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May 2012


Trench Coat Mafia…

I wouldn’t say i have a definitive style – it chops and changes depending what life is throwing my way. With a hectic schedule lately I have been preferring simplicity with unexpected detailing.

Trenchcoat – Zara; Shirt – CUE; Skirt – Asos; Shoes – Wittner


Ooh Gurl! Shock Me Like An Electric Eel…

Not sure if I will ever get tired of dressing like a crayon pencil pack, but i love the idea of colour contrasting. With winter upon us i am noticing a lot more greys, blacks etc. Thanks but no thanks for me i will continue being a Fashion rebel…

Turtle Neck – Zara (similar here); Skirt – Sheike; Shoes – Zara


I’ve been GOKKED!

Famous last words of women that have been transformed by Gok…I have been meaning to post this – a couple of weekends ago i went to see GOK who was here in Australia to impart his fashion knowledge/advise to Australian women who were in desperate need of how should i put it……umm a “style update”.

You might be scratching your head and thinking who the fark is Gok? Well Gok is a British fashion consultant, author and television presenter famed for his budget style advice and rather flamboyant and charasmatic nature.

Surprise surprise he has a blog too…check it out here


Take The Edge Off…

Exactly my thoughts this morning – when i reached for my leather dress. The complete look is a little reminiscent of the famed “school girl look” when worn with a crisp white shirt, something i didn’t realise until after a caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window.   Women are terrified of wearing leather in the corporate world, but i hope this inspires you to be a brave heart!

Shirt – Country Road; Leather Dress – (on sale now) Asos   Shoes – Wittner


Indie Look….

Laid back weekend enjoying the last of the summer rays, just kicking back in my leather light weight converse kicks – sans make up.

Jumper – Bardot; Singlet – Asos; Leggings – American Apparel; Shoes – Converse


Where’s Wally?

Dunno about you, but when ever i wear stripes especially red and white ones at that –  i can’t help but feel like a bootleg version of Where’s Wally?

Wearing white pants is considered a faux pas during the colder season – so they say….I beg to differ.

Blazer – Mod Cloth; Top – Portmans; Pants – Zara; Shoes – Diana Ferrari