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March 2015


This Week I Am….

It’s another manic Monday.

I am breathing. I am alive. I am blessed. I am humble. I am thankful for another week ahead. This week I am:

Looking forward to a short working week.

Getting some proper winter clothes, electric blankets etc. the cold here in Canberra doesn’t play.

Preparing for my first visitors here in Canberra. I have an itinerary planned for them so they will never want to leave!

Having my teeth cleaned at the dentist. At this rate I have probably paid for the next semester’s tuition for my dentist’s kids – but I tell you it’s worth every penny.


Rest. Restore. Recharge…

For as long as i can remember i have suffered from FOMO –  the fear of missing out. Basically wether its work or personal life, I want to be a part of it, ALL OF IT.

In theory it seems all good but in practice when you give 1000 percent to everything you can really find yourself being spread thin.

As you read this, this weekend I have decided to do absolutely nothing.

Rest, restore and recharge.

I am not sure how i will go with this as I have never been good at doing nothing. Because I am always doing something.

I envy my friends who can spend the day in bed – lounging on the couch, just seems so foreign to me.

This weekend I will force myself to remain idle.

Rest, restoration and recharge – we all need each other.

Dress – Diane Von Furstenberg, Singlet – Sportsgirl, Black Pumps – Wittner


This Week I Am…

Its end of financial year at my place of work, so I have been under the pump – thus the silence.

  • In all honesty this week I just want to get through the week. Each morning when I wake up and think of the day ahead I have this sick feeling in my stomach.
  • I have never rented in my life before, so preparing for my first ever rental inspection.
  • A dentist visit to clean and whiten my pearly whites.
  • Whilst I am enjoying my “thicker” figure, my clothes are not as keen. Going running after work is getting harder because the temperature is dropping – made the executive decision and purchased a cross trainer, now I can exercise in the comfort of my home.

Its hump day, how is your week going?

Dress – Asos, Black Pumps – Wittner


Freedom, Fro-Dom…

Told you in the last post the hair was reverting back to the afro. *raises one fist high*

Time for some shut eye.

Who needs a pillow when you have your Fro providing you with ALL the cushioning?


I Am Not For Everyone…

My weave said to me in the middle of the night.

It’s was around about 3:37am and I suddenly woken up by weave. Yes you read that right, my weave woke me up.

How? My scalp was on fire. An itch that started at the back, moved to the front and finally settled at the closure part of the weave – the middle.

Even with a bobby pin I couldn’t quite get right in there, to relieve myself. Oh Lord, what’s a girl to do?

In the middle of the night I applied a large amount of coconut oil all over my scalp. That didn’t work. So I resorted to spraying water to cool down my scalp.

At one point I even resorted to doing the weave pat. Clearly I was getting desperate.

My scalp wasn’t hearing it.

To be clear my weave was not itching because of hygienic reasons – from my experience an itchy scalp comes with the weave territory, even when you wash the hair before its installed and apply scalp treatment.

Needless to say I have tried having a weave a few times – but this last experience has solidified to me that weaves are just NOT for me or my scalp.

Now I am not one to condone violence BUT If you hear me talking about wanting to get a weave, I give you permission to slap me across the face. That should bring back memories of my past weave episodes.

Say goodbye to the weave it’s coming off!

Top – IamTinasheCustom, Cigarette Pants – CUE. Black Pumps – Wittner


This Week I Am…


Some days you just grab your Solange inspired sack of a
dress and just keep it moving. This week I am:

  •  After almost two months without internet at home we will be having internet installed – can I get an Amen? *throws confetti*
  • Undoing my weave. Again I realised that weaves are just not for me. I tried it, but my scalp said a big NO thank you! Back to the afro I go. It suits my lifestyle better anyways – goodbye red hair.
  • Finalising new website layouts with my talented graphic design team. Launch is imminent.