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May 2017


Strong Sense Of Identity And Style…

Today, I wanted to shed a ray of sunshine on Chenesai. If you remember, Chenesai was a guest blogger back in April. In her guest post, she told us about her budding Zimbabwean fashion business and her inspiring vision for the future.

In my eyes, she is a great example of a woman in Zimbabwe who is not letting their entrepreneurship spirit be stifled by everything that is going on around them.

I am someone that has made the conscious decision to wear some form of African print, so naturally I saw an alignment between myself and the Chenesai Brand. I was also very confident it would be a long-lasting relationship as we are both working mothers that not only work hard but play hard too.

And just like that, I became one of the Australian brand ambassadors for Chenesai.

This partnership has allowed me to experience the Chenesai Brand from start to finish. It was fascinating because I was literally riding shotgun as we created my own personalised designs. I was able to pick the pattern of my material, be part of the design process, and was kept in the loop as my designs came to life.

To start with I had four unique to me pieces made – which will be showcased in the coming weeks. I am excited about this opportunity to wear and support my fellow Zimbabwean woman who is doing everything she can not only to survive but to thrive in an economically hostile climate.

Should you be interested in having your own pieces created you can make contact with Chenesai here.

As I always say, you don’t have to worry about stale fashion being pushed onto you in-store and online when you can create something unique to you.

Support Small Businesses. Point Blank.

Turtle Neck – Target, Skirt – Chenesai, Ankle Boots – Sportsgirl.



Abundance Of Colour

Most days, I don’t sweat the small stuff. Its a waste of my time and energy,

Each morning I feel blessed to wake up, take my first conscious breath and put on my happy face.

I genuinely feel that way probably 90% of the time.

With a toddler, you sometimes have to operate (business as usual) on a VERY limited night of sleep; pretending everything is fine –  by force. With limited sleep it is very easy to feel sorry for yourself.

There is that 10% rearing its ugly head.

For me a fail safe trick to perking up my mood is to wear an ultra bright outfit. Have you ever tried being in a bad mood whilst wearing a bright colour? It is virtually impossible.

On days like this when I walk into the office in an ultra bright print outfit, the conversation in the office goes a little something like this:

Work Colleague: Wow that is some bold colour that you have on there…

Me: Just giving you some loud African print and colour – nothing to see here.

Work Colleague: *chuckles* Have you been given the task of bringing colour to our lives?

Me: I guess so. The pressure is weighing on my shoulders because everyone in this office seems to only wear black, blue and grey. Some sort of aversion or allergy to colour.

With that the conversation dies a natural death.

We all have our own unique coping mechanisms. How do you naturally elevate your mood?


Blazer – Zara | Top – Bonds | Skirt – Custom Made | Stockings – Bonds | Boots – Sportsgirl


Crotchet Life…

This blog post is being written by popular demand.

I literally have had other women of colour stop and ask about my hair. Most have been shocked when I let them know that it was crotchet braids and not my real hair.

Basically this blog posts has been written to explain my crotchet braid process.

Its no surprise that I love big hair. The bigger the hair the closer you are to God. Me myself, I am a natural haired girl – no chemicals can be found on my nappy head. Achieving this look day in and day out would just be too hard as I would be fighting against elements beyond my control.

After extensive research I settled on crotchet braids using hair that could pass as my natural hair.

To achieve this look you’ll need the following things:

  • Hair extensions – I used a random afro braid I found in my hair suitcase.
  • A long bobby pin – You will need to open it at about a 45 degree angle, as this will be you crotchet instrument. You can also use a crotchet hook but I found that it not only painful but also broke my own hair,
  • Scissors – these will allow you to shape and even out the hair.

Step One:
To lay the foundation for you crotchet braids, cornrow your entire head of hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Step Two:
Starting from the back row, insert your bobby pin under your braid line. Grab a piece of your extension and insert the hair in to the loop created by the bobby pin. Once the extension is secure in the loop pull the bobby pin throw the cornrow ensuring that you are holding on to the end of the extension. Using your fingers pull the extension through the loop and tighten – basically doing a knot to secure the hair.

Step Three:
Repeat step two until you have covered all the cornrow braids on you head.

Step Four:
Cut and style to your heart’s content.

By following these four steps you can achieve the look you want for at least three to four weeks.

Now that is satisfaction!

Earrings – Lovisa, Turtle Neck – Zara.

IamTinashe. xx

Mini Me

Things I Have Learnt Living With A Toddler

When I look at my daughter now I can’t believe that this time last year we were clapping at the fact she could sit by herself – back then it seemed like quite the achievement.

She has grown so much and these days she is Miss Independent – eating, walking, and running unaided, and her vocabulary is growing broader with each day that passes.

Can I just say – Hi five if you’re a new parent! You’re going a great job! Or perhaps you’re still enjoying uninterrupted sleep, and will have kids one day. Or your kids are grown and you are just reading this to relive the experience through someone else’s eyes. Either way, I am glad that you are here.

Living with a toddler can, at times, be very challenging but all so rewarding! So let me share the top ten things I have learnt living with a toddler.

  1. Try moving them when they don’t want to go to said place. It’s impossible! My daughter just turns her legs to jelly. Moving her only makes her drag her legs on the floor. To move her I have to physically pick her up.
  2. You can be laughing one moment – really enjoying each other’s company – and next moment a tantrum is in full effect. It’s hard to comprehend the full range of feelings that this little person can experience. i.e. giving her a pink spoon when she wanted the green spoon can set her off. Don’t laugh at her – I made that mistake once- it only makes things worse. Haha
  3. Regular Sleep and food are necessary – without them you will be dealing with a little monster. Think this goes for bub and mum really.
  4. They will push boundaries. It’s subtle at first but every now and again you will find yourself saying, stop, no, don’t – regularly!
  5. They love a good song. Turn on a tune – any tune – could be a Good Guys commercial – they will dance or start waving their hands in delight.
  6. Silence is scary. It’s almost certain they are up to something naughty. No, you’re not paranoid.
  7. When I go grocery shopping alone it feels like a mid week vacation. Hear a child crying – a similar cry to your child’s in aisle six – and you just about have a panic attack – “how did they find me?”
  8. Household appliances – they are no longer just for the invented use, they will find ways to use them as a toy. i.e. now that she can open the fridge on her own, I have to close the fridge 50 times in a row because she likes to look at what it in the fridge, point at random things and say “more”. Cute the first time – not so much the 50th time.
  9. You sit back and reminisce about all those times you needed to set an alarm to wake up in the morning. Let’s all take a moment to laugh.
  10. All above are true but I would do it all in a heartbeat for the love, hugs, kisses and joy that the little princess gives us.

Have you had the toddler experience? I would love to about it…

For those wondering Tasima’s outfit details are For those wondering Tasima’s outfit details are Denim Shirt – Cotton On, Tutu – Kardashian Kids Collection, Shoes – Zara.


Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger – Grace

Open Instagram discovery page what do you see? Scandalously dressed women doing the most just for a simple LIKE. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back to appreciate styles that are more subtle and modest in appearance. Introducing this month’s guest blogger, Grace.
How do you describe yourself? My name is Grace, a Zimbabwean woman who loves dressing up and photography. I’m the second born in a family of four girls. I’m a devoted lover of the color green!

Age: Twenty something

Location: Malaysia

What is your favorite hairstyle? I don’t have a favourite hairstyle, my hair is usually covered up, but underneath the head-wrap is the healthiest hair you’ve ever seen. 

How would you describe your personal style? I have a “chic-elegant-play it safe-you are a queen-so you can experiment-boho” style.

What is your go to fashion outfit? A midi dress, paired with gorgeous heels and a structured handbag. I do love a pair of sunglasses.

What are your must have items in your wardrobe? 

  • A good quality blazer
  • A pair of heels/pumps/coat shoes/stilettos – it depends what you call them
  • A structured handbag
  • Quality sunglasses 
  • A maxi dress , midi dress, and midi or pencil skirt

What inspires your style? My elegance is inspired by mother. She is the most elegant woman I know and the color palette in her wardrobe is ah-mazing. The other aspects of my personal style are inspired by the discoveries I’ve made about myself. I believe self-love inspires some of the outfits I wear. 

5 things about you that the world should know about you:

  • I take photos of anything that I find beautiful, only to delete some of them later;
  • I have a love hate relationship with travelling. I love adventure but sitting for long gets to me sometimes;
  • I fractured a bone once;
  • I can cook for multitudes;
  • I have never been a bridesmaid but I’m hopeful to be one, one day

What is your relationship with your body like? My body is loyal. I hardly get sick. In return to its loyalty I try to eat right. As we speak, I’ve cut out chocolate, cake and fizzy drinks from my diet. I do indulge in ice cream here and there. Generally, I have a great relationship with my body and we’re working on making it greater.

What do you like or don’t like about your body? I don’t like the struggle I’m having with acne on my face and my tummy.

What would you tell your sixteen year old self? It’s okay to be different. It’s even better not to be part of a ‘clique’ or to force yourself into one. Work hard, you don’t have to figure out everything yet. Enjoy being a teen you’ll, soon be paying bills haha. And pray. 

What is your guilty pleasure? Watching tv series episodes all day! Very unproductive, yet so good.

As you can see conservative fashion doesn’t mean frumpy. Grace – thank you showcasing you fashion and allowing us to get to know you. You can learn more about Grace by following her Instagram and blog.

If you would like to be a guest blogger please send me an email and we will make the necessary arrangements.