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February 2016

Mini Me

Dressed Up In Love…

Say hello to Tasima! My beautiful baby girl. I am obsessed with her. Like any new parent I can’t believe she is mine, all mine!

*giggles uncontrollably*

You have read about Tasima here, here and here – so its high time you meet her right?


Look at that smile and tell me it isn’t infectious? Quick facts, Tasima likes regular and I mean regular feeds otherwise she gets hangry. She is not about the dirty diaper life, so be sure to keep a close eye on that otherwise she will not hesitate to give the side eye – True Story. She is also a fan of naps and lots of them through out the day. Perhaps thats the secret to her natural beauty.

Before Tasima was born her wardrobe was full of gorgeous goodies purchased by our amazing family and friends. When I pull out my camera or even just my iPhone to take a picture or a selfie her face just lights up and she gives these amazing gumless smiles. With the love of the camera its clear that she is my daughter. Honestly I don’t blame her because the camera loves her.

Tasima wears outfits from Pumpkin Patch, a brand that I honestly had not heard of until I had Tasima. Now that I can see that they have all the latest trendy items for my tiny tot, she pretty much has all the “must have items”.

More updates to come on what my mini is wearing…bonus picture shown below!



Another Soapie..

A while ago one of my friends from Nigeria gave me this soap. She was raving and ranting about it, insisting that I try it. I read the name and looked at the colour of the soap, thought to myself – hmm I don’t know about this.

…Truth be told I am not one to one to turn down something that is free, so I gladly accepted the black soap. Yes, I am black like that.

I still couldn’t help but think to myself, another product that is being pushed to an innocent consumer like myself by a natural haired sister that has seen the light, rolls eyes. Come one we all know someone like that.

That was about about a year ago. Initially I just used the soap for my hair. Let me just say, from the moment I made my hair damp, lathered the soap then watched the product build up being washed away in the bathroom sink. I had an aaha! Oprah moment, I knew I would never wash my natural hair with anything else. Never Ever.

My natural locks were left feeling soft and stripped of all impurities. Like Virgin hair. Touched for the first time.

As I got more confident with the soap I decided to use it from head to toe. I read the product listing and could see that it was all natural so  I used this soap during my pregnancy. Personally I credit the soap (genetics and lots of moisturising) for preventing the development of the dreaded stretch marks  – big call I know, but I honestly believe it. I have combination oily skin and using this soap has reduced breakouts that I used to have by really cleansing the skin. I am most thankful for as I am thirty plus with now minimal random breakouts.

Complete Ingredient Listing:

Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun (camwood), Palmkernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice & Oil, Lemon Juice & Oil,Water & Natural Fragrance. As you can see and to my delight all natural products.

If you would like to change your life and try this amazing Black Soap Bar (Dudu Osun) you can find it here. I used to buy if from an African shop for $9 a soap bar, which was similar to flushing money down the toilet now I just use Amazon which is cheaper even with the shipping costs.

…no this is not an paid endorsement post, though I wish it was! I just found the product to be amazing – its that good I am writing about a damn bar of soap.

So why not share it?

I will warn you though that with the regular use the product can leave a brown residue on bathroom tiles which your other half will complain about, so be sure to wash away residue after each  use.

You can thank me later.

My Life

A Road Less Travelled…

Don’t you hate it when you have a blog that you visit at least once a week were content is being uploaded regularly and then all of a sudden it just stops? Its so irritating. I guess for now I fall into that category after having gone MIA for a week or so.

Well. This. Is. Awkward.

My absence can basically be explained by two words: food poisoning. Not a pleasant experience to say the least but I feel skinner, so that is a plus.

I had a close family friend come from interstate to see the baby and I decided to take her to a fancy pants restaurant just to let her know that  whilst we might be at a slower pace and slightly more conservative we too have culinary delights in the capital.

At the restaurant we had our entrees, mains and desserts. The conversation was flowing, my stomach was full from the good food we had consumed and my cheeks were sore from laughing so hard. After an hour and a half we paid the bill and made our way to the car as I had borrowed time before I had to return back to my princess who was at home with dada.

When we got to the car, my stomach had this sinking feeling – churning and churning. I had not eaten all day in anticipation for this brunch, so I knew it had to be the food I had just eaten. With that I knew was going to be sick and needed to get home ASAP. Eyes watering, thighs shaking, butt clenching – we drove in silence home.  No one likes to write about bowel movements let along read about it, so I think I will just leave it there. Just know that the food poisoning basically had me pooing from the eye of a needle. How is that for an image?

Its a shame really because I had taken my camera and everything. As the beautifully presented meals came out I had taken some amazing pictures and was ready to write up a review of the restaurant. For obvious reasons I won’t be doing that now, nor will I be naming the restaurant – I don’t want to catch a legal case.

What I will say is, think twice before ordering ceviche. It could leave you anxious at the very thought of going to the bathroom.

Now imagine all of the above whilst nursing an infant and being a domestic engineer. Not only is it the opposite of fun, it barely leaves time for me to gather thoughts for a blog entry.

As you can see from the picture, I am now on the mend. I might have Louis Vuitton bags under my eyes, but I feel so much better. For a minute there I was really developing a fear of food. Mostly because I was unsure what would happen after I consumed it. Now that I am almost at 100%, I can laugh about the whole experience because it happens to the best of us. I am just crazy enough to write about it.

That said, I hope that you are well.


Nailed It…

Never ever in my 30 plus years on this planet have I had acrylic nails. For the longest time I admired women I had seen with claw like nails, Real or Fake. Infact it became a sick game of mine were I would look at nails and try and determine acrylic and authentic nails. I stalked Instagram pages for inspiration. Lean, long and glossy nails were my wonder wall – yes, the eagle had landed.

I loved the idea of claw shaped nails, but the timing was never right. Especially now that I am adjusting to life with a newborn. I am knee deep in diaper changes, constantly washing my hands, wet wiping, applying paw paw cream not to mention cleaning, washing and handling my delicate princess. On repeat. Daily. On top of that I am also being a domestic goddess ensuring the house is in tip top condition. Can get a round of applause?

As you can imagine its hardly a conducive environment for glossy claw shaped nails to be maintained let alone prosper.

The photos I present to you are evidence of my temporary insanity, exhibit A and exhibit B. Against my better judgement I decided to go ahead and get the acrylic nails installed – in pink to boot! To be clear with the amount of vitamins I take, I have never had a problem growing my own nails, but my main struggle was maintaining the same length across all ten fingers let alone the claw effect I was drooling over.

Being a virgin to this extension nail game I wanted to share my cons and pros that I observed through out the process.


Its simple really, I finally had the claw shaped nails I had been wanting. Sure they are artificial, but the technician did a bloody good job so that no one could tell – believe me I made sure of it, no short cuts here! Although I wish I had a applied moisturiser on my hands so they looked more glossy in the photos – but hey, you win some and you lose some.


My research led me to believe that the acrylic nails can damage the natural nail bed – something I don’t have time for. To make matters worse even after child birth, I have to say I found the application process uncomfortable to the point of painful. The non english speaking technician had no mercy. My occasional ‘ouch!’ didn’t get the reaction I hoped for – empathy. The glue seemed to tighten my nail bed, more discomfort. The electric filers they used were no joke, sending a burning sensation on the edges of my nails. I just about had to pull away my finger so that she could see I was a human and was in pain! I went to a reputable salon with accredited nail technicians but I was not prepared for the level of discomfort I experienced.

Here in Australia having acrylic nails installed costs anywhere between  $40 -75 dollars. Thereafter you will need to get infills at a cost of $30 -45 each fortnight depending how quickly your nails grow out. So lets do the maths – worst case scenario if you were to pay $75 for the initial install and $45 for a refill every fortnight that would equate to $1,245 a year. That amount spent on nails? My god – I just about jumped out my skin when I annualised the cost! I am 100% certain that I can find another way to spend money that would be more cost effective and rewarding to me. Think designer dress, bag, shoes etc. I tend to agree with Carrie Bradshaw here, “I like my money where I can see it — hanging in my closet.”

It was good whilst it lasted but its safe to say that this whole process was an experience, something on my bucket list that I can now cross of. Done. Kudos to women who do this on a regular basis, you deserve a standing ovation for your dedication and commitment. Seriously I applaud you, because clearly I am not about that life.

I will never say never because I might consider doing it again for a special occasion but right now it is not something that I am looking to maintain. As soon these nails grow out, they will gone baby gone.