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April 2013


Get Your Life…

Today’s outfit title demonstrates that someone has been watching waaaay too much Braxton Family Values. I laaaalalove Tamar, she has lines for days *giggles*.  Today’s outfit has a pop of grey that adds an extra dimension to what would have otherwise been an ordinary outfit. 

Top – Temt, Peplum Skirt – Asos, Watch, Longines, Fishnet Stockings – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Sportsgirl


Creme Dela Creme…

I decided to start off the working week by wearing one single colour from head to toe. After a night of minimal sleep, I didn’t really want to put too much thought into my outfit of the day. Consequently the monochromatic palette was the obvious go to…Because really who has time to match their clothes? Wink…

Top – Asos, Pants – Zara, Shoes – Wittner


Guest Post: Its In Our Blood…

Today, I pleased to introduce my gorgeous cousin Natasha, who has submitted some beautiful pictures. She was also kind enough to answer some of my burning questions.

How would you describe your personal style?

Charming, classy, silly and inspired by family and friends unique flares. Icons in history (movies, sitcoms, music, politics) have had a great influence on my style too. I usually have one detailed or eye catching item that holds the whole simple but flattering outfit together. I like to try new things out especially from fashion alternative sub-cultures and mix it all up.

What is your go to fashion outfit?

My go to fashion outfit is a sophisticated structured dress with a little pizzazz paired with stunning stable heels.

What are your must have items in your wardrobes?

Since I relocate globally and these airlines are cutting back on how much luggage one can take my staple must have item would be a scarf or a couple of them. They are soooo versatile and can totally change an outfit’s look in two or three tucks and swoops! Around my neck, over my head, as a belt, as a skirt, or as a top…the combos are infinite. Preferably khaki green, its neutral but with a little vibrancy that it fits in every season and compliments anything I have in my wardrobe. Another item would be a great perfume! Something that is charismatic but not in your face. Putting on the right amount is key. A little goes a long way. Balmain, Prada, Tom Ford, Givenchy are a few that I just adore!

What inspires you as a woman?

Im inspired by pioneers doing research and advocating for policy changes in the regulation of movement of people such as Bridget Anderson and Nandita Sharma. I am inspired by activists that give their life up for a cause from the beginning when it seems hopeless to many. I’m inspired by people I have read about and know who have made mistakes and have turned them around to make something positive come out of it. I find endless inspiration from people who are ready to share what they have even if it isn’t much. My mother is a great source of inspiration for me as she has always been daring and confident in doing things or going places many wouldn’t. My mother showed me what it is to be brave and persistent and still make time to enjoy life.

5 things about you that the world should know…

I really enjoy having fulfilling random conversations with anyone and anywhere, I love educational documentaries, I love observing quietly fashion streetstyles of people in their late 70s and above, as its very fearless and elegant. I wrote my MA thesis focused on highlighting inherent contradictions within the temporary labor policies that claim to lead to development but in fact circumscribe workers rights in the interest of the nationalist economic interest. As a migrant myself, it is a topic very important to me. I enjoy the steampunk scene very much. Theres something about futuristic victorian era fashionwise that grabs my attention and my imagination.

A special thanks to my amazing cousin for contributing not only her fashion but giving us an insight on what makes her tick. I have to be honest after reading this I learnt some things about my cousin that I really never knew about her.

I know I have some amazing followers and if you want to be featured, do it here! I would love to learn more about you.



Sequin Checkmate…

Yesssss this diva switched up her hair. Bring back the curls I say!

Ok so I know what you are thinking. Sequins during the day – is she crazy? Before you dismiss the idea as a fashion faux pa I am here to change your mind. Glitter before the sun goes down may seem quite daring, but I think its the perfect way to stand out in what would otherwise be ordinary day wear.

Sequin Top – Portmans, Skirt – Asos, Shoes – Doc Martens


Throw Back: Polka Face

A great big expression of happiness that it is Friday today. Its fair to say i spend a lot of time in Heels, but when I am off duty I love to pair basically anything that I wear with converse sneakers.

To some this is a top, but to others that are vertically challenged this can be pulled off as a dress. So that’s exactly what I did.

Top – H&M, Shoes – Converse


Cultural Shift…

Most readers of IamTinashe assume that I take my outfit of the day pictures in the morning. I wish I was that organised! The reality is I take the pictures in the evening.  Lately it has been getting darker earlier so I have been forced to switch up my routine to take advantage of the natural lighting.

The shift dress is one of my wardrobe heroes! When you are feeling like you don’t want to do too much but still want to feel sexy as hell, ladies this is a go to item.

Necklace – Lovisa, Dress – Rockmans, Stockings – Dotti, Boots – Wittner