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October 2014


Harnessing The Courage…

Now look at what you just saw.

This is what i live for.

Sadly in my office I am the only person who dares to wear sequin in corporate Australia.

With the right styling I can actually get away with it.

Top – Tempt, Skirt – Asos, Shoes – Aldo


Fake It Till You Make It…

In the past it has not been my personal preference to wear pleather. I might have been guilty of giving a slight side eye to those who tried to pretend it was real leather – but I never judged.

The pleather skirt you see before was on sale. I thought to myself “why not? Put it in final check out, you have nothing to lose”.

Unfortunately for me, the day I chose to wear it we had a massive heat wave. Not even the devil would have asked you to dance, it was so damn hot.

In my pleather skirt, I was sweating. No molly involved. Just my pleather. I was sweating.

Let me tell you pleather is not scorching hot weather approved.

At the end of the working day I was summarising my mortifying pleather experience to my bae – basically complaining about being hotter than a hooker in church on a Sunday morning.

His response? “Tinashe, you have no business wearing pleather at all”.

That shut me right up. Why? He had point.

Just like that, no more pleather for me.

Top – Portmans, Skirt – Next, Shoes – Novo Shoes.


Will Probably Stand Alone On This…

If you have been following my blog you would know that I got a whole heap of African print clothes made when I was in the motherland earlier in the year. At the time I  was going absolutely GAGA over them.

Of late though I am kind of getting over it….

*did I just say that out loud?*

Feel mildly guilty for even thinking  that – given my African heritage.

But its true, that is how I am feeling.

Maybe it is too much of a good thing – I hope that with time I fall back in love with these pieces – lawd knows they are gloriously dramatic.

Top – Supre, Peplum Skirt – IamTinasheCustom, Shoes – London Rebel


No Flex Zone…

I have had this designer bag since the beginning of the year.

A little gift to myself. I work so hard, so why not treat myself?

Decided to unleash it today.

Dress – SES, Strappy Heels – London Rebel, Bag – Louis Vuttion


The Struggle Is Real…

At this age I am finding that  more and more of my friends searching for the meaning of life.

Its is no longer, “when I grow up”. Its real life homie – we are adults now.

As I look around some cannot handle this expectation and simply choose to opt out.

I don’t have all the answers.

But here is a thought…

What if we obtain the meaning of life through living our lives?

Think of the lessons learnt, encounters with interesting people, travels, adventures, love shared, love lost etc. etc.

Faced with the same situation, we have the ability to choose to learn from the past and do things differently

That is growth, that is progression…

..but still the struggle is real.

Top – Sportsgirl, Pleather Skirt – Target, Shoes – London Rebel


Washin’. Ironin’. Mendin’. It’s So Bloody Borin’.…

For someone who loves clothes like I do, you would think I would like the idea of ironing.

Wrong,wrong, wrong! Ironing has to be the chore that I hate the most.

Which is ironic because I like my clothes to look freshly pressed – something you can’t do without ironing.

Over the years I have learnt to add a quality fabric softener when washing. When ironing I use aid spray – this allows me to smooth out the creased edges without having to put my back out.

…lets file this post under #HandyHints

Top – Dotti, Skirt – IamTinashe, Boots – London Rebel