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August 2014


Grow Up Not Old…

It was lunch time and I was heading to “the spot” with my Creative Director to capture my outfit of the day.

As you do.

Whilst walking to our final destination I happened to run into an old high school friend.

Keep in mind it has been 10+ years since we finished high school.

I know you are probably now trying to calculate my age. Don’t.

When I saw my friend she had her husband, her two kids (7 and 2 months) in tow.

Hugs, chit chat, laughter, more chit chat. Air kisses goodbye and we both kept it moving.

This relatively short encounter got me thinking though…

At my age now am I a bona fide adult or just a phoney?

Its embarrassing to say this, but some of my biggest decisions of the day may include such gems as:

Should I work out in the morning or afternoon?

What am I going to wear?

What do I feel like for lunch?


If you cannot already tell I don’t have the additional responsibilities of being a wife or mother just yet.

My mother puts things into perspective with these simple words of wisdom, “enjoy it while it still lasts”.

…And that is what I am doing.

Top – Supre, Hoop Earrings – Lovisa, Skirt – Target, Shoes – Target


Rugging Up In Colourful Turtleneck Knits…

I am pretty sure the last time I wore a turtleneck under a dress, I was in preschool.

Until now that is.

Ask not what the turtle neck can do for you.

Ask what you can do with the turtle neck. 

I close with the statement, wearing a turtleneck is weird only if you make it weird.

Turtle Neck – American Apparel, Dress – Melbourne Boutique, Stockings – David Jones, Shoes – Pied a Terre


Pushed Office Fashion Forward…

Picture this.

I was in the office at the print station waiting for my print outs.

A colleague walks to the printer, also awaiting their own print outs.

There is exchange of pleasantries, but still no print outs.

Now there is just an awkward silence as we wait.

I catch the colleague looking me up and down, really taking my outfit in.

Embarrassed by being caught they comment, “Going somewhere special tonight?

I respond with, “Nope. I got one life to live. I can’t let one day go by without being fly. Fresh to death”.

They just gave me a puzzled blank look.

I think to myself, clearly someone has never heard a Jay Z lyric.

Another awkward silence. Could the tic, toc of the clock get any louder?

Finally the printer comes to life.

We both let out a sigh of relief.

I grab my print outs and headed back to my work station.

These. Are. Some. Of. The. Regular. Office. Encounters.

Stripe Long Sleeved Top – Witchery, Full Skirt – Choies, Shoes – Wittner


Twice As Nice…

Introducing “Panda"  – the gorgeous blonde bombshell.

Once upon a time we were just colleagues.

We share a love of fashion, so we became quick friends.

We often wear the same pieces but we each have our own interpretation.

The fashionable Ebony and Ivory of the office.

PandaTop -Ojay ,Skirt – Portmans, Stockings – David Jones, Shoes – Wittner

IamTinasheJacket – Zara, Singlet – Temt, Skirt – Portmans, Shoes – London Rebel


Keepin’ It Neutral….

I didn’t even think about it. I just put it on and I was out the house.

Business as usual.

Cardigan – Country Road, Dress – IamTinasheCustom, Shoes – London Rebel