, I made the common mistake of defining classic girly-ness and sexiness by showing my legs. Since I found the right pants 3 years ago, it’s been hard to keep me out of them. Opening Ceremony, DFV and Marni all make great ones in wonderful prints.
My Jeans: It is a rare occurrence that I wear jeans…but if I do denim, oversized vintage Levis.
My Evening: A simple silhouette dress in an amazing print or striking bright color.
Yellow and fuchsia tones are my favorite to wear. I also love a nice clean white. I’m extremely experimental with prints and colors, which I think draw me to a more minimalist design in terms of silhouettes and proportions.
My Intimates: Easy and comfortable American Apparel Tri-Blend Halter Romper in Gray.
My Coat: Anything in leopard. Somehow it just always seems to work with everything in my closet. This past Fall/Winter I lived in my Malene Birger one.
My Bag: I have to admit, I’m not a big bag girl at all. Maybe its because I don’t carry a lot of stuff, so the idea of buying this source to hold just my phone, keys, and wallet just doesn’t grab me. It could also be that every time I see a bag I like, I see a shoe I like…and the shoe purchase wins over the bag one in my budget. I do love a really funky clutch though, and often wear them during the day.
My Shoes: There’s not really any consistent measure of what I love in a shoe.
I really, truly, simply, just love shoes in general. A beautiful designed shoe instantly sends my endorphins into overload. The older my son gets, and his daily activities become a part of my life…the more I crave comfort. These days it’s essential to have a sensible heel. It would be absolutely a disservice to name one designer, as my closet really houses everything from Alaïa to Nine West.
My Accessories: Rings! Lia Sophia and Lorraine Schwartz are my faves. I love to stack them and pile as many of them as I possibly can.
I also live by my Aldo packs of simple studs. I go through about a pack every two months.
My Watch: I have never owned one.
My Glasses: I love Illsteva sunglasses. Super great shapes that frame my honker quite nicely:)
My Scent: Good ole deodorant and my hair butters and oils…See next question.
My Hair: Carols Daughter Monoi oil shampoo and conditioner. I also use raw shea butter every day and pure Argon oil when its really dry (so pure, it makes me smell like a basket of nuts). Once a week I set up a time where I wash and deep condition and very carefully comb out my hair, always starting with the ends first.
Yesterday was that day, and so I literally popped in a dvd (My Week With Marilyn to be exact)…sectioned off my hair with clips, and combed. I usually sit under a heat cap to penetrate the conditioner and when it’s all clean and rinsed, I twist it with two strands of hair into twists. When I take them out, I shower again …not getting the hair wet, but letting the steam frizz my hair up a bit more. Occasionally when I am tired of this lengthy regimen , I get braids or wear extensions in the same texture as my own hair to give myself a break.
My Lip: Bright orange, orange red, or hot pink lipstick. It’s one of the few things that feels very essential to my beauty style.
My Skin: Epicuren skin products and Neutrogina daily moisturizer with SPF 30.
My Inspiration: My daily walks of life. I see inspiration in all alleys of my journey. The potato man my son made two nights ago, the super posh women I met in Moscow the other night, the street characters on Hollywood Blvd…. When it comes to what inspires me, God has created such a beautiful playground to explore and I want to see and breath every corner..

Shoe Masculine?

Frequent readers of this blog would know that my style is a little schizophrenic. Each day brings about a new look and feel. So when i spotted these boots at i knew one of them had to be mine this season. I find ankle boots incredibly sexy!

Top Boots – Sports Girl; Bottom Boots – Sportsgirl


Bold & Beautiful…

That snake skin print is MAJOR! She is working the hell out of that dress with perfectly matched accessories! Get it GURL…