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October 2012



I am an advocate of well fitting clothes. Its those simple defining pieces that make any look different. Gotta have the proper accessories to add that special uniqueness, Fortune did just that…


Natural State…

I have spent most of the year in braids and the occasional weave – underneath all that is a humble afro. I beginning to notice a pattern – since going natural (two years ago) by November of each year, i tend to wear my natural hair.

These natural haired beauties inspire me…..lets see how the cookie crumbles.


Coming Up This Week…

Dear Telstra. I hate you. That’s All.

What was to be simple ugrade from 5gig to 350gig, has resulted in no internet for eight days. This may sound like a First World problem, but i have a fashion blog i need to update. Real Talk.

Moving on……coming up this week,

Monday – Wednesday: Regular programming and outfit updates

Thursday: Its my birthday **throws confetti ** – Hello Melbourne!

Friday- Sunday: Shopping, eating and shooting fashionistas in Melbourne.

I’m excited!


Causing A Scene…


From a very young age, I have always loved to play dress up – be it clothes, customes, wigs, expressive make up etc. Even at this age its something I can’t shake off. Over the weekend, I decided to “cause a scene"  as the locals called it by capturing these images.

Leotard – Supre, Jewellery – Lovisa, Stockings – Woolford, Shoes – Converse


Change The Game…

Men’s fashion is limited by a choice of suits, pants, shorts, T-shirts and shirts.

It’s up to the individual to create their look and make it unique. Classic day wear captured here…



I heart this look, it just screams stylish casual elegance. Minimal effort maximum results, yeah I said it.

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