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February 2015


Words Of Encouragement….

This quote is giving me life at the moment:

She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them” – Beau Taplin.

In other words. just because its a NO right now. Doesn’t mean its a NO forever. Dreams don’t work unless you do, keep at it. You will get there. Persistence pays off in the end.

Top – Temt, Skirt – Asos. Shoes – Wittner


This Week I Am…

  • Finally having blinds fitted in our apartment  – hallelujah! Without blinds – the days have been longer and the nights even shorter. We have daylight saving to thank for that.
  • I have a dreaded
    dentist appointment. I have it pushed back and pushed it back – I will be
    finally mustering the courage to go to the dentist. The thought of it makes my stomach do back flips. I think its time for me to put my big girl panties on and just do
    it. Nike.
  • Slowly, slowly I am
    creating a social network here in Canberra. This week I am having lunch with a
    renowned African fashion designer. Have to say I am pretty excited!
  • Next week I make my
    first trip home to Brisbane  since moving
    to Canberra. Hello family and friends! I am organising breakfast, lunch and dinner
    dates – excitement overload.

Give It To The Universe….

I love days like this.

There is zero morning stress trying to determine what to wear.

You are calm composed and don’t have to think about it.

You simply grab the dress from your wardrobe, iron it, put it on and GO!

Why complicate life?

Earrings – Lovisa, Dress – CUE, Belt – Portmans, Shoes– Wittner


This Week I Am…

The images you see above is my Instagram page.

This is were you have an opportunity to get real personal with me. A real insight of behind the scenes of IamTinashe.
You see what I cook, things I get up to and of course other random things. So go ahead follow me!

Hope you had an exceptional Valentines Day – mine was divine! Lets see, what is on my agenda this week?

  • I need to properly arrange my walk in closet. Being a very visual person it’s important for me that I can see it all. In my opinion if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.
  • Continue my work out plan. Eat my salad no dessert.
  • It seems like forever but our rustic, modern themed apartment is coming together slowly – this week our chair and bedroom set get delivered
  • Explore the new Parliament House in Canberra – get all Olivia Pope on them.

Unique Blend…

Since moving to Canberra I am seeing my clothes differently – styling them in ways that never came to mind before.

I have been just waking up in the morning – having no clue what I am going to wear to tackle the days activities.

My mood has been guiding my dressing. I have never been one to wear things that appear too put together. Instead I opt for something that looks a little more effortless – thrown together even.

Sunglasses -Witchery, Vest – Witchery, Singlet – Temt, Skirt – IamTinashe Custom


There Is A Reason, Then There Is The Truth…

I have been teasing people on Instagram – with hints of a new hairstyle. The revelation is right here, right now.

After spending almost a whole day undoing my teeny tiny braids, I thought to myself bugger this – I am going to do box braids!

Some people have also asked why I am wearing hater blockers (sunnies). The reason I have been wearing shades is because, I have haven’t been getting as much sleep as I would like of late.

The truth? Well for starters the above reason is about 60% accurate, but there is 40% of myself that thinks its a lot easier to pose in shades – effortless cool.

Sunnies – Sportsgirl, Jacket – CUE, Dress -Country Road, Belt – Country Road, Shoes – Wittner