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September 2012


Pink Friday!!

A visit to the dentist has delayed the regular posting schedule. Soz! I have however set up some fashion inspiration to keep you entertained in my absence…T



I bought this vest because I was obssessed with the Zara shop assistants uniform. What?


Anyway, have managed to work the vest into my everyday work wardrobe…..Peep my shoe game!

Vest – Zara, Pants – Target; Shoes – Nine West


Domesticated Shift…

To be clear, when I went to work, it was sans the head wrap. You see just before this shoot was about to go down I had a Erykah Badu moment and decided to incorporate the head wrap. Felt it would make it more dramatic.

People always assume fashion bloggers live these fantastic lives of shopping, shopping and more shopping. The reality is whilst we do shop (a lot) we are still just everyday people who do every day things.

Thus the inspiration for today’s shoot showcasing my more domesticated side..

Orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. This week i am finding myself drawn to orange, whether its the clothes I choose or the colour on my lips…

I truly believe we dress the way we feel…

Scarf – Sportsgirl; Dress – Rockmans; Shoes – London Rebel; Jewellery – Lovisa


Everyone’s Wearing Little Black Dresses…

It’s the classic style that always works so why wouldnt you? Peep the leather panels on her shoulders, and loafers….The fresh faced make up allows the outfit to speak volumes.


Crop Print…

Its Monday, wanted to inject some indie work fashion into the work place.

Shirt – CUE; Pants – Target; Shoes – Witchery


Today’s chosen blood orange #lipStick #Loreal #beauty #makeUp. Yes those are my lips….#SoSeductive (Taken with Instagram)