Off Duty, Out And About, Style


During the weekend, I have one rule – NO alarms, all of them should be switched off and phones placed on silent. Why? I want to be able to sleep in for as long as possible. I want to get that much needed beauty sleep that is ever so illusive during the working week.

..But things don’t always go to plan. Often I find I wake up earlier, mostly because my body clock has become accustomed to waking up early. On some occasions though you have neighbours who start mowing at 7am – like, seriously?

I think we have all been in that situation, were you are so desperate to sleep in but some pathetic sods just won’t let you thrive.

You would do something about it, but in the state your in – you might end up getting into a screaming match or worse still catching a case.

On days like this, I suggest you shower, get dressed and head out for breakfast. Whilst at the venue you people watch (people do weird things, sure to put a smile on your face) and order food that you would never have the patience to make yourself.  I also encourage you to consume copious amounts of coffee or freshly squeezed juice.

The end result is you have now had a feed, ventured out the house at an ungodly time and still have the rest of the weekend to enjoy. How can you still be in a bad mood?

That ladies and gentlemen is how you recover from a not so pleasant start to the weekend.

Jacket – Top Shop, Dress – Cotton On, Maternity Stockings – Target, Boots – Witchery

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