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June 2012


Lively Skirt…

Imagine a world were as soon as the temperature drops everyone around you only wears black. The cold snap in Brisbane had me surrounded (Yawn).

This is the outfit i wore yesterday as I continued my rebellion against wearing all black in winter by incorporating a pop of colour.

Sunnies – Le Specs; Top – Temt; Skirt – Sheike; Shoes – Wittner


Brown Sugar…

I don’t normally go out on “school nights” but i made an exception for a friend visiting from interstate. These images were taken last night and when i got home it was super late so whoop there it is this morning!

Is it me or is brown one of the most under – rated colours in fashion? Its my favourite colour so whenever i wear it, i feel like i am proving any doubter/haters etc out there wrong!

Incorporating a little “jungle fever” by adding leopard print tights never hurt nobody either….

Dress – Custom Made; Leather Belt – Street Vendor:Valley Markets; Stockings -Wolford (similar here); Boots – Novo (on sale now)  


Puss In Boots…

Controversial title I know.

This outfit is your standard first world work outfit. All American brand – check, conservative yet figure defining pencil skirt – Check. What excites the most about this outfit is the ankle boots. I am not sure if the photos allow you to see them in all their glory, but simply put they are DOPE!

…Rewind back six weeks – i first spotted these in a fashion mag, Shop Til You Drop to be precise (how ironic right?). Then i saw them at the Wittner shop window, was it a sub conscious decision to walk past and just see, touch, feel…i dunno **Kanyeshrug**. At that moment i immediately fell in love and have been lusting after these boots ever since. Weeks of torture passed were i was justifying the purchase by putting together endless outfits that i could wear with these these bad boys. Then i had a YOLO moment…long story short, here we are – they are featured in today’s post.

Trust these shoes will be on heavy rotation.

Shirt – Ralph Lauren; Skirt –Asos; Boots – Wittner


Parisian Chic…

Today’s outfit was inspired by the Parisian women that maintain effortless glamour and a timeless allure.

With nautical stripes and adding a bit of edge with leather skirt, Oh la la doesn’t provide justice to the stylish inspiration that the French has evoked in the fashion world.

Top – WItchery; Skirt – Custom Made; Shoes – Witchery


Statement Blazer…

You might recall some time ago i did a post of the Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials; click the link to read more. One of the key items i spoke very highly of was the humble blazer. If you incorporate colour – this clothing item can really be one of the hardest working items in your wardrobe, especially in these cooler months.

So after reading the article can you spot the three items I am wearing from the Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials?

Classic white shirt – Cue; Blazer – Zara; Pants – Cue (on sale now); Ballet flats – Rubi


Cobalt Blue Knit Dress…

The colour of this season is colbat blue, but i am sure my stylish readers already knew that – Wink!

The colour is so bold and vibrant i decided to take the photos outside.

Dress – Temt; Shoes – Sportsgirl