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January 2014


Kurly Clips…

If you remember some time last year,   I wrote a blog post on how Pretty Hurts – revealing that I spend on average two and half weeks of the year doing my hair. It goes like this – when I get my new hairstyle its hard not to feel like a boss. At week four sometimes five the hair starts wearing in. Then the dreaded thought of having to redo my hair – this leaves me in quite a state. Not only is it time consuming – at times it can be quite expensive (when you factor in hair purchase, fee  for the stylist to install the hair), not to mention the maintenance of the hair slash style just so that you can break even in your “cost of hair style” equation. I feel ridiculous even writing that…. So as you can see, this year had to be different.

Over the last few months I have been doing research on hairstyles that not only look good but are also low maintenance. On the low I came across Kurly Klips.  So what are curly clips? Kurly Klips are clip-in extensions made from 100% Remy Human Hair. A Kurly Klips Extension Set includes:

  • 115g/4oz of hair
  • 10” long weft, (1) 6” long weft, (5) 3” long weft

It is recommended that you buy two sets so you have a full head and not look like a plucked chicken. How does it work? Well each weft of hair has snap clips sewn on them. This is how the wefts are attached to your own hair. You simply open all the snaps, attach them to your hair, and snap them closed. I would suggest cornrowing your hair to protect your hair then attaching the clips to the braids.

Kurly Klips takes about five minutes to put in and take out. No more waiting three months to touch your hair again. With Kurly Klips, you have the ability to administer all the love and care your natural hair needs daily.


  • It takes me about five minutes to go from a mini fro to extra full BIG and lustrous locks – yaassssss!
  • I have heard of people not paying their bills but their hair is looking like the just stepped off the red carpet! Fret no more – with Kurly Klips you will instantly eliminate the cost of hair installation and time spent installing and removing weaves
  • Believe it or not, the Kurly Klips attach securely on your head. They are Dutty Wine tested and approved.
  • I am really big on customer service, if you are not providing me with quality customer service, simply put you do not deserve my money. Lana the product owner is exceptional, always at hand to answer questions before and after you make a purchase.


  • Money is definitely a factor when it comes to Kurly Klips, starting at $US300 plus for a Kurly Klips Extension Set – most people would quickly log out after seeing the checkout price; save up its worth it!
  • The hair will tangle, FACT OF LIFE, its human hair. If you follow the maintenance instructions and treat it as if its hair that is growing from your scalp – you will be fine…
  • At first I was really frustrated by my inability to blend my hair – but with about a week of installing and taking out the clips it is now hard to distinguish between my hair and the Kurly Klips

When I was raving about the Kurly Klips, one of my friends simply states – “this is just another one of your hair phases”. I can honestly say this hairstyling technique had revolutionised my hair regime. It something that I genuinely like the look of and the price I paid for it – I will definitely make sure I get a return of investment.

My name is Tinashe and I am wearing the Shoulder Chic Fro.


Just Do It….

Last week, I am not even going to lie to you Brisbane was hotter than a hooker in church. Seriously it was ridiculous – often having several showers in a day just to you know, feel fresh.

On this particular day one of my good friends was heading back to Melbourne after spending 6 weeks of her summer vacation in Brisbane. To celebrate the occasion we had a fairly low key dinner.

Now I don’t often get the opportunity to dress down during the working week – so i really took advantage. When it comes to wearing dresses with sneakers your either a fan or your just about vomit in your mouth at the sight of it.

The pictures do not do the shoes justice but I heart my Airmax sneakers and ironically when it comes to wearing dresses with sneakers I tend to agree with Nike when they say, “Just Do It”.

Hat – Asos, Dress – Cotton On, Shoes – Footlocker


Orange Is The New Black…

Hi everyone, I hope this blog post finds you well! Its been an extremely busy week for me. My day and nights seemed to just mesh together.

Even with all the chaos I was disciplined enough to still take my outfit photos on a daily basis – its the blog posting that never seemed to happen. Without a team of photographers, editors, contributors etc I need to have exceptional time management skills. Luckily the Australia Day long weekend happened – now I feel like I have gained back some time and sanity.





When I see print and colour married together  – without question I am instantly hooked. So you can probably imagine this dress is a no brainer in my world. Now if only there was just a few inches longer, it may have been undoubtedly work appropriate, but i wore it anyway – i wont have these legs for ever….

Dress – Sunny Girl, Shoes – Nine West


Nailed It – Reggae Splash!

It’s almost mid week and there was no DIY manicure for the week in sight. The self help manicure was done on Sunday, but no pictures had been taken until now.

You will notice that I have painted on a lighter colour – fun and playful for summer. Before I started this weekly challenge I had said to myself that once I had mastered my technique only then would I start to be bit more adventurous.

I think the name “Reggae Splash” had me feeling a certain type of way – so here we are.

Nail Polish – Rimmel, Reggae Splash.


Print To You…

After an amazing day enjoying the sun, sand and beach in Byron Bay I wanted to round off the weekend on a relatively low key note. Why? I discovered road trips – even though I am sitting in the comfort of an air conditioned car being protected from the sweltering heat – road trips make super tired and lazy. My days of I cant sleep, I wont sleep before a certain time are numbered. 

The next day though I was able to wake up, relatively early fired up ready to go! In our search for food, glorious food my boo and I discovered Hyde Out, which provided the nice wind down we needed to ease us into the working week.

Sunnies – Cotton On, Dress – ICE, Belt – SES, Shoes – Rubi Shoes


Permanent Lasting Power…

Over the weekend my girlfriends and I embarked on a little road trip to Byron Bay. I live in Brisbane and Byron Bay is approximately 174km drive. You get a group of women together in a two door hatchback they proceed to talk about life, relationships, work, travels etc – throw in the some nice beats playing in the back ground and before we knew it we had arrived at your final destination.

For the dare devils out there, our intent when we arrived in Byron Bay was to go hang gliding. Unfortunately when we arrived our instructor advised that ‘there wasn’t enough wind". You can take that sentence how you want to, but I wasn’t keen on plunging to my death – so we gave it a miss.

The day was not wasted though, it was spent on the beach, indulging in some beautifully made organic food and exploring the surrounding areas of Byron Bay.

Body Suit – Cotton On Body, Denim Shorts – General Pants Co, Thongs – Havaianas