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July 2016


24 Hours…

So I am really doing this. I am now a working mother. A working mother who is trying hard to get the balance just right.

You know the saying, “It’s like riding a bike?” Well, that is what it felt like to be back at work after being on maternity leave. Just add the prep work I do for me (outfit, accessories, makeup, lunch) and bub (outfit, diapers, milk, food). Let’s not forget to add the fast accumulating sleep debt.

To think that I have been back at work for three weeks now is nothing short of incredible. Honestly, I have no idea how I have survived the tricky balancing act and just picked things up from where I left them. Obviously, business systems, process and people have changed – but with being organised at home and having mum around as a support system it feels like I never left.


Now that I am back at work bub and I have established a sound routine. It’s not always perfect but we know what to expect. It goes a little something like this:

7:00am – My alarm goes off at this time each morning. Interestingly my little one has worked out that I am just about to leave her – so with her eyes closed she uses the alarm as a last ditch opportunity to have some breastmilk. For the next ten to fifteen minutes I try to unlatch her but she seems to literally cling on for dear life.

7:20am – After bub finishes up and seems to have fallen back to sleep I sneak out the bed like a ninja. I take a picture of her sleeping each day because she looks so peaceful and angelic. Whilst in our walk in closet I take a quick glance at all my emails and messages (I create responses in my mind but respond later), quickly flick through of, Facebook, Instagram and Bossip to see what’s good in the world today.

7:30am – I quickly jump in the shower for a nice hot hot hot shower. I need to feel the hot water on my skin to wake me up – otherwise, the day feels like yesterday. I am obsessed with dude soap so I use it for my face and body – the ultimate cleanser in my opinion. After the shower, I dry up and lather my body from head to toe with good old fashioned Vaseline (clogs the pores and keeps me warm) or Coconut butter and apply deodorant.

7:45am – Next comes the application of makeup. I have a foundation, highlight and contour go to look that sees me “face ready” in twenty minutes.

8:05am – Time to style my hair. At the moment I have been wearing wigs as a protective style. I apply the wig so that it blends and could pass as “my hair”.


8:15am – I always get dressed last. This year I have decided that I am going to wear almost like a “work uniform” to reduce the drama of getting ready in the morning. Big, bold and colourful African print threads.

If I am lucky my baby will wake up just before I leave so I can smother her with kisses and hugs before I run out the door.

8:30am –Heels on and I am on my way to the office. I am lucky that I don’t have to catch public transport and get to drive in each day. As I drive I am also eating my ancient grains that I soaked in skim milk the night before. The drive to the office allows me to have ‘me time’ as I get my head into the work zone.

8:55am – With my coffee in hand (latte, one sugar and skim milk) I am at my desk logged in and ready to take on the day.

This routine sounds fair enough – but when you actually see me in action it’s nothing short of comical as I run around the house making sure I am good to go. Gone are the days of, “it’s better to be late than to arrive ugly”. With a baby in tow, I need to be precise with time because every minute literally counts

1:00pm – This is the time I have put in my diary to eat lunch – I always seem to get engrossed in what I am doing and forget to eat lunch. Thus the reminder. Having lunch at this time gives me a chance to get hungry, eat and then look forward to 5pm. Lunch is normally left over meals but I will occasionally go for lunch with friends or clients.

3:30pm – Around this time I normally crave something sweet. Given my desire to get back to my pre-baby weight I have been eating fruits. I close my eyes and imagine it is something delicious and dripping in calories. I wish I could have a muffin, cake or something but lord knows I don’t need it.

5:15pm – After a long day at work, I look forward to heading home so I can be with my baby, my man and my mother who is in town helping out with the child care. Nothing like being with family.

7:00pm – To say I am hungry at this time is an understatement. I love to cook delicious soul food and traditional Zimbabwean food so I alternate between the two during the week. They (hubby and mum) get to eat that whilst I eat a salad like a cot damn rabbit. We sit down and break bread as a family and talk about various topics.

8:00pm – Our baby has been fed, belly looking like Buddha and she is scratching her eyes getting ready to sleep. It’s at this time that she has her gripe water and bath before heading to bed.

9:30pm – Once the baby is asleep I spend the next 30 minutes watching Generations the Legacy. I then prepare for the next day, answer emails, go online and spend time with papa bear.

10:30pm – I have a quick shower before I head to bed, giving special focus to hot spot areas and making sure that I have removed ALL makeup. I am in bed by 11pm at the latest. It’s not hard for me to fall asleep I normally pass out because I am so tired.


In reading this post you will notice that my workout routine is missing. The truth is since heading back to work I have been working out. Right now I am not sure where to fit it in. I just need time to bed down my routine and look at ways to incorporate my workout routine. For now, though I will continue to be extra vigilant with what I put in my mouth.

How does your routine compare to mine?

Iam Tinashe xo

My Life

The New Normal…

Hello from sunny Brisbane! Winter is twenty degrees during the day – can that even be described as winter? We have left the cold of the capital city for about two weeks as I return to work in the head office. I tell you I am not missing the negative four temperature and celebrating when we got into single digits. We are enjoying the delicious sun rays and as they tickle and seduce our Vitamin D deprived skin.

You know It’s hard to believe that as you read this I have completed my first day back at work. Yes back in the rat race! Feels like just the other week I was going on maternity leave. In reality has been eight glorious months at home – being given the privilege to look after and get acquainted with my baby girl.


Am I suffering from nerves? Maybe…The truth is I have mixed feelings. I am incredibly excited, anxious and nervous about returning to work after such a long time at home. What’s new – systems, processes? Who’s new? Will I be able to handle the challenges of motherhood and along with my demanding job?

I am also excited because it means going back to something I am familiar with. Something I have done for ten plus years. The real joy comes in being united with my wardrobe. Goodbye to the mummy uniform (t-shirt, jumper, leggings and runners). I have been working my ass off (though admittedly I am a few kilos from my pre-baby weight). I have been eating my salad with limited desert – so I am looking forward to dressing up each day, beating my face up with amazing products and strutting my stuff in my heels.

Being the obsessive compulsive individual I mean you know I have all my outfits, jewellery and shoes planned and ready to go. My Creative Director who is based in Brisbane will be back behind the lenses to capture the magic. I can’t wait to share my looks and how I am feeling as I transition back to the new normal.

If I flip the coin I know it’s going to personally tax as I adjust to my new normal. Sometimes I won’t get enough sleep – I know and accept that. Lord knows I will miss my baby during the day but mama has to do what she has was educated to do and lead by example so she can see what women are capable of.

Weirdly I am not worried about our baby girl she has proved to be a highly adaptable and somewhat independent individual even at her young age. Luckily, I have the competitive advantage of leaving the baby in the care of my mother as I return to full-time work. You see my mother is using her long service leave to look after our baby girl for a few months. We are truly blessed! I just have to make sure that they stay on a routine and they shouldn’t be any problems. My mum raised me – so what’s the worst that could happen?


I wanted to cover all bases so I asked other working mothers for advice on returning to work. They came back to me with the following:

  • You’ll both be ragged at times. Prompt communication with your partner is crucial. Whether it’s about childcare, finances or housework issues, try not to let things fester.
  • Speak quickly and kindly with one another about problems, and don’t go to bed angry.
  • Make a special effort to make time for each other. You were a unit with your partner before your baby joined you.
  • Do not neglect one another. You are a family, a team on the same side. Have each other’s back.
  • Do everything with love, and you will be guided in the right direction.
  • Make your life easier – plan, plan and make sure your organised.
  • Try to balance and never feel less of a mother because you leave your baby in the hands of others to raise.
  • No one can replace you as the mother. The love a mother has for her child is irreplaceable.

Wow – what wonderful words of advice. I was so moved by the words given to me I thought I would share with you too – you just never know who it will help.

I think that I will leave it there and let the words marinate in your mind.

Hat – Witchery, Denim Dress – Cotton On, Stockings – Myer, Boots – Witchery