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February 2014


I Consider Leopard Print A Neutral…

Strutting my stuff as I walked to the office, no lie i was really feeling myself – I was walking with vengeance. Pause. As I dramatically flick my hair to the side – giving you a moment to appreciate my strut.

Leopard print is my signature print slash colour and I seriously consider leopard print as a neutral. Yes you read that sentence correctly, leopard print is a neutral. When i wear leopard print i really feel fierce, extra pep in my step. Yup, Over the top dot com.

So as you can probably imagine I was having one of those days were I didn’t want to go home because I felt like not enough people had seen my outfit. Gosh, just have to laugh don’t you. Has this ever happened to you? No? Well this is awkward.

Top – Temt, Jewellery – Lovisa, Belt – Country Road, Skirt – Dotti, Shoes – London Rebel


Black Dress – One Of My Bare Essentials…

Today I am wearing a modern classic – the little black dress –  with an unexpected lip colour, photos were captured in a alley way that didn’t smell quite right. 

This week I reluctantly I returned to my gruelling exercise regime. Gruelling because it entails clocking up at least 30km by walking or running  during the week and eating basically like a bird.

I originally went on a break from exercising because i invested $400 for a weave (hair and installation). The thought of sweating and not being able to really get in there to wash away the build up, stopped me dead in my tracks. Blinks. Stares blankly. Blinks again.

Unknowingly I was hand feeding right into the sad the stereo type of “black girls don’t exercise because it ruins their perfectly styled hair”. Yeah. I. Said. It. Having just experienced it myself first hand I guess i can get away with saying that – oh lets not forget I am also a woman of colour. 

The funny thing is, i thought it was a legitimately good reason to stop exercising – i cackle at the thought of it.

Dress – SES, Belt – Valley Girl, Shoes – Wittner


Nailed It – Rimmel Salon Pro, Punk Rock…

If you rewind the blog to four weeks ago – I set myself the challenge of making sure my nails are painted each week.

When I first started I found it really hard, but persevered because DIY nails is not only an art form, but it keeps my pockets lined so I can make bigger purchases.

Currently I am finding it quite therapeutic – because it’s a ritual the symbolizes the start of a new week and my nails look nice and pretty all because of me!

What I have learnt though is I need to keep practicing and to be patient especially the lighter nails polishes. Without patience and practice some of my first attempts have looked like a cat painted my nails – yup picture that, a real disaster zone.

Which leads us to this weeks manicure, a “safe” hue, which minimizes the opportunity to spot any poor nail polish strokes.


Because A Cocktail Wont Drink Itself…

Its Monday mid afternoon and already the weekend seems like a distant memory now. After taking the ‘look of the day’ snaps on Friday some friends and I decided to take the edge off by relaxing with some cocktails and some delicious tapas. Yes just the extra calories I need.

Its been some time since I have decided to head out on a Friday night. Normally I am just too tired and all I want to do is be at home  – lounging – being kept company by some ratchet TV shows and some hot and delicious take away. Don’t Judge!

I must have had the weekend is here adrenalin rush because I found myself nestled at the bottom of the Burnett Lane Way at a coffee and cocktail mecca; a dining delight; a place they call Brew.

Lets just say the rest of the weekend was super low key – I am not as young as I used to be. The recovery time takes a little longer.

I hope you had a nice weekend!

Bar – Brew


Bringing Disco To Daytime…


These photos were taken Friday afternoon – it was after 5pm, signed off for the week and quite literally my weekend had just started. The song, “Fly Away” – Lenny Kravitz was ringing in my head:

I want to get away 
I want to fly away 
Yeah yeah yeah 

It had been a tough week to say the least.


I am like a magpie, loving all things shiny – so yeah, I am one of those women that wears sequins to work. Its not for everyone your office environment will really dictate whether or not this look is an option for you.image

The sequin skirt is pretty much a blogger staple. I whole heartedly believe that  all the pieces of clothing in my wardrobe have to earn they keep by having the potential to be styled for day, night, work or casual.


The sequin skirt, my seem a little over the top for during the day, let alone the office. At the moment, I kind of feel like anything goes – so If it makes me feel like a million bucks on that day – try and stop me from wearing it.


The most important message here is there is no need to put your personal style on mute when in the office. You just have to find the balance between pushing the sartorial envelope at work and accepting the tried and tested.

Top – Dotti, Sequin Skirt – Top Shop, Shoes – Payless Shoes


Nailed It – Butter London: Yummy Mummy…

For the first time in a very long time I began the year with a fresh new diary – a KIKI diary that is.There is nothing like putting pen to paper – it takes me back to my childhood joy of stationery.

Like my camera, my KIKI diary goes were I go – I use it all day everyday. In fact its my diary that reminded me that the week was about to pass without me placing a post about my manicure.

This week it was all about the neutral colour – I am quite literally obsessed with nude colour palettes – it keeps the colours simple and adorn your nails

Nail Polish – Butter London: Yummy Mummy