An African Fairy Tale

I read fairy tales to my little girl each day but I can never really connect with them.

Naturally, I decided to write my own fairy tale focusing on key messages I want to share with her developing mind.

The fairy tale starts now.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, a little African princess would not be caught dead wearing African print, let alone African attire.

As a child of parents who had left their African kingdom to settle in a new foreign land, she could see that she was no longer part of the majority, but the minority. 

The African princess desperately wanted to blend in and not draw too much attention to her royal status. 

Looking around she noticed that she looked different and spoke with an accent  therefore dressing differently was not an option. For years she tried to blend in, but it never quite worked – there was always something.

Her ancestors would often come to her in dreams reminding her that, “you can’t run away from who you are“. 

Fast forward twenty plus years and the African princess is all grown up and knows the new land like the back of her hand.  

The African princess no longer shuns her royal African identity, instead embracing it with open arms. African attire is now a staple in her wardrobe, giving life. With personal, professional, spiritual and emotional growth the African princess decided that the key to incorporating African print into her modern life was to pick material that was unapologetically African but make the cuts and designs modern, classy and sophisticated. 

The best of both worlds.

The African princess wore her African print pieces day and night – and lived happily ever after.

The end.

Jacket and Cullotes – IamTinasheCustom | T- Shirt – Gucci | Heels – Wittner

IamTinashe xoxo

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