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October 2017


Instant Braids, Can You Handle?

I think we can all agree that we all dread sitting for hours at a time to install the braids, only to have to repeat the process weeks later to remove them.

Ugh! I literally don’t have time for that.

Enter Braid Wigs Australia.

How we met was interesting. I posted a question via my Instagram stories asking people “to braid or not to braid my hair?”. Mya, who owns the Instagram page Braid Wigs Australia, then contacted me simply saying, “Why not try a braided wig?”.

To be honest, it’s a concept I had never thought of, but I must admit it intrigued me. I stalked her page at length and asked her a million and one questions – long story short we exchanged details and here I am rocking the braided hair wig.

“How you do you wear it?” Well..

Step One: Braid your hair into cornrows to ensure the wig lays flat on your head.
Step Two: Using the pre-determined part as a guide, place the wig on your head.
Step Three: You will need four or more bobby pins to keep the wig secure on your head.
Step Four: Pretend you sat in a salon, not just for hours but days, to install these braids and rock the hair!

I must admit, I was slightly intimidated by the hair color at first – it seemed bright and out there. I guess this is because I mainly rock dark hair, but I am really feeling it now. These braided wigs come in many assorted colors: red, black, blonde, purple and blue.

To get yours please contact Mya.

Special thanks to Mya for opening my eyes and giving me back my time so that I can concentrate on other things.


Mini Me

Travelling With a Toddler

As you read this we have just arrived overseas with our toddler in tow. It took us a marathon 30 plus hours of travel – including stopovers – something I would highly recommend for any parents planning on traveling with a toddler.

When I was telling people that we were going to Europe with our toddler we faced a lot of mixed reactions. Most people were questioning why we would travel with a toddler? People raised the disruption of said toddlers schedule (what schedule?) and the inability to do the fun things we would be able to do on our own.

My thoughts were – “no one was there when we made the baby so why should we expect other people to look after our creation so we can travel?‘. Plus, hubby and I are grown, so the idea of partying throughout our whole holiday just isn’t as appealing as it was in our twenties. Of course, we will sneak in one or two date nights  – we are only human – but we are happy to have moved past that partying stage.

Back to traveling with a toddler – when it comes to parenting, and to a lot of people’s surprise, I am a person that just goes with the flow. I learned pretty early on that in order to manage any situation that arises you need to have a rough plan and resources at hand and just deal with what’s in front of you – there and then.

From my recent personal experiences, these are my top tips for traveling with a toddler:

  1. In your hand luggage have at least two changes of clothes – you never know what will happen up in the air.
  2. One can never have too many diapers. I packed one diaper for every hour that we traveled – seems excessive but you don’t want to get caught out!
  3. Pack snacks and food that your toddler is accustomed to – because, well, we all know how unappealing plane food is.
  4. My little one can be fussy about the bottle she drinks from so I made sure I had her favorite bottle/s on hand to keep her hydrated throughout the flight.
  5. Carry familiar toys and books that will keep them entertained – I found that stickers and play dough were a big hit!
  6. If you can, travel later in the day – this will help to line up nicely with their sleep routine, especially as you transition across time zones.
  7. Arrange a stopover (2-3 hours max). During this time let them run around the airport so you can all stretch your legs and consequently reduce the toddler’s energy.
  8. Create rapport with the stewards – they will be your lifelines – i.e. they’ll help to heat up your food and provide extra snacks and toys for your little one.
  9. Make sure that when the toddler sleeps you sleep, otherwise you will be in a world of pain.
  10. Just relax – kids sense anxiety and tension and mirror it. If you take it easy during the flight they will too. Calm mum, calm toddler they say.

Truth is, I am very lucky to have an easy going, up-for-anything kind of toddler – but if you have any other tips that would help other parents who travel with their toddler please, share in the comments section.



Trust the Process

Before I went overseas I managed to fit in a shoot. Not sure how, but I did.

I hate being a prisoner of a schedule, so we just take photos when our schedules align and I am feeling up to being photographed. Seeing your own image/s can be confronting so you need to be in the right headspace.

This time around we gave each other two days notice to make it happen. A lot of people think that you show up and take pictures – but it’s a little harder than you would imagine.

We generally take pictures of four outfits for each week of the blogging month. To prepare for this I need to look through previous blog posts (I don’t want to bore you with the same content) and see what hasn’t been photographed in my wardrobe. I then need to put the completed looks together – hair, makeup, jewelry, outfit, and shoes. Finally, we pick a location that will capture the mood of the shoot without overshadowing the clothes.

I purchased this dress randomly from a woman who was selling clothes she had made. I’ve always loved the dress but because of the nude statues, I haven’t quite found the right occasion to wear it.

When I picked this outfit, it spoke to my inner child. It really took me back to when I was three or four years old and I was finally able to pick what I wanted to wear. This outfit is a representation of wearing what I want and how I want to wear it – not clouded by grown thoughts. Nothing really matches but that is the whole point – freedom of expression.

Special thanks to HPW Photography she always captures the most beautiful images.

Jewellery – South Africa | Dress – Random Vendor | Belt – Topshop | Boots – Wittner