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November 2014


It’s Not What You Show But What You Suggest…

My BAE and were walking back to the car after an amazing dinner celebrating a dear friends 30th birthday.

When I saw this dingy but well lit area I was immediately inspired.

Just by looking at me my BAE knew what’s up – I threw my iPhone to him, and the underground carpark became our Photoshoot location.

There is magic in everyday life, just have to keep your eyes wide open.

Dress – Wayne Cooper, Gladiator Sandals – Target.


If At First You Don’t Succeed, Dust Yourself Off And Try Again…

I have worn and shot this dress on two different occasions.

Each time styling it differently and with different back drops.

Its known that we are our own biggest critics – I am NO different. 

When the photos were taken it just didn’t seem right.

This time round though I opted for a plain back drop and very limited styling.

Practice makes perfect.

Dress – Mirrou, Bag – Chanel, Shoes – London Rebel.


The Way You Make Me Feel…

I know once you buy the hair you have it installed, its your hair.

But I have to ask, weave wearers – how do you do it?

I have always shied away having weaves installed because of my life style. It is easier for me to rock my natural fro or to have some sexy braids.  I exercise daily so these kind of hairstyles allow me to really get in there and wash the hair.

Having a weave costs money too – by the time you buy the human hair and have it installed by an expert, it all adds up. Which is why I normally just do my own damn hair at next to nothing.

I installed a weave because I wanted to try something new – you know the ever evolving Tinashe.

To date I have had this weave for about two weeks – no lie, I am feeling it!

…only thing is – the weave itch!

If you have ever worn a weave you would know what Beyoncé was talking about when she sang, “pat your weaves ladies! Having an itch that you just can’t get to will have you patting your head like you have lost your damn mind!

Here are my top tips:

  • Moisturise – find a nozzle that can really get in there so that you can consistently moisturise the root of your scalp
  • Bobby Pin – place one at the back of you weave and use it when you need to scratch hard to reach areas
  • Dry Shampoo – If you are active like me this will help to eliminate excess oils and relieve the itch and reduce the damp smell
  • Shampoo – properly shampoo your hair at least  each fortnight to prevent itchiness
  • Tea Tree Oil – Dap this on a cotton ball and apply directly on your scalp, this will help to clean the scalp

So far this is the only way that I have been able to survive my weave. If you can think of other remedies by all means please send it my way.

Top – IamTinashe Custom, Pleather Skirt – Target, Shoes – Wittner


Is The Iron Off?

If someone was to install a hidden camera and watch me get ready in the morning, they would laugh and laugh and laugh.

It’s no secret that no matter how much time I allow myself to get ready in the morning, I in evidently end up rushing out the door.

As frustrating as it maybe this is something that I have learnt to live with.

The only thing is…..when you leave the house in a rush you can sometimes cause yourself unnecessary panic and stress throughout the day.

What do I mean by that?

Well the other day, I ironed my outfit in the morning and left the house in a mild panic.


But things felt a little different on this day –  after about two hours of work that I began to think to myself did I leave the iron ON at  home?

This messed with me ALL day.

At one point I even thought of cabbing it home to check. I eventually talked myself out of it, because – “I NEVER leave the iron ON”. I reassured myself.

Now ordinarily these sort of things wouldn’t worry me too much because my bae starts work later than me, so he would have been able to put my mind at ease with one text –  but he was interstate that day.


My imagination was running wild. I began to think, What’s the worst thing that could happen? Well for starters I could get home to an apartment engulfed in flames – my oh my would the Body Corporate be pissed off!

In the back of my mind I knew my iron was relatively new – so it had to have a safety switch and would turn itself off after a few hours. I even googled the likelihood of a fire caused by an iron – this reduced the stress level just a little bit.

Now I do not recommend doing what I did – but I decided to bite the bullet and just wait until I got home, I would deal with whatever then.

Luckily for me though at the end of the day when I walked into the apartment the iron had been OFF all along – at ease on the ironing board.

…See part of me knew that I would NEVER leave the house with iron on.

I can’t help but think of the time and energy I wasted stressing about this.

Oh well, we move on.

Dress – TopShop, Bag – Prada Saffiano Double Zip, Nude Heels – Target


Spread This Like Butter On Toast…

Dynamic is defined as:
1. (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.  “a dynamic economy”

 2. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

Thank you Webster dictionary.

The second definition is appropriate for this blog post. I suggest you read it again and let it marinate.

On my daily grind as a Human Resources professional I often come across cover letters which have applicants describing themselves as “dynamic”.

I cringe and just about vomit in my mouth.

Gross. I know.

To me it’s like walking into a packed room and grabbing a mic and announcing with a booming voice, “I’m dynamic” to a bunch of strangers who quite frankly couldn’t give a damn.

You are doing too much.

Let me break it down for you. Either you are dynamic or your not. There is no in between.

Being dynamic is an adjective for a reason. If you are a “dynamic” people will recognize that trait during the interview process or when your on the job NOT in the application letter.

Rant over.

Tribal Necklaces – Soweto Street Markets, Top – Temt, Leather Skirt – Topshop, Pumps – Wittner Shoes.


Lick The Wrapper…

As a woman there things you should not have never have low standards about. In no particular order you will see mine:

  • Education – knowledge is power.
  • Occupation – If you like what you do, you never have to work a day in your life!
  • Clothes – doesn’t have to be expensive, can still look the part.
  • Linen – a sleep in never felt so good!
  • Luggage – we all have baggage, but make it designer
  • Men You Date or Marry – need I say more?
  • Coffee – wakes up the senses
  • Make Up – first impressions last!
  • Perfume – we all have a signature scent – let it be memorable for the right reasons.

Top – Temt, Skirt – Asos, Strappy Heels – London Rebel