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May 2016


All Things Being Considered…

*Lives the mama life at home for five days.*

Me: Today is a “me” day. I deserve it. I need to relax.

*goes out*

Me: I should have stayed home.

This happens to me all the time. Can you relate?

I have been off for several months now and my oh my how time flies. Its hard to believe that I have just over a month and a half at home before I rejoin the rat race or in other words become a working mother. Am I ready? I am not sure. The sobering reality is that I have a few goals that I want to cross of my list and working is going to be a huge help.

I was fortunate to have one of my Executive Managers from my in town for business. Once here he asked to catch up. Desperate to find out whats been happening whilst I have been on maternity leave I immediately responded to the invite with a quick YES! Maybe  a little too keen – but luckily I didn’t scare him off – as he was eager to meet my little one more so than catch up with me.

Accepting the invite was probably the easy bit. What was going to be difficult was finding something to wear. Firstly, I wanted to find something that was flattering to my current shape. I am just not ready to wear my super tight body con ala Kim Kardashian dresses. Give me time. Secondly, I am still breast feeding. This means that what ever outfit I picked I had to make sure that I could comfortably whip out my “milkshake” and nourish my child.



Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard to decide what to wear in the end. Perhaps motherhood is making me more decisive? With limited time to make a decision I settled on a humble oversized white shirt dress. As I put on the freshly ironed shirt I immediately felt chic, pulled together and confident that I would be able lunch and carry out my motherly responsibilities with no fear of a wardrobe malfunction.

Oversized Shirt Dress – Choies, Boots – Sportsgirl.

My Life

Flaws And All…



I have been getting some emails from subscribers who are wondering if they will ever see me again. I wrote back curious to find out what they meant by that.

One subscriber elaborated by responding with, “I used to go on your website to check out your fashion choices as a source of inspiration. Whilst I love reading what you have to write I miss seeing how yu put your outfits together“.

Well Damn. Reading that I literally had a moment of silence wondering to myself how I was going to respond back to that because they were right.

It lead me to reflect on the last few months since having the baby. Truth is I have had a love and hate relationship with my body. When I was pregnant I took pictures almost daily because I was excited to capture and document my growth. Now the baby is here, the hard work really starts because I need to get back in shape.

Six weeks after delivery – with clearance from my doctor I started doing some light exercise. Which felt a little weird because I have literally watched my body go from accommodating a full term baby – now days, weeks, months after delivery I am learning to  appreciate my post baby body. I am definitely a lot curvier or thick as they say – so I am a little excited about that.

My baby is still young which means I am still breastfeeding so it means that I have to increase my daily calorie intake. Thus my food choices have had to be super healthy – but believe me I still manage to squeeze in a cheat snack here and there to keep me sane.


Exercise wise, before I had the baby I was fortunate to have purchased a cross trainer so that I could get back into shape in the comfort of my own home. My work out started off slow – 10 mins, then 30 mins and now I spend about an hour on so on the cross trainer each day – aiming for 8-10 kilometres daily. I do this five to six days a week. No excuses.


When I have been exhausted and moody jumping on the cross trainer really lifted my mood. It allowed me to get away and for those minutes just focus on burning calories. Now that I am finally seeing results I am relieved. No Pain, No Gain – so they say.

I also briefly got on the waist training band wagon. I can’t say that it made a massive difference – its just made me feel more “supported’ you could say as I worked out. Its not the most comfortable thing in the world, its like you are walking around with your stomach sucked in grasping for air. So yeah I passed that up real quick.


If I am honest, when I look back at photos from pre-baby I don’t think that I am were I want to be weight wise – I have about 4.5 kilos to go until I am back to my pre-baby weight. For now though I think I am more comfortable dare I say a little more confident to start taking some full body pictures of the outfits that I have been putting together as I run errands or attend various functions. Also now that I am a little more mobile with the baby I get a chance to dress up, which is nice.

In fact the other day I had pulled out my jeans from my drawer and worked up the courage to put them on. I was emotionally preparing myself to be disappointed – but as I put the jeans on past my thighs up to my waist and managed to zip up the zipper and comfortably put on the button I screamed with excitement. This was the first time that I was able to comfortably fit back in my old jeans. It’s at the moment that I dragged my hubby down stairs so that we could capture the moment. Could not have been prouder as the hard work was finally paying off.


I am still trying to work out what my new mummy look is going to be so I have been experimenting with more “conservative looks”. For now anyway.

My hubby keeps telling me to be patient as it took nine months for my body to transform and create the miracle that is our baby girl, so I need to give my body time to go back to what I consider to be the “new normal”.

He is right, when I look at my mini me – nothing else matters.

So to cut the story short, expect more outfit posts on the blog again. You have given me the courage to get back on  it and continue to embrace my flaws and all.

My Life

Dear Mama…

On November 21st 2015 at 9:19am I became a mother for the first time. Words can not describe the overwhelming joy that I felt that day. I swear that I was in shock. Even though I had been pregnant for 9months I just could not believe that I had created this person.

Now as I watch her grow my heart is filled with joy causing me to develop a lump in my throat. Deep. Raw emotion. So much so it can bring tears to my eyes. I have never felt a love like this. People said that to me but I did not understand… it until now.

As I celebrate my first Mothers day as a mother I can really understand the meaning of unconditional love.

This year I am fortunate to have my maternal mother and my mother in law here in Canberra to help us celebrate my first mothers day. They both have been exceptional mothers to my husband and I giving us the foundations to be the parents that we are today.

Their arms were always open when we needed a hug.

Their hearts understood when we needed a friend.

Their gentle eyes were stern when we needed a lesson.

Their strength and love have guided us and gave us wings to fly.

– Sarah Malin

Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s around the world, now that I have walked the walk – I too salute you.


An African City…

I had a friend come and visit me from interstate – which a big deal because for some reason no one wants to visit the capital of Australia. Their loss I say, this place is Executive Living at its finest.

I digress.

Back in the day when I would have a friend come over we would get dressed up and head out for fancy pants dinner and a cocktail filled night out. Wake up the next day with a massive hangover and lie to ourselves about how much fun it was and how we should do it again. Good times.

Now that I am actually someone’s mama the thought of doing that hasn’t entered my mind – still obsessed with my little blessing. My friend who was visiting was equally happy to stay home and just hold the baby and basically play mum without having to get pregnant, the pain of delivery, sleepless nights etc. Hubby found a way to make himself invisible and it was basically a “Girls Night In”.

I cooked dinner, my friend enjoyed a glass of Moscato and we settled on the couch for some intense binge watching. I always love this time spent with my friends as they open up my eyes to the possibilities of other shows to be hooked on. Not just focusing on my ratchet reality TV shows that I love. Don’t judge me!

A dear friend (you know who you are!) introduced me to the web series,  An African In The City. Have you ever imagined what Sex In The City would be like with an all African cast? Well your prayers have been answered.

They have a “Carrie” – who is my opinion was always the “star of the show”. By far she was best dressed (catered to my contradictory fashion sense) and just annoying with her inability to make a decision or to accept that her actions resulted in the other people’s reactions.

They have a “Miranda”  – I have always identified the most with with her – no nonsense, straight shooter – who also has a more softer, vulnerable side and just wants to be loved.

They have a “Charlotte” who is so politically correct that its borderline annoying and refreshing at the same damn time.

Last but not least they also have a “Samantha”, probably the most outgoing female character in television history. Why? She has probably had more sex than most people you and I know…COMBINED.

I could point out who’s who, but I think it would spoil the fun. As you watch the show it you will just come to you. You will know who is who.

The story lines are relatable and at times laugh out loud funny. Like really? Did that just happen? Of course expect them to add some African spice for entertainment value – but its not cringe worthy, TRUST.

For me though the show really had me with their impeccable styling of the characters. Scene after scene after scene they stole my heart. I could see my self (style wise) in each one of the characters depending on the day and mood I am in. Its funny because until I started watching this show I was beginning to think that African print attire had been played out and I was ready to move on. It was too mainstream and I felt it had lost its authenticity BUT the way that the bold prints are styled on the show will make you go back to your wardrobe to see if there is ways that you can recreate the looks – no lie!

Lets not forget the hair…The hairstyles too are just on point. As a naturalista (yes, under all those wigs I am  natural) its visually enticing to take in the versatility presented of what can be done with the natural African mane.

In short you will be witnessing some organic Black Girl Magic. It honestly excites me to see a more sophisticated version of the African woman on our screens dressed to the nines not playing a slave or acting like a scary, rude, loud, malicious, stubborn, bitchy, emasculating woman.

I have watched the first season twice now and I am trying hard to find season two. You can find the show on YouTube by searching “An African City“.

Once you have watched the show, please come back to me with your comments – I am interested to find out what you thought of the depiction of the black women and topics covered in the show etc.

Since I am back to loving African attire I thought I would share one last image of the women of the hour donning some epic African style.


Disclaimer: I am not trying to catch a case here, all images are from my good friend – Google.