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March 2016

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Smiling Through Exhaustion…

I am writing this post from sunny Brisbane. Hi! Its almost a week now since baby Tasima, my mother in law and I boarded a red eye flight and made our way to Brisvegas. When I booked the flights I booked a 6:55am flight. Who does that with a baby? *raises hand* I do.

I am not even going to lie the price made me do it – I am not one to walk away from an opportunity to save money. Lord knows flights out of the capital city of Australia are sometimes more expensive than international flights. So yes, I took advantage and booked the ‘cheap’ flight – because I am African like that.

You could not wipe the smile off my face. I was proper chuffed with my bargain flight price  – that is until I had to wake up at 4:30am to shower, get myself and the baby ready to leave for the airport at 5:30am. Say what? Yup, hearing an alarm to wake up at 4:30 am – can you imagine? Fortunately baby Tasima had woken up for a feed and was really good about it. If anything she was curious about were we getting ready to go to at such an ungodly hour.

I like to travel in style and comfort – what better way than in my classic Stan Smiths?


Once we were one the aeroplane Tasima did chuck a mini tantrum because of the delayed take off and the being confined in the one space. At that moment I prayed to god that I would not be one of those mothers with an uncontrollable child on a flight – irritating the hell out of other passengers, who just want to fly in peace not in pieces.

Not long after I had settled baby Tasima, we took off and about an hour and a half later we landed. Lets just say baby Tasima flew like a BOSS and as her mama I couldn’t be prouder.


When I was pregnant my boss said to me, ‘just remember calm mother, calm baby‘. Wise words from a mother who know from experience what she is talking about. It is advise that I have cherished throughout my motherhood journey.

So why Brisbane?

Well we are here in Brisbane seeing family and friends during the Easter holidays – not to mention I am reuniting with my wardrobe that I left at my mamas. Hormones when I was pregnant made me believe that I would never fit into some amazing goodies again so they had to go. Luckily I didn’t throw them out I simply stored it. Can I get an amen? But i digress…

Its such beautiful thing to have the chance to introduce our baby girl to family and friends – so far they have only seen her on photos, videos or face time – they can now see her in the flesh and get to know the cheeky girl we know and love.

I am returning to my home town as a new mother who is seeing things in a different light and with me being away for just over 6 months the city has changed significantly. New roads – lots of people on the road – hello traffic jam. Even my old job even has some unrecognisable new faces. There is international shops that will ensure I need to upgrade my luggage when I head back home and about 100 new restaurants – not that I counted them, it just seems everywhere I turn there is a new eatery.

So yeah, thats me right now. I’m glad that I finally had some time so I can let you know whats been happening with me.

I hope that you are sitting on top of the world.

IamTinashe xoxo


Guest Blogger

Its Not You, Its Your Eyebrows…

Did you know that next to teeth your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. I know that your not trying to look crazy out in these streets – so its important to get them done by someone that knows what it means to ‘shape’ your brows so your face is on point.

The door creaks loudly, someone put some oil in the damn hinges! Haha, I play too much – enter Tate, our guest blogger who is going to share her eyebrow shaping technique. Lord knows we could all use some guidance.


Looking at the photo above, she is serving us face and lets us know she means business. Listen up readers, over to you Tate!

Hi everyone! My name is Tate, thanks for joining me on this guest post, its an absolute pleasure to share my experience. So were to start? Well to ensure that your brows are on fleek at all times you need to make sure that they are well “manicured”. To achieve this look I choose to thread my eyebrows. It just so happens that IamTinashe came with me to an threading appointment just so we could get a visual of the threading process. You can watch the video above and see how it really goes down.

Threading is an ancient method originating from Central Asia and India.  It is the art of hair removal by the use of an antibacterial cotton, that is twisted and rolled across the skin, gently removing the entire hair from the follicle.  The advantages of threading are, unlike tweezing in which single hairs are pulled one at a time, threading removes short lines of hairs and unlike waxing threading allows for more precise control of shaping the eyebrow.

Before threading the beautician or threading artist will remove any make up that may have been applied and apply powder to the eyebrow area to ensure the cotton does not slip off the skin.  The beautician will usually start with the top of the brow working from one end to the other.  The only way I can describe the feeling is, it’s like someone pinching and pulling you skin, followed by a scratch with really sharp stiletto nails.

The whole threading process takes about 10 minutes and completed with a tidy up trim of extra long hairs and the application of a soothing lotion…..I opt out of the soothing lotion as I have sensitive skin and often react to it by getting crazy razor mountain size bumps around my eyebrow area. Reaction to the lotion is dependent on your skin sensitivity, I know plenty of people who have not problems with it – so see how you go.

Why do I endure the pain?
Same reason we endure waxing… pain no gain. Beauty is pain, pain is beauty as IamTinashe would say.

I tell you though with each stroke of thread to my brow, I feel a sharp tinge of pain then immediate relief. When I was fairly inexperienced – I cried! Actual tears would stream down my face. The unexpected pain is always a shock to the system but from the first time I did it I was not only hooked, I was converted.

Each time I look at the at the end result – I am excited. I can see that my once thick bushy eyebrows were for the first time tamed, clean cut and perfectly shaped.  Like waxing you get used to pain of threading. The anticipation of the ordeal ahead never goes away but it allows you to mentally prepare yourself.  Like anything the more you do it, the easier it gets. Before you know it you will be able to tolerate to the pain.

Personally speaking though I find this technique is longer lasting than tweezing. This means I get a threading touch up every three weeks (four if I’m busy). Threading is also much gentler on the skin than waxing and the precision in shaping will enhance your overall look.

So there you have it, this is my eyebrow shaping technique – what’s yours?


Three Hairstyles And A Baby…

It’s just before midnight everyone in the house is fast asleep – I am currently huddled on the floor of our walk in closet writing this blog post on my iPhone. Why? Firstly I can’t sleep – too much in my mind and in my heart, secondly I didn’t want to leave the bedroom and risk waking the baby and thirdly I need to get this post to be done and dusted.

Okay, so I recently discovered that having a new born baby and regularly changing hairstyles really doesn’t work. You want to switch up your hairstyleslike you used to? Tell her she is dreaming. Everything takes twice as long as it used to – but I am patient, I am told it gets better.

*side eyes everyone who has said that to me*

Not sure if you noticed but in an earlier post I had micro braids – big mistake on my part. I mean it looks good when you get it done, but who the hell is going to help you take it out?

I thought I had it all figured out. By recommendation I found a young girl who was willing to undo my braids for me for a reasonable price – can’t knock the hustle. I was all smiles until she cancelled on me not once but twice. By the third time I was like bugger it I will do it my damn self.

Monday morning came around and I started – probably undid about 20 braids if that before I had to call it a day. Tuesday, Wednesday the same thing happened. With a quarter of the braids undone on my head my hair was holding me hostage – I couldn’t leave the house without looking crazy, shady with a cap on or fresh off the boat with cloth/material covering my hair.

What can I say being a mother trumped my vanity. Motherhood changes you, but don’t get it twisted I still want to look fly. Say it with me – yummy mummy!

Thursday came along and to be honest not much happened with the undoing of the braids – I was over it. My head felt like it weight a tonne and my hands didn’t want to corporate. Later that night to my surprise baby Tasima decided to go to bed early – bless her – she will one day understand my struggle. I basically pulled an all nighter undoing my hair and went to bed just before 5am. I knew I would feel like shit during the day, but knew that the braids had been removed – so that made it all worth it.

The braids are out now what?

I could wear my own Afro out? Decided against that my tender head hated being brushed out each day, jumbo braid? Nope my scalp needs a rest. I decided to wig it, short and sassy wigs because baby Tasima now loves to grab and pull on mummy’s hair.

After washing, conditioning, air drying, moisturizing and cornrowing my hair – I was ready to install my wig. The below picture is the first wig I wore:


A short and curly cut. To tell the truth I didn’t mind it. What made me rethink my hair choice was when baby Tasima woke up from her nap and I was wearing my new hair and literally did double take. She even hesitated when I picked her up. They say children never lie.

Of course I was all the way in my feelings, but got the hint and switched it up to the below pixie cut:


As you can probably tell from the photo I was the only one excited about the new hair – baby Tasima’ face says it all – she was not feeling it AT ALL. Infact when I would breastfeed her she would stop midway look up and just laugh. They say children never lie.

I started thinking to myself what is that I am actually trying to achieve with my new hairstyle? The points below were my main goals:

  • “spring break” for my scalp
  • a protective style for my hair
  • short to medium hair length
  • easy to maintain hairstyle for my new up and go lifestyle

The more I actually zoned in on what I wanted the more it made sense for me to just have my hair out. With that decision I ripped off the wig and undid the cornrows. I had retained moisture from the coconut butter I had applied earlier so I just sat there and twisted my own hair. The below is the end result:


Not the clearest picture but judging from the picture above it looks like I finally got my hairstyle approved from the diva in waiting herself – Tasima.

Fast forward to today, I have been rocking my natural hair now for two going to three weeks and I am not yet bored.

As a black woman braids, weaves even wigs have always been my go to items just to make my life easier. Just rocking my own hair was often the last option because I don’t know about you I feel like a bold chicken even though my natural hair is thick as. The lack of movement – makes me think twice – that’s for another blog post. I digress.

In closing Tasima’s pure reaction to my hair reminded me that sometimes its just easier to be your natural self.