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September 2017

In My Humble Opinion

Pursuit Of Happiness


Pronounced [hap-ee-nis]


1. the quality or state of being happy.

2. good

I feel like as I get older it really doesn’t take much to make me happy.

If you had asked me to define happiness a few years ago I would have written paragraphs upon paragraphs of criteria to fit the bill.

Nowadays, it really is the simple things that make the difference.

In no particular order:

I married to the man of my dreams and have been blessed with off spring.

I am healthy, spiritually grounded, of sound mind and working in an occupation that I studied at university.

We have shelter, clean water to drink and freedom to do as we please.

My pantry and fridge are packed to the rafters, giving me endless options to create delicious meals for my loved ones.

Laundry, which can get out of control with a toddler is done – all our clothes are ironed and packed away nicely.

The house is super clean – floors are vacuumed and mopped, bench and table tops are wiped and everything is in its place.

My wardrobe is only filled with things I love and feel fantastic in when I wear them.

My make up collection is simple collection of things I need and use on a daily basis.

Above all I am surrounded by love and the people that I love, could not ask for anything more.

Practising daily gratitude has taught me to find immense joy even in the simplest things.

Dress – IamTinasheCustom | Belt – Country Road | Shoes – Wittner

Infatuations | September 2017

I would describe myself as an obsessive person. When I like something I really like it. It’s all I think about – it’s all I want.

Right here, right now, I share some of my current obsessions. In no particular order:

Box Braids
Recently, I cleaned out my Instagram and started only following people that provide style inspiration. This basically translates to a whole lot of “South African” cool kids that are just S-L-A-Y-I-N-G! I honestly had forgotten how beautiful braids can look and the endless styling possibilities – this inspired my current hairstyle.

Estée Lauder Foundation
Every female I know has always raved about this product but I never believed the hype.  I have always been a die-hard M.A.C fan and too stingy to part with my hard earned cash to support something new. Curious about the possibilities, I managed to get a sample which I tried for about two weeks. I am now a BELIEVER. Typical – always late to the party!

High Wasted Jeans
Honestly, these jeans are God’s gift to women postpartum. Unless you are a celebrity with a personal trainer and a dietician on call your stomach is never really the same – so anything that helps to tuck away the lumps and bumps is much appreciated!

Vans Sneakers
We will be going overseas in a few weeks and I have been looking for shoes that give me style credibility and maintain function. Enter these sneakers! As you read this I am currently doing research to see how I could potentially style the shoes. They are slowly winning me over – I’m just going to think long and hard before I hit the finalize purchase button.

IamTinashe x0x0


In My Natural State

For the last say eight months, I have been wearing a lace front wig.

I am sharing my secrets – so I will give you a moment so it can marinate in your mind.

Back in the day, it used to be embarrassing to say that – but in this modern world, it’s a status symbol! Women of colour from all over the world are proud to tell anyone that will listen about the number of bundles on their head.

Anyway, I digress.

Needless to say, with so much going on I had what you would call a “brain fart” on a Sunday night. I randomly decided that I just wanted to let my hair breath. It sounded good in theory, but the reality was very different. You see, my hair has grown significantly in the last eight months. Dealing with hair that does not want to be tamed each day…well, let’s just say, time is of the essence! I had forgotten how much work is required to keep an afro looking fresh, healthy, and bouncy. No shrinkage allowed!

To make matters worse half way through my work week I realised that I was due to present at a local university. The image of me on stage with big afro hair and matching big bold African print just didn’t marry well with the conservative nature of my organisation of employment. I suddenly remembered why I had originally chosen the unassuming lace front wig.

Later that night I panic braided my natural hair, found an old wig with a fringe and rocked it for the remaining work days. My work colleagues were confused – wondering how I had managed to get my hair so dead straight. I really didn’t entertain the conversations – they couldn’t handle the truth.

Again, I learnt the valuable lesson that hair is one thing that I never want to think about. Any hairstyle that I invite into my life should make me look and feel glamorous with minimal effort.

Top – Dotti | Jeans – Supre | Heels – Wittner

Shop My Closet

SOLD | Denim Jacket

My mind set at the moment is if something is not adding to my life or bringing me intrinsic But it’s an opportunity for the clothes to be housed and loved by a new owner. 

With that being said, I will be giving you – my readers – the opportunity to shop my closet.

Item Four: Denim Jacket

This seasons must have washed look denim jacket– style me up or dress me down to suit the occasion.

Product Information

Lightweight denim

Long sleeve with single button cuff.

Two pockets on front.

Washed denim look.

Super soft denim.

Contrast star print lining.

Matte buttons 

Size: 10

Condition: Brand new without tags.

You can view the item on eBay.

Happy bidding and buying!



Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger | Agnes Dube

I first saw Agnes on an advert for a new SBS cooking show. I was really excited to see her as we rarely see women from Africa on T.V. so I decided to track her down and find out what she was all about.

How would you describe your food style? My food style is more of the homely kind of cooking. I love bringing the family together.  I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they are enjoying my food.

You have had a crappy day at work, what is your go to dinner recipe? My go to dinner is Spaghetti Bolognese. I always make sure I have extra Bolognese sauce in the freezer because even my fussy eating kids love their pasta.

What inspires your cooking? My grandmother – she always cooked with so much love and that is what I do when I cook.

Do you have any traditional food favourites? I definitely have traditional favourites. I love to cook rice with peanut butter and have it with oxtail or ox tongue. Can’t go wrong with that.

For some odd reason, you have committed a crime and are now on death row. What would be your last meal? Entree, main, and dessert?  My last meal would be:
Entrée: Seafood chowder! The best I have had is from George’s Paragon in Brisbane, though I have made my own and I believe I can deliver 😉
Main: That would have to be Crispy skin duck and it has to be Thai because I also love Thai food, though I struggle to replicate Thai flavours.
Dessert: I love sticky date pudding and used to make a lot of it and I put on weight haha

Who is your favourite chef or cooking personality and why? My favourite Chef is Mark Olive from Black Olive. I love how he cooks with traditional Aboriginal flavours and that is what I try to do when I cook Zimbabwean dishes.

You appeared on a cooking reality show on SBS. What was that experience like? I was on a new SBS cooking show called The Chefs’ Line and it was the best experience of my life. I love cooking and I rediscovered my passion after becoming a mum. I used to think I could not cook under pressure but I found I function better under pressure. I was cool, calm, and collected. The whole time we were cooking I was either singing or dancing because I was in my zone. I would definitely do it again because I loved the experience and the atmosphere.

Tell us about your blog I started a blog. My blog is about what I get up to with my 2 beautiful kids and also hints and ideas for other mothers looking for ideas, be it food, travel, or products.

Why did you start your blog? I started it because I wanted to share ideas with other mothers and fathers out there.I hope my blog can reach mothers and fathers out there who are looking for ideas, inspiration and information.


Thank you Agnes for sharing your world – we can all learn from each other! You can find Agnes by visiting her blog or following her on Instagram.


My Life

Living With Purpose

It’s funny how we all pass through life’s infamous rut. Work. Eat. Exercise. Drink. Sleep. Clean The House. Laundry. Are you really living? I mean, living with purpose.

You owe that much to yourself – tomorrow is not guaranteed. Something a lot of us forget. We get caught up in the detail and forget to look at the bigger picture.

Oddly, I have been thinking about this, lately –  A LOT. Living with purpose – a minimalist approach to existence. One without emotional, physical, or financial baggage.

As such, and in no particular order, my areas of focus at the moment are:

Sleep more – As parents we have now reached a point where our little one is sleeping through the night. Time to payback the sleep debt. Reverse the aging process

Partake in vigorous exercise daily – I am already doing this but I want to push myself harder and see the changes are long for in the mirror.

Consume more water – This is something I have never been good at but I am determined to master it  – my body will thank me.

Be conscious of time Apart from money, time is the only other thing that we as humans measure – I need to wholly embrace this. Make time for myself.

Heart Race – Remind myself daily that I am growing up not old and do something that scares me each day.

Talk less, listen more – when you actively listen to others you learn so much. 

Last but not least….learn to relax more, master the art of doing nothing.

These listed items are all a series of adjustments that will take time. I’ll get there.

African Print Dress – IamTinashe Custom |  Heels – Wittner