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March 2014


Picture This…

Whilst on holiday my camera is my constant companion. Together as we wonder the streets of Zimbabwe I have been capturing some images for those who have never been to get an insight and for those that are familiar can get reacquainted.

Location: Mufakose, Zimbabwe


Can I Get An Amen?

Whenever I make the twenty eight hour journey to travel back to the Zimbabwe I always make it a point to go to church. For those wondering i normally worship in the privacy of my home on a Sunday.

My grandmother is an avid church goer at the Salvation Army Church in Mufakose. My mother was also married there, so heading back to the Salvation Army Church is always emotional and soulful to a degree that even I can not comprehend.

My grandmother pictured here in her Sunday Best (Salvation Army custom fit uniform) is pretty much a veteran having served in the church for over fifty years. Yes you read that correctly, fifty years.

You would be forgiven to think that churches here in Zimbabwe are just like the churches back in Australia. Nope, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Every sense that i have is awakened when i am at the Salvation Army in Mufakose. Why? They worship the Lord by singing to put any top 40 artist or group to shame, dance like there are no worries, playing instruments to a contagious beat and the pastor preaches until he literally foams at the mouth.

It made my heart smile. Having my grandmother and mother by my side made the church service that extra special.

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Gentleman’s Quarter – Africa Edition…

Introducing my younger brother – names will be remain unsaid to protect the innocent. After over twenty years this is the first time he has been to Zimbabwe, Africa.

Hesitation. Nerves. Excitement. Anxiety. All emotions aside he is happy to be ‘home’ in the motherland.

Oddly enough it took us to travel to the other side of the world for him to want to sit down on the “nigerian sofa” i laugh as i type that and finally capture him in his essence.

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Hello From Zimbabwe…

Firstly I apologise for my absence. I write this blog post from Borrowdale, Zimbabwe. It took us twenty eight hours, two stop overs in Singapore and Dubai respectively just to be here in Zimbabwe. Times like this i can genuinely acknowledge that Australia is FAR.

As you can probably imagine jet lag is kicking my ass. Its day two and only now I am starting to feel like a normal person slowly getting into a nice routine, which means blog posting! Do your happy dance…

I will be in Zimbabwe for two weeks, stay tuned as i will be sharing my adventures!

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Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail…

Have you ever noticed that when you are preparing to travel overseas you have a endless list of things to do? I am a prolific list writer – serial organiser. Listen I don’t want to scare you too much, i see you taking several steps back from your computer. My list isn’t out of the ordinary. It contains items such as:

  • a thorough handover at work
  • paying my grown ass bills bills bills in advance
  • buying presents
  • Ipad preloaded ready to entertain
  • finalising my itinerary of things to do etc etc.

So much for not being hectic. *Head Spins*

Luckily, I am not doing it all alone. I have an incredible support system. With the help of my amazing friends I was able to get my hair did (can you tell? My fro is looking fresher than ever).

With stress levels mounting, having friends around helped….A LOT. Making tasks I was dreading surprisingly fun, You see we joke around…A LOT. Safe to say that resilience is a must in my friendship circle.

As i was delegating tasks I jokingly said. “Its easy to spend money and go shopping when you are using some one else’s money”. This comment was met with rolling of the eyes – you see my girls have attitude for days, so this is not surprising at all.

Lets just say my complete shopping list was completed in less than three hours. The joy of crossing off items on my to do list? Priceless.

Excitement is kind of looming, things are coming together nicely. Just left with the packing now, decisions decisions.

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Date Night…


I feel like Jack Bauer from 24 at the moment. The clock seems to be relentlessly counting down and I am running around like a headless chicken trying to get myself organized for my pending overseas trip to the motherland. I am feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety.

To mitigate the state of panic my boo and I enjoyed a romantic dinner for two at the Marriott Hotel. Perfect venue to just unwind with mindless conversation, sip a glass of wine and devour a three course meal. I lick my lips when I think of their sticky date pudding, good lawd! Afterwards we enjoyed a romantic stroll along the Brisbane river, perfect ending to our date night.

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