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September 2015

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A Woman Under The Influence…

It’s been a busy week. It’s like I blinked and the weekend is just about here. This news comes as as real relief because I feel like all I have been doing is eating, sleeping and working long hours. I can see my hubby shaking his head right now, I know it’s not ideal for the “pregnant lady” but in my defense it’s all been in preparation for my maternity leave.

With a mouth full of rooibos tea (one teaspoon of sugar, milk, lightly stirred)  I casually worked out that I had 30 working days until I will be nesting at home.

That realization made me just about spit out the tea. I equate the start of maternity leave being like watching  “coming soon” previews before the main movie. You just sit back wide eyed and wait in anticipation. Only I had moved way past the previews and the main movie – my to do list was rolling through my mind just like the credits at the end of the movie.

Reading this you would think I am some head of state – I’m not, but my role is business critical because I identify key talent that will add value to the business. For that reason its not just a job – it my career.

The only thing that’s kept me from feeling guilty for taking extended leave to nurture for my child (sounds ridiculous I know) is the fact that I have now secured my replacement. Someone who is able to handle the highs and lows that come with the territory of my role.

Of course being the control freak I am, I wouldn’t be able to completely nest until everything is  just right ensuring a smooth handover with the temporary “me”. This means, long hours spent documenting systems used and processes.

Seems painful – but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Before I know it I will have my feet up watching daytime television – but sadly until then, there will be no rest for the wicked.

…like you I wish the pictures were clearer, but these picutes were takes late in the day, when the natural light had retired.

Top – ASOS, Pencil Skirt – SES, Pumps – Wittner

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Face By M.A.C. Body By Jesus….

I recently had a friend who is trim taut and terrific ask me – What is it like to pregnant? Do you feel invincible? Have you had any weird cravings? Do you hate everyone?

All very interesting questions. Whilst I was flattered she asked me – I didn’t quite know how to answer the questions. This is my first child, hardly a veteran. I didn’t want it to sound like amateur hour.

To be perfectly honest though, now that I am pregnant I find it funny how people who have never been pregnant have these preconceived notions of what its like to be pregnant. All from movies they have seen, books they have read and an experience they had with a sister, friend or distant relative. I guess if you have never been through it before or are a man – its hard to truly imagine let alone understand what its like to be pregnant.

Pregnancy is a lot of things.

Its the gift of creating life – a miracle. You find yourself just about bursting into tears at the thought of carrying that life within you body for nine months whilst you nurture it, feel it grow. Its by far the most incredible thing I have done in my life and I am beyond excited to meet this little person that my husband and I have created.

Pregnancy can also be scary, dramatic and down right weird.

You get  hands on experience with your body as it accommodates this growing lodger inside you.  You will surprise yourself. Think constipation, wind (no matter how much of a lady you are – all bets are off), swollen feet (baby elephant) , sleepless nights (its 3am someone decides to have a kicking party inside you), backaches (comes with the territory),  you will at some point need to be pushed off the bed and pulled off the couch (true story), hair grows everywhere, I mean everywhere (you feel like wolverine) – these are some of the more interesting experiences  – some of the things you don’t and won’t expect or want to know – but its all part of the joy of entering motherhood.

This has been my experience thus far. Veterans of the pregnancy game – feel free to chip in.

 Dress – Temt, Pumps – Wittner.



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From 0 – 100…

I never really thought about what I was going to wear until I got pregnant.  Its great that we have celebrities who show us what to wear and what not to wear. Kim Kardashian immediately came to mind. Her first pregnancy fashion with North she was a shocker. She just didn’t know how to dress her changing shape. I am not sure if you have seen her maternity style with her second pregnancy but  I have to say she is not playing – doing it for the fashion gods. Classic maternity wear.

Each trimester it seems the little human I am creating has been guiding my fashion choices. For the most part I have been drawn to  black, white and  grey ensembles. Occasionally I have been drawn to some nude colours. Patterns and prints have been big no no! For me I have found that the stretchier types of materials have been more flattering as my little bambino grows.

Today it seems I have thrown the baby out with bath water. Loud colours and patterns, its all happening.

Firstly I would like to point out that this is actually a maternity dress from ASOS. Information that I am excited to share because I have kind of shied away from maternity fashion. Why?  I pride myself on not paying retail price for anything – so when I got notification that this dress was now on sale, I thought to myself “Why the hell not?”

Before I put the dress on I was worried that I wouldn’t fill out the stomach section. Being pregnant is hard to explain – your perception of your size may not be the reality. For instance some days I feel like my stomach is not big enough (its when you compare with other women), other days its when I am lying down on the couch and can’t get up on my own – its only then that realise how big I really am.

I originally bought this dress for my baby shower, but given the print, colour and my grey hair I just felt it would be team too much and did not want this dress to be immortalised in baby shower pictures – so I gave it a miss.

I firmly believe that my clothing choices can be a powerful influence on my general mood and how those people around me perceive me. Today was just your regular work day. Whilst I wasn’t feeling flash hot (lack of sleep, general third trimester tiredness) I put on some lipstick, threw the dress on, squeezed into my pumps and put the fear of god into people.

Sunglasses – Sportsgirl, Maternity Dress – ASOS, Pumps – London Rebel.


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Calm Mum, Calm Baby…

Eek! Not long until Baby Sigauke arrives so in preparation for the big day we are now attending birth classes. Other mothers have told me that you won’t remember anything at the height of the labour pain. With me being a first time mother I thought the classes would be worthwhile so that hubby and I could have a rough idea of what would happen on the day.

As they say, fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.

Yes I am there to learn, but I love to people watch too – and let me tell you there are some interesting characters in these classes. I have taken the time to group some of my mothers I have had the pleasure of meeting thus far:

  • Hippie mum to be – “Peace and love! I am going to give birth naturally no drugs for me”.
  • Experienced mum to be – “I have had three kids, I am just here for a refresher!” This mother also thinks that she can basically teach the birth class.
  • Underage mum to be – “I can’t believe this is happening, we are not even ready!” Eyes wide open at the graphic images.
  • Mature age, professional mum to be – project baby is underway, the research we have conducted coupled with the spreadsheet we created we will be just fine. *side eye*
  • Ethnic mum to be  – doesn’t really say much. I wonder if she is understanding what is going on in the class as there is a clear language barrier.

Then there is me. I don’t quite know how to classify myself. I am the type of mum to be who has done research but I acknowledge and accept the fact that I am going to be in the hands of the experienced health professionals that help deliver babies day in day out. I am not first woman in their care, no am I the last.

I am taking nothing for granted and just taking it all in knowing that on the day it’s all about getting the best outcome for mum and bub.

What keeps me grounded is the thought of my grandma giving birth to seven kids in a hut in Africa with no medical assistance and she is just fine – one the kids she delivered is the reason I am here. For that reason I am taking on the challenge with no fear. After all as a woman my body is designed to do this – Now is the time to embrace nature course.

Sunnies – Sportsgirl, Grey Coat – Sheike, Dress – Temt, Maternity Stockings – Target, Boots – Novo Shoes



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The Opposite Of No…

My sincere apologies for my absence over the last week or so. I went back home to Brisbane for business (my HR hustle) and pleasure (my baby shower).

 Whilst I had an amazing time in Brisbane I didn’t realise how much flying in my third trimester and carrying on like I am not in my third trimester would leave me so exhausted. The perfectionist in me would not let me sleep without the baby shower preparations being just right. My day went something like this –  I would work my normal work day then at night I would be working on my baby shower with the help of my VERY patient mother. Together we would iron out every painstaking detail.

At the height of baby shower preparations this meant sleeping 10 hours over three days. I am not proud of that because its not good for me or the growing baby – but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

My body taught me a valuable lesson. The lesson of the week has been ‘no good deed goes unpunished’. Eyes itchy and sore from lack of sleep and body just not wanting to participate –  in anything. I imagine lack of sleep being like having goon stalking you for a debt repayment, when you have missed just the one payment.

Now that I am back in Canberra I have been trying to repay the sleep debt I accumulated. My goon is relentless. In fact the other night after eating dinner I went to bed at 7pm, woke up at 3:30 for food intermission and then went back to bed until about 8am. I have never ever done this  – even in a previous life when I was nursing a hangover. Just goes to show how tired I was. In addition to the above have been sleeping for at least 10 hours a day – which is quite an achievement for someone like me who believes you sleep when you are dead. The thought of wrinkles or puffy eyes makes me sleep like a baby – vanity. The goon seems to be taking to easy now, I have just about paid back all my sleep debt.

With this post I share with you the only pictures I managed to take whist in Brisbane – with the  Brisbane sun out see how my skin glistens. It is also a new month and you will notice that I have switched  up my hair. I did it myself  -a painful 8 hours for this mama to be. I was feeling myself so you’re in luck I have even incorporated an ombre silver, grey under tone. The move is edgy. It is different. It is somewhat unexpected. It speaks confidence and in that confidence comes beauty.

Maternity Dress – ASOS, Nude Pumps – Wittner


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I have read that there are serious health dangers for women who regularly wear high heels, especially when they wear them to work daily – that’s about 90% of women I know. Wait for it – excessive heel-wearing can even cause changes in the toe joints, or cause degenerative arthritis in the middle of the foot. My eyes are wide open,  that’s a scary thought yet as woman I continue to take the risk.

I was curious to find out why women, like me wear heels so I asked my friends. Below you will find the top five reasons why my inner circle wear heels:

  1. Feel more dressed up and professional at work
  2. Makes their legs look longer and leaner
  3. A real confidence booster allowing them to embrace their inner “boss”
  4. Heels take their outfits to another level allowing them to feel glamorous and sexier
  5. It encourages them to walk in a more feminine way

I have to admit I am no different, I agree with most of the reasons listed above. During the working week it is rare that you will see me wearing flats – at 163cm who would blame me right?

Now that I have a baby on board I have to reconsider my shoe options to not only balance myself but also to make it easier to get around. I am often tempted to wear heels daily but my swollen feet say a resounding NO. For now my body and I have come to a compromise – I will wear heels every other day.

Hat – Sportsgirl – Top – H&M, Maternity Leggings – ASOS. Boots – Wittner.