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June 2014


These Boots Are Made For Walking…

…..and that’s just what they will do.

One of these days these boots are going to walk all over you.

Are you ready boots? Start Walking…

Exert from the song, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking" by Nancy Sinatra

Sunglasses – Sportsgirl, Jumper – Truworths, Necklace – South Africa, Skirt – Temt, Suede Thigh High Boots – Novo Shoes


Guest Blogger – O.G.

One of my commitments in having this blog was to have a guest blogger each month. This month it seems i have literally left it to the last minute. With less than 24 hours before the month finally ends, better late than never right? 

You have seen me wearing some jewellery pieces from the label, So African – so today i would like you to meet the gorgeous lady who is behind the brand. Say hello to O.G. Let’s read what she has to say…


How would you describe your personal style? Easy going, colourful and fresh. A splash of colour always brightens my mood. One can usually know how I feel with the type of outfit I am wearing.

What is your go to fashion outfit? A peplum top with either shorts or a nice fitted skirt.


What are your must have items in your wardrobe? 

  • Good Undergarments – They are frame for the clothes you wear i 
  • Lipgloss – Ain’t nobody got time for dry lips.
  • Earrings – Studs, Drop, Hoop, Dangle, you name it and I probably have it in all colours.
  • Fitted Skirt – These go well with almost any top.
  • Peplum Top – Does wonders for a busty girls figure
  • Well fitted Jacket – I have my sister to thank for this, her love for jackets rubbed off on me.


What inspires your style? Comfort, Colour, Femininity. A good friend of mine says beauty is pain, but I believe you can have comfort and beauty.


Five things about you the world should know:

  • I will most likely be found in the kitchen, cooking up a storm. The fridge is hardly bereft of munchies. I would rather get a new kitchen gadget as gift than clothes or anything else. I am currently on the hunt for a new knife set; anyone can feel free to bless me.
  • I love ‘LOVE’. The feeling of being in love, the feeling of loving unconditionally, the warmth of being loved. Significant Other Love, Family Love, Friendship Love, Gods Love.
  • I am loyal and passionate about anything I set my heart on. I can go the distance with my support. It does leave me in a vulnerable spot when applied in a relationship but it brings me to the next point.
  • I will quickly move on when you have given me several reasons to distrust you. I was once nicknamed the ‘Chucker’ for this reason.
  • Oddly positioned dots/holes, especially those naturally occurring like watermelon seeds, give me seriously Goosebumps. Just talking about it is making my skin crawl. Grrrrrrr!


What is your relationship with your body? For a long time, I had a love-hate relationship with my body. As I have gotten older, and with lots of reassurance from my husband, its leaning strongly towards a wholly love relationship. There are times I look in the mirror and do not like what I see, but I am in a position to change that. Exercising more, eating better, smiling more.


Do you like your body? Yes. It’s a work in progress.

What do you like about your body? My beautiful face, chubby cheeks, my large bosom and toned legs. Many spend hours at the gym to get what I have naturally. Oh and my slender feet that looks awesome in ANY footwear. 


What would you tell your 16 years old self? Trust your mother, she might sound like a broken record, but she sure knows what she is talking about. Smile more, it is never that serious. What is the worst that can happen? Trust until disappointed, do not be too quick to judge others but hold on to God and your morals.

You will fall in love with yourself after meeting someone who loves you unconditionally. Just keep fending off those frogs, Prince Charming is on the way.


What is your guilty pleasure? Fashion and Natural hair blogs. I could spend all day looking at these. On finding new blogs, I scroll all the way to the beginning of the blog, irrespective of how far back it is. I love seeing other peoples fashion and personal growth.

On the culinary side, my current guiltless pleasure is a bowl of Oatmeal with Peanut Butter and Honey. Do not get me close to pancakes, baked treats and a great cuppa Hot Chocolate.


A BIG thank you to the gorgeous O.G for taking the time to be this months guest blogger. Her answers to the questions were so real and filled with heart and emotion.

To purchase more of her african inspired jewellery pieces you can visit her website Make sure you have credit card ready because you will fall in love.

Who will be our next guest blogger? It could be YOU. Inbox me.


Sugar Coated…

The temperature is dropping here in Brisbane. I dread the morning. The cold breeze brushes across my body raising the hair on the back of my neck – the rest of my body left with goosebumps. 


When that starts happening I knew it was time to invest in a new winter coat. My aim? To stay warm whilst looking fabulous darling. Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean its time to dress daggy and frumpy. My coat ‘must haves’ were simple:

  •  I didn’t want the coat to be an after thought with my everyday work outfits
  • The colour, cut, design  had to be versatile
  • Under  the budgeted $200 


After scouring my usual on line spots (I am finding it harder and harder to buy in-store, the mark up is ridiculous) I settled on this tailored coat from Choies.


Here is a close up of the coat, go ahead take a closer look. I love the contrasting materials of coat. Hands down the coat will compliment all the shades and prints that I already own. The best bit? Well I got the coat for a steal, a measly $50 for this – the shopping gods must have shined on me that day. With this coat of armour I will be standing strong during a wind swept working day.


By the way even though this post was all about the coat honey, the open toe boots and polka dot stockings were giving me life – I wanted to get you a little closer to the action.

Coat – Choies, Skirt – Temt, Singlet – Temt, Stockings – Myer, Boots – Novo Shoes


It Could All Be So Simple…


I was at home today, just taking it easy. The outfit is from earlier in the week, fitting for what I am about to talk about.

Of late my body clock has been all over the place. Meaning I am awake when I should be sleeping. Feeling sleepy when I should be awake. I asked myself how did I get here?


It all started during the weekend – I had a laundry list of things to do (including laundry ironically) and friends that I had to catch with in person and phone. Postponing was not an option, I had already been there done that and bought the t-shirt.

I was present in the moment aware that I was being pulled in many different directions and I allowed it to happen.image

Sometimes a small adjustment has minimal impact at the time, but later on you pay for it. Let me explain that statement. Over the weekend i changed my sleeping time to a much much later time – so i could fit in all my listed items. If this had been just for the weekend, I probably could have gotten away with it. *insert villain evil laugh*


After the weekend I returned to work in beast mode. I thought to myself even with a few hours sleep, a nice hot shower –  some make up and a fly outfit – i could brush it off until the weekend. As the days passed I was becoming more and more fatigued –  paying dearly for the lack of rest. It was beginning to feel like when i would finally doze off the alarm would ring for me to wake up. The days and nights were now meshing together. 


Today I reached breaking point and decided to just listen to my body and spend the day literally doing nothing. I honestly can not remember the last time i did that. To make matters worse I am not normally good at doing nothing. Today though I succeeded – my brain could not negotiate with my body. I was beyond exhausted and managed to finally repay my sleep debt.

I can not tell you how amazing it feels to be all rested up I am working hard to get back to a proper sleep routine and to have better time management even when i am not getting paid for it.

Singlet – SES, Cardigan– Temt, Belt – Gifted, Pants – CUE, Shoes – Wittner


Such A Good Idea. Such A Blessing. I Thank You…

I am a woman of very few words today. Long days, late nights – too few hours spent sleeping equal exhaustion. 

The material of this dress was gifted to me by a special someone who i would be proud to call my mother in law (mama) one day. She absolutely nailed it with the the print and colour choice. Had me screaming YES!

I instantly knew that there was going to be no limits to what i could design for work and for play.

Dear mama,

Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift. I hope you like the final product as much as i do.

IamTinashe – xo

Dress – IamTinashe Custom, Belt – Temt, Shoes – Novo Shoes.


Sources Of Energy…

This post is dedicated to a dear friend who shall remain anonymous to protect the so called innocent. We are separated by distance but this blog and modern technology keep us within close reach of each other.

I say that this post is just for her as she is currently in her last year of studying Medicine. Meaning long days and nights spent studying. She told me herself that she visits this blog to blow off steam and during well deserved study breaks. So she basically uses this blog as an excuse to procrastinate. Dear friend, flattery will get you everywhere, passing is not optional.

At a gangster hour of 8pm i was already tucked in bed ready to retire for the day. I noticed my phone flash. It was a message from her. I knew what it the message would say without even opening it. It simply read, “Your getting lazy and disappointing your followers”. Wow! Talk about holding up a mirror for me to see what i had become – one of those bloggers. That was the motivation i needed. 

I have to say this, maybe you are thinking it too – but it looks like i am not wearing a dress. Instead it looks like a badly photoshopped dress on my body. You have to believe me when i say this was a beautiful rose printed dress that just did not photograph well. A real shame really.

Earrings – So African, Dress – Temt, Shoes – Target