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November 2013


Ultra Fem…

This morning I walked into the office and received collective comments – which can be summarised as “Wow you look so feminine today”. Today? I thought to myself….I think since my baggy Adidas track suit wearing days in high school I am dressed femininely at least 72% of the time. The other 28% is spent pulling together looks inspired by friends, family and other strangers I see strutting their hot stuff on the street and online.

I have had this white skirt for a hot minute, just haven’t been sure how to wear it. This is my first attempt at styling this skirt, but trust it will be on high rotation as we head into the warmer months in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sunnies – Sportsgirl, Necklace – Gifted, Top – Topshop, Skirt – Temt, Pumps – Target


I Got My Eyes On You, Your Everything I See..

As you read this, picture my head bopping up and down, fingers clicking to the beat and the rest of my body fighting the urge to break into a jive to the sweet sounds of Drake’s, “Hold On We’re Going Home”.  Can i get an Amen? Who’s with me? The song takes me places..

The painting in today’s post was given to me as a birthday present years back from a dear friend of mine. As i stare at the painting I am continuously stunned by the originality, beauty and complimentary depiction of the black woman.

Humming off key, “just hold on we’re coming home”…

Dress – Ally Girl, Belt – Westend Boutique, Shoes – NIne West


The Darker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice…

Since coming back from holidays I have embarked on the life changing journey of healthy eating. I have never been an unhealthy eater, but my diet lately has been quite strict –  mostly consisted of fresh fruits, salads etc, which by the way isnt too hard because I am a pescitarian (google it) – but its the added exercise thats making a difference.

So what was the inspiration behind these photos you ask? Well I was shopping for the fruit and veggies for the week when I saw this background. For a moment there I felt like I was in a low density area somewhere in Africa – not in the surrounding surburbs of Brisbane city. I had not planned to take photos, but just like that it turned into an improv photo shoot.

Top – Miss Shop. Skirt – Bardot


Holiday Throw Back…

Can you believe that its been over two weeks since I was on holidays in the unforgetable Fiji? When I look back at the photos my heart flutters thinking of all the things we did and the experiences I shared with my boo. Sadly, that holiday is now a distant memory as I am deeply embedded in my day to day routine.

No lie, when I was overseas I had packed various outfits with plans of taking unforgettable photos with magnificent backgrounds. Sounds good in theory, but in practice by day two of the holiday the idea of doing nothing (for once) was sounding real nice.

I like these shoot out takes because they capture the fun and frivolity, that was.

Dress – Supre, Shoes – Novo Shoes


Ballet Flats: Treat Your Feet…

My drivers license states that I am 166cm, but in real life I stand at about 163cm – I must have snuck those measurements in on the low. So I guess the secret is out – there is not much of me vertically speaking. For this reason I have a tendency to wear heels because it gives the illusion of longer legs, a more elegant silhouette and supposedly a walk that exudes sex appeal – which by the way is debatable because I regularly see women on ‘struggle street’ stumbling to their final destination. *deep sigh*

…I digress.

My feet sang like a church choir at a royal wedding today. Its such a wonderful feeling when you can to treat your feet and slip on some ballet flats – their classic simplicity adds that Audrey Hepburn vibe, not to mention the comfort whilst maintaining your grace and poise.

Sunglasses – Cotton On, Top – Portmans, Skirt – Singapore Boutique, Shoes – Seeds


My Fair Lady…

I have been flirting with the idea of wearing a full skirt for some time now. You only have to open a magazine or visit some of the hottest blogs to see that the full skirt is a an up and coming trend.

I was feeling inspired in the wee hours when I was putting this outfit together but I wasn’t one hundred percent sure it would pan out because the full skirt is a tricky piece to wear. *bites nails*

If you look closely you will see that this is not a full skirt that I am wearing – its actually a dress worn as a full skirt – I am a firm believer in trying before buying. I guess now you can bet your mortgage, car payment etc that I will be scouring the earth for a full circle skirt – think colour, print, maximum volume or all of the above.

Hands up – is there anyone who isn’t happy that the full skirt has come, well, full circle?

Dress Worn As Skirt – MNG, Necklace – Gifted, Cardigan – Portmans, Shoes – Portmans