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November 2016


Perspex Much?


Women love shoes – that much we know.

In this respect, I am the same as any woman. When women are trying to decide which (or how many) pairs to buy I always respond with, “buy them! You don’t want to be the richest woman in the cemetery”.


When I first saw the above Perspex boots on Kim Kardashian I thought, damn she must really love her oozzzzbaaaaaaand.

Did you nail the accent?

…It doesn’t matter.

The shoes, or should I say boots, looked ugly to me – plain and simple. So ugly, in fact, that they were coming a close second to Crocs – which, no matter how comfortable people say they are – I for one will never own!

Well *bows head down* I have had a change of heart. I now not only WANT these boots, but I have decided I NEED them in my life. Problem is they are  not for this season as its fast approaching summer in Australia – but dammit I am getting those shoes.

If you are in your mid-twenties and up, keep reading because you will get it.  Anyone born post 2000 – you make me feel old, but continue reading the next sentence at your own risk.

Do you remember those Sandak shoes we used to wear as little kids and you could get them in pretty much any colour? Jellies I think they were called. A real hot item in that age bracket. I used to like the plain, clear plastic looking ones. Sort of like the ones shown below:

The boots that I am lusting over are what I would call a more grown up version of the above mentioned shoe. Granted, there are also many different colours available– but I am going to stick with the clear Perspex as I feel it will give any of my chosen outfits more life! You can thank me later, but just in case you are interested in these boots I scoured the internet looking for options – because as a woman you can never have too many options.



Cape Robbins Benny – 1 $67



Boohoo – $AU99.95



 YEEZY Season 3 PVC Ankle Boots – AU$ 1,376.98

Now you know how I feel about my money honey – there is no way I am going to drop some serious coin on a trend item.

So you guessed it! I am going to stay in the cheap as chips lane.

I am interested to find out – what are you lusting over at the moment?


My Life



Hi there! It’s been a while…

Scorpio season is well and truly here and just about to finish! Since we last had some time together I am proud to say that I am now another year older.  My first birthday as a mother was pretty low key – I took the day off and just enjoyed my own company. I rarely get time to myself nowadays, so I enjoyed every single moment. My baby now says a handful of words. My favorite being “mama”. No matter what it always makes me smile – a big wide Colgate smile. I accept and receive these blessings and cherish each and every moment.

I figured since I have been MIA for a little while, let’s play catch up.


Beauty sleep is a must when you have a teething infant, otherwise you not only feel like Shyte – you look like it too. Right now, I am loving sleep. Especially the moment I lay my head on the pillow and I feel myself drift off to dreamland, only to be woken up by my alarm. That jealous whore.



I get up everyday ok most days  and work out. I am conscious of what I am eating – selecting heathy options – and yet I’m still not shifting the weight. WTF.



I have Solange on repeat. Beehive, please don’t come for me – but I think I now prefer Solange’s music. It’s raw, authentic and speaks to what’s happening In the world RIGHT NOW.



All black – I just can’t get out of this funk. Bring back color!



I need to get my hair done – I thought this easy mommy style (Havana braids) was going to be my go to look for a little while, but after almost two months of “rocking” this look I am over it. I’m researching options as we speak.



Obsessions, Dark Desires – it’s something we stumbled upon on NETFLIX one random weekend, when the baby was sleeping and we were lounging. Not my typical TV show because I am the biggest wuss – but even from behind the pillow I want to see what’s happening.



I am currently obsessed with Sophia Amorusa and I want to know EVERYTHING about her. Her business model is of special interest. Reading it is inspiring me to get my head in the game and make my dreams come to life.girl-b

What has been happening in your world?