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As Good As It Gets…

The below image always makes me smile. You see a mother looking at her daughter in appreciation of God’s creation whilst the daughter is completely unfazed. It looks like I could literally eat her up. If you are a parent, you know what I am talking about. My heart literally jumps out my chest with joy. Which is funny because she unlocks a different side of me – I often find myself watching her as she sleeps and I give her at least thousand kisses and squishy hugs a day. I didn’t think I would be the type, but I just can’t help myself.


The truth is I am obsessed with her – I love being her Life Ambassador as she explores the world and learns new things. Naturally, as a lover of fashion and clothes, in general, one of my favourite things to do is to dress up my mini me. I absolutely love it – her? Well, the jury is still out. For now, though she has no choice but to just go with it. I am taking advantage of this time because I know there will come a time when she wants to dress herself or worse still when she thinks that I have no style and my suggestions are horrid. I rebuke that.

On any given Monday to Friday baby girl can be found in “lounge wear’ because it allows her to learn how to walk, crawl about and explore in comfort. Plus I work full time so the weekend is the only time when I can truly make an effort to dress her up.

Our little diva has a wardrobe that I think most adults would be jealous of – dresses, coats, jeans, shoes, boots – you name it, it’s there. I guess she is fortunate to be the first baby in the family so naturally, she is being spoilt rotten. Who doesn’t like to buy baby clothes?

Tasima at her current age doesn’t really understand the fuss, especially when I squeal with delight at the outfit combination I am going to dress her in. Regardless, whatever she wears she owns it – I can’t even pretend to be surprised – after all, she is my daughter!


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