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May 2013


Men In Leather – Ye or Nay?

Leather will always have my heart. My boyfriend recently purchased a pair much to the amusement of my family. Found some style inspiration from none other than the Kanye “Don’t Talk About Style, I Will Embarrass You” West. I think my boo can give him a run for his money.

Stay Tuned….


African Electro…

Gone are the blonde highlights and welcome the dark nubian queen. At quick glance, this is your standard all black everything outfit: yeah yeah, but the gold highlights of the jacket, belt and pumps provide that glamorous feel.

Jacket – Temt, Singlet – Dotti, Pants – Cue, Shoes – Rubi Shoes



Its been a minute since I have experimented with different photo filters on this fashion blog. In my opinion today’s outfit can be best described as relatively “safe”.  For this reason I thought to myself why the hell shouldn’t I use a photo filter?

Side note: Whilst I like the look, I feel like a waist belt would have added the extra fire…..just saying.

Top – Portmans, Skirt – French Connection, Stockings – Coles, Shoes – Witnner


You Can Be Anything You Want To Be…….

As a child of first generation immigrants, I often heard those words. As a creative observer naturally I have always been drawn to fashion because the way you dress can be a subtle clue of who you are as a person, i.e. cultural background, occupation sadly even your social status.

Why am I saying all this? Quite simply I see each day as an opportunity to use clothing as a means of expressing the multifaceted Tinashe.


Fits Like A Glove…

As a woman when you wear leather you can’t help but feel extra bad ass. Why? Leather has that ability to accentuate the female body giving you that extra pep in your step.

To make it your own add some explosive accessories ie, statement necklace, patterned stockings and killer pumps.

Top – Portmans, Leather Dress – Asos, Stockings – Sportsgirl, Shoes – Wittner

*It was bin day today, bonus points to readers that can spot the bins in background…