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January 2018


Hit Reset And Restart

I have been working in Human Resources since my very early twenties, and in that time I have met some inspirational, intelligent, humorous and downright strange individuals.

Interestingly even to this day, when I meet some people and I say I work in Human Resources, there are normally two reactions – “oh here comes the fun police” or better yet, “do you just organise morning teas and celebrations whilst the rest of the team works?”.

I can appreciate that they may just be jokes (not sensitive in the slightest), but it’s clear people wonder what HR people actually do.

Having worked in the profession for fifteen years, I guess now is a good a time as any to give you an overview,  As an HR professional I am responsible for:

Being a strategic partner to the business: contributing to the development and accomplishment of organisation-wide business plans and objectives by providing talent.

An employee advocate: A responsibility to know the team – need and wants, delivering on talent management initiatives whilst creating a work environment where people choose to contribute, to be motivated, and to be happy.

Change champion: Constantly evaluating the effectiveness of the organisation’s results and seeing how we can utilise our talent to do things bigger and better.

This is an overview, to learn more head to my LinkedIn in profile here.

Why am I writing all this? Well, I have recently had a HR graduate come under my wing and once again things have come full circle for me. I have reflected on what I do, how I do it and why I do HR as I impart knowledge. The whole experience has taken me back to my graduate experience and how I want to make it even better for someone who enters the workforce for the first time.

In my opinion, it has always been clear to me that someone can have all the smarts in the world but to work effectively in today’s business environment it takes zero talent to do the following:

be on time: know the importance of being on time, as well as completing projects and tasks on schedule. If they’re going to be late or miss a deadline, then they communicate with those who need to know, and a new deadline or meeting time can be established.

Honesty:  You can have all the talent in the world, but without integrity and authenticity, nothing great will be accomplished.

Take Notes: as brilliant as you think you are – take notes, otherwise you will forget things.

Work Hard: nothing great is accomplished easily. Be willing to put in the hours and be willing to learn new things and incorporate different ways of thinking.

Ask Questions: there is no such thing as asking a stupid question. Better to ask the question than spend hours trying to fix something that could have been avoided.

Your Attitude Matters: Come into work fresh and energetic and you will outproduce workers who think negatively and easily burn-out when they encounter defeat.

In the short time that I have worked with our graduate, she has demonstrated the above and then some.

In reading this post, I hope you have come to understand what your HR department does wherever you work and that you have found some tips to become the successful employee you have always wanted to be.

Blouse – M.N.G | Jeans – Topshop | Heels – The Iconic

She Tried It

I Wore All Black For A Week and Here Is What Happened

When I was younger, people that wore all black were considered “goths”. What are goths you ask? Well, from what I’ve observed, apart from repping team Gothic, they were people that opted for all black. Think black clothes, hair dyed super black, dark eyeliner and wait for it – black nail polish. Let’s just say that this was not considered mainstream while growing up. Often times these “goths” were considered weird – bare in in mind this was before our “lets celebrate individuality” culture. But times are changing – these days wearing all black from head to toe is considered effortlessly “chic” or “elegant”.

On a more somber note, the last time I wore all black for a prolonged period of time was when my dad passed away and I decided to wear all black for a year whilst in mourning. At the time I really didn’t think about it – i just did it. It was survival, really.

This time around it’s completely different. For starters, I am in a completely different headspace and generally wear a lot of colours. In all honesty I really wasn’t sure if i would be able to do it because I have incorporated so much colour in my wardrobe – to suddenly switch to wearing only one colour seemed sinful.

After each day I reflected on how wearing all black made me feel. Below are my observations:

My decision fatigue reduced dramatically – it was a lot easier to get ready in the morning.

I felt really put together – head to toe black had me feeling like a classic woman.

With my outfits sorted I could focus more on my hair and makeup.

When I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I seemed to look slimmer and elongated. Sure made me smile.

It became easier to wear all black as the days passed – I began to wonder if I ever needed colour in the first place?

I was able to spend more time on other things that mattered, rather than obsessing on creating and wearing the perfect outfit.

I got a lot of compliments at work – I guess the all black look was so different from my everyday colourful attire.

Laundry was easy! Since I had worn all black it was so easy to wash my clothes at the end of the week -thus more time to do other things.

I am not a messy person but at times I have been a victim of getting pasta sauce getting on my white blouse – when wearing all black, I didn’t have this problem.

Black goes with everything – things that I found at the back of my closet all of a sudden were brought back to life when paired together.

Look, I really surprised myself with this challenge – as an avid pro colour wearer I really enjoyed wearing all black. It is, however, a strange feeling because I felt like I could be my true self when not wearing clothing of colour that sometimes overpowered me as a person. Jaden Smith said it best, “i am just an icon living”.


My Life

The Sky Is The Limit

It’s the first day of 2018 and all I want to do is just lounge around and drink lots and lots of water.

You see, last night hubby and I went out to a party together for the first time since having our baby girl – it’s been over 2 years! My mother was kind enough to baby-sit on the biggest night of the year and we really enjoyed ourselves! My feet are throbbing from dancing like a prisoner who has been granted bail for one night only.

Now, I am not one to set New Years resolutions – I think it’s all a load of bull. So the key words I am muttering to myself this year are, “Keep Going!”

Keep giving love and showing love to those that celebrate your success and are there with you in the trenches.

Keep saving – with money in the bank, the future possibilities will be endless!

Keep working harder – you will continue to shine and add in value, be it professionally or socially.

Keep drinking your water – your skin and body will thank you.

Keep sleeping 7-8 hours a day – you will be a more efficient than ever!

Keep reading – as your dad told you a long long time ago, “knowledge is power”

Keep your active lifestyle going – there will be pain, sweat and tears but it’ll all worth it when you slip into those tight jeans with ease.

Keep going to church – we were created to glorify God.

Keep smiling – there is not need to treat things so seriously, take it one day at a time and your goals will be reached.

Keep dedicating time to yourself – there’s no guilt or shame in doing absolutely nothing.  It’s good for your mind, body and soul.

The Practical

This is a list of the day-to-day things that I want to really incorporate into my life:

Pack my lunch four out of five work days.

Commit to blogging at least three times a week.

Negotiate with my workplace so that I can work from home one day a week – reduce daycare costs.

Consolidate all my superannuation into one account and keep track of it.

A Real Challenge

Now this is something that is going to get me out of my comfort zone:

I am challenging myself to not buy any new clothes or accessories in 2018. As part of this challenge I have to use what I have now for all occasions and events that will pop up. This is effective right now. 

When I told my husband and mother about this challenge they just about cried with laughter. Just for that I am going to go even harder to prove my point. 

I will be keeping a weekly journal to keep me accountable and keep you updated!

Happy New Year!