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July 2012


Work Freakum Dress…

This dress is basically the work version of a freakum dress. What’s a freakum dress you ask? Well you can find out here.  

The paper mache print is a combination of traditional and high tech graphic explosion, whilst the design of the dress modestly compliments the body. I repeat, i do not discriminate when it comes to fashion – i found this dress in a shop which is traditionally for much older women, but decided to give it a go anyway…

Dress – Rockmans; Shoes – Wittner (similar here)


Nonchalant Style…

I was walking to the train station yesterday, when i spotted this young lady. What initially caught my eye, was the leather jacket and the well placed beanie!  The jacket itself was not just any type of leather jacket – its one with silver panels at the front and back..

Once i made the approach we started talking and she let me know that she was actually studying to be a fashion designer, but had purchased the jacket online…

I heart this “nonchalant style” so much so, that i had to share with you all. Enjoy!


Pearls, Lace & Boots…

You know i have always wanted a garment steamer, i thought it would the answer to all my ironing nightmares.

Over the weekend i purchased a garment steamer (brands] will remain anonymous to protect the not so innocent) and much to my dismay the garment steamer can not be a complete replacement for the iron.

Why is she telling us this? Your probably wondering….well, this outfit is a result of me boycotting the iron and relying solely on my garment steamer. Items of clothing i grabbed once i realised the garment steamer wasn’t producing the results i desired.

After my 9 – 5 hustle, i promptly went and purchased a new iron! The garment steamer alone is not gonna cut it for me! ! am going to have to use the garment steamer and iron in conjunction….lesson learnt.

Cardigan – SES; Dress – Stella McCartney For Target (similar here); Shoes – Wittner



Who needs hair when your this gorgeous…seriously? The buzz cut accentuates her ultra feminine features, and lets the outfit shine.

She looks like she just stepped out of a damn fashion magazine!


Alas she is not a model (although i keep telling her she should pursue it) this beauty one of the friends who after some convincing is turning it out on my blog! The all white look worn beautifully here….

Don’t you agree?



Even as i write this post I can acknowledge that am dead tired! It has been such hectic weekend meaning I have been left with very little time to keep you updated. My bad!

As you can see from my get up over the weekend i attended a diva & divo birthday party. Ordinarily i would have used this opportunity to dress up in a show stopping dress; cos in my mind, it would be a red carpet event – either a long dress that is one shouldered or a plunging neckline etc. But alas i was not meant to be, truth be told i was farking cold! So i decided to be a divo, you know be one of the boys and add my own spin on things…

Surprised? You shouldn’t be…i like to mix things up! Its only now that i look at the photos i realise that my outfit is head to toe trending with this season’s must have looks. Bow tie – check, sequins – check, neon jeans – check, Leopard print (always trending if you ask me) shoes – check…

Jacket – Sportsgirl (similar here); Shirt – Cue; Jeans – Sportsgirl; Shoes – London Rebel (similar here)



Dress lady like with a dash of gentle masculinity, the images captured are fun and sartorially constructed.

Cardigan – Temt; Dress – SES; Brogues – French Connection