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January 2013


Brogues & Stripes…

Nothing fancy today. These photos were taken just before going for a 5km run, and after a long day on the grind. It seems us bloggers just have to be super organised to deliver this daily inspiration *batters eyelash*.

The silver brogues from Zara are the statement piece and I simply threw on a stripe A-line dress and called it a day.

Dress – Temt, Shoes – Zara


Denim On Denim…

Lets play Throw Back Tuesday – a game where you provide an insight on what you were doing or in my case what i was wearing exactly 9 months ago. To give some context, did you know that only about 60% of my outfit posts get uploaded on IamTinashe? As you can imagine I have quite an archive of photos that may never get the opportunity to see the light of day.

These pictures were captured in mid 2012 when the denim on denim craze was really catching on. This was my interpretation at the time, not sure if i would wear it the same way now…

Glasses – Sportsgirl, Shirt – General Pants Co, Jeans – Fcuk Denim, Shoes – London Rebel


Doc Martens Vs. Timberlands…

The ” freakishly world is about to end” weather in Brisbane left me with a lot of spare time to scour the internet (and ironically not time to play dress up). You see I have been home bound for the last three days, so I started compiling a list of my winter purchases for 2013 (as you do).

My dilema or first world problem? You see I am lusting over a solid winter boot and have managed to narrow down to the classic Doc Marten or the Timberlands. Currently I am leaning towards the Doc Martens as I feel they are more versatile boot that can be dressed up or down. On the other hand Timberlands can not be discounted either as they give an outfit that urban appeal. Yup tomboy swag in full effect! Yes ladies and gents IamTinashe is a walking fashion contradiction.

Admittedly, this is not life changing information that I have shared here, but hey these are the things that keep fashionistas up at night (insert sarcasm here). If you are reading this blog I would like to think you have some interest in fashion, SO i guess you will just have to keep coming back to to learn of my decision.

Readers based in Australia head back to grind mode tomorrow, after a dramatic long weekend. I hope you have a great week! T


Advance Australia Fair…

Let me start by saying Happy Australia Day! If you have been following my twitter or instagram you would know that one of my girlfriends became an Australian citizen today. This is what I wore to the national citizenship ceremony.

Top – Culture King, Leather Pants – Portmans, Shoes – London Rebel


Who Gonna Check Me Boo?

Tailored and tapered the A-Line dress is renowned as a conservative staple – for some. With this funky fresh print and cutting edge fabric, this dress is bound for high rotation in my wardrobe.

Dress – Sunny Girl, Belt, Sportsgirl, Shoes – Tony Bianco


Haute African Fashion…

I am so fortunate to have some fashion forward followers that are more than happy to submit so I showcase their incredible style on Take a look at this Zimbabwean beauty who is killing it! I mean really look and analyse her outfit – she has managed to assemble a refreshing homage to first world and third world fashion. Be INSPIRED!