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October 2013


What An Opportunity!

There is literally less than one hour to go before I say good by to my twenties for ever! Deep breath. I can honestly say that in my twenties I have had an amazing journey were I have learnt so many things and experienced marked growth emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. As I enter my “dirty thirties” I wanted to share some of my learnings in no particular order:

  • Create Amazing And Lasting Friendships – If you are in my ‘circle of trust’ I consider you to be my ride or die: someone that I can divulge my deepest, darkest thoughts, feelings, insecurities, highs etc. You are someone that makes me laugh and cry, someone times all at the same damn time but my life would not be complete without you. They may not be many say a hand full of them, but I cherish them with everything I have.
  • Cultivate A Career – Everyone is good at something. Whilst I strongly encourage some form of tertiary qualification (gives a competitive advantage), follow your heart and your passion even in your studies. I firmly believe that if you do what you like day in day out – the money will eventually come.
  • Love Like Your Heart Will Never Be Broken – In twenties you are guaranteed to fall in love with someone that you feel like you will be with forever, forever – ever ever? You give your all emotionally, mentally and physically but it will end in tears and a heartache that seems to really throb painfully only when you are on your own. The fortunate thing is you will learn some valuable relationship lessons that you will take with you to your next relationship. You will navigate through this new mature relationship with new found ease because you understand what you like and what you don’t like and more importantly are able to communicate your thoughts, feelings and COMPROMISE!
  • Invest In Something – Buy a piece of property, your dream car or save, save, save etc. Making solid financial moves is something you need to be thinking about and acting on. You know what they say – No romance without finance…
  • Travel/Live Overseas – I think I caught the travel bug early on (got it from my daddy) and I think its fair to say I am well travelled for someone my age. Each time I travelled I was lucky enough to see and appreciate the differences in culture,food, transport, surroundings, communication etc. Everytime I returned to Australia, I knew there was no place like home.
  • Own A Pet – Whenever I think of the pet I owned it bring such joy in my heart, He was dog (half chihuahua/half sausage dog). The love that animals can provide is just like no other. In owning my pet I learnt to have patience, be empathetic and to be more responsible. I learnt how to understand the needs of something that could not communicate verbally by looking for other cues. Although its like looking after a 2 or 3 year old permanently, its such a joyous experience.
  • Party Its Your Perogative – No lie in my youth nothing made me happier than to be out somewhere with a group friends, freak em dress wrapped around my body and an adult beverage in my hand – talking, laughing and dancing the night away. It used to give me so much joy. Now a days i rarely go out and a big night out can take me almost as long as a patient who has had day surgery to recover.

Well that’s just some of the things I wanted to share, the count down starts now, I am holding my breath in anticipation!

Dress – Ally, Necklace – Tiffany & Co, Belt – Portmans, Shoes – Myer


What’s Age Got To Do With It…

I found myself listening to the Private Dancer album by Tina Turner at work – tap, tap tapping my feet and singing along – but off key. Although we are generations apart I was in oar of this woman who is an exceptional singer, dancer, actress and author  – with a career that has spanned more than half a century.

At her peak Tina Turner not only influenced but also redefined fashion – teaching us as women to accentuate out best features. She lead the way by showing off her killer legs which always looked in shape and jaw droppingly fantatsic. Don’t believe me? Two words, Google it.

Clears Throat. Lets be clear, in todays post I am not by any means saying my legs are better or like Ms Turner, just simply saying that reading her journey made me feel empowered to put my legs on full blast – Full Stop. Lord knows I only have one body, so I am going to enjoy every single moment in it. You heard?

Dress – SES, Necklace – Lovisa, Belt – Dotti, Shoes – WIttner


Ain’t. Got. No. Worries…

From a young age I have always dreaded Mondays. Its not unusual for me to start mourning the weekend that was at about 6pm on Sunday.

This week is different though. Why? Well for starters I am only working four days – happy dance. I will also be marking the end of my twenties as I enter the dirty thirties on an island in the South Pacific Ocean  – throws confetti. Admittedly I was a little anxious at first, but as it draws closer I am getting more and more excited! Bring on the thirties!

The neutral and bold colour contrast I chose to wear today really show cases my current mood – a real sense of inner calm but not without forgoing my zest for life.

Dress – Custom Made, Belt – West End Boutique, Shoes – Wittner


The Classic Shape…

I guess its true what they say, moving house can be one of the most stressful events in a persons life. With the unpacking still yet to completely  happen, I was lacking some serious fashion inspiration – thus the blog post drought. I am sure you can now understand my absence.

How did this shoot come to be, you ask? Well I was driving home from the dump, yes you read right, the dump (moving house makes you realise how much junk you can accumulate and hold on to) when I spotted this Mercedes V – Boot striped and parked. I squealed, then I made a mental note to go back at some point to take some photos- true story.

The outfit was pulled together based on first see, easy to wear and colour combination – the organisation of my wardrobe isn’t quite there yet. Making the best of my wardrobe situation, I am very happy with the outcome.

Top – Asos, Skirt – Supre, Shoes – Novo Shoes


The Time Was Right…

This shirt has been in my wardrobe for about two years. I bought it because I liked the colour scheme. My imagination does tend to just run away with itself, so I imagined someone using throwing paint to create this eccentric print. It was the super size look that I dreading.

Long behold, this all changed the other day when I was watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians – yes, The Kardashians, can see my followers clicking unfollow  – right now.. Say what you want about them, but you can definetly pick up some great style cues. Whist watching the show I noticed thatl the ladies have a tendency to wear over sized shirts with uber tight pants – especially when they are not glamazons gliding on the red carpet.

Without some style inspiration, it can be difficult to bring some pieces to life – Monkey see, Monkey do.

Top – Target, Pants – CUE, Shoes – London Rebel


Monochrome Only Palette…

Its Monday morning, my iphone beeps. Its not the sound of alarm, instead its a text message from one of my good friends which simply reads, “You Are Not Solange”. Made me laugh. No chance of me getting a Kanye God complex here – my loved ones keep me grounded.

I think its becoming clear that my hair really influences how I dress. When I have straight hair, I seem to lean to more conservative styles. When I have a big afro its all about my afrocentric fashion vibe.

To tie in the earlier text from my friend, lately I have been rocking Box Braids – which i love! In embracing my ‘ethnic look’ you can say I have been looking for style inspiration from Solange – hell could be considered borderline cyber style stalking. Thank you Google.

Dress – Rockmans, Necklace, Bangle – Lovisa, Shoes – Kmart