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Infatuations | September 2017

I would describe myself as an obsessive person. When I like something I really like it. It’s all I think about – it’s all I want.

Right here, right now, I share some of my current obsessions. In no particular order:

Box Braids
Recently, I cleaned out my Instagram and started only following people that provide style inspiration. This basically translates to a whole lot of “South African” cool kids that are just S-L-A-Y-I-N-G! I honestly had forgotten how beautiful braids can look and the endless styling possibilities – this inspired my current hairstyle.

Estée Lauder Foundation
Every female I know has always raved about this product but I never believed the hype.  I have always been a die-hard M.A.C fan and too stingy to part with my hard earned cash to support something new. Curious about the possibilities, I managed to get a sample which I tried for about two weeks. I am now a BELIEVER. Typical – always late to the party!

High Wasted Jeans
Honestly, these jeans are God’s gift to women postpartum. Unless you are a celebrity with a personal trainer and a dietician on call your stomach is never really the same – so anything that helps to tuck away the lumps and bumps is much appreciated!

Vans Sneakers
We will be going overseas in a few weeks and I have been looking for shoes that give me style credibility and maintain function. Enter these sneakers! As you read this I am currently doing research to see how I could potentially style the shoes. They are slowly winning me over – I’m just going to think long and hard before I hit the finalize purchase button.

IamTinashe x0x0


Infatuations | July 2017

In my free time  – which is rare – I like to shop online and put items I like in carts that I might eventually buy. Sometimes, these selected items make it home – other times they stay in the cart until they are sold out or I just get over them. Anyhow, I wanted to share with you the items that I am currently coveting.

Leather Snake Skin Boots

I first saw these when they came out priced at $259.95. I wanted them but being conscious of the money that I spend meant I was just going to ride it out. The wait has paid off and as you read this, these babies are on their way to me. I purchased them for 99.95 – you can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Wittner – $99.95 On Sale

Gucci T-shirt

I love the Vintage, weathered look and the Gucci Print on the front. It’s one of those pieces that I have imaged wearing in so many different ways.The real question is should I get black or white?

Gucci – $570

Leather Jacket

Keep an eye on my eBay page  – soon you will see that I am currently selling not one, not two, but three leather jackets. I am mostly getting rid of them because I feel like they are not flattering to my new shape as a mummy. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it means I am now back on the market for a leather jacket.

I have seen a few that I have lusted over here, here and here but this jacket from Wittner has my heart – again its heavily discounted it so I am seriously considering it. With matched black hardware, this jacket is a luxe investment in contemporary classic dressing.

Wittner – $229.95 On Sale

Statement Earrings

I go through phases with earrings. Sometimes I am really subtle, other times not so much. Right now I am really feeling statement earrings! Since they are cheap as chips and make one a BIG statement, I am purchasing two!

Lovisa – $29.95 (Fringe earrings)


Perspex Much?


Women love shoes – that much we know.

In this respect, I am the same as any woman. When women are trying to decide which (or how many) pairs to buy I always respond with, “buy them! You don’t want to be the richest woman in the cemetery”.


When I first saw the above Perspex boots on Kim Kardashian I thought, damn she must really love her oozzzzbaaaaaaand.

Did you nail the accent?

…It doesn’t matter.

The shoes, or should I say boots, looked ugly to me – plain and simple. So ugly, in fact, that they were coming a close second to Crocs – which, no matter how comfortable people say they are – I for one will never own!

Well *bows head down* I have had a change of heart. I now not only WANT these boots, but I have decided I NEED them in my life. Problem is they are  not for this season as its fast approaching summer in Australia – but dammit I am getting those shoes.

If you are in your mid-twenties and up, keep reading because you will get it.  Anyone born post 2000 – you make me feel old, but continue reading the next sentence at your own risk.

Do you remember those Sandak shoes we used to wear as little kids and you could get them in pretty much any colour? Jellies I think they were called. A real hot item in that age bracket. I used to like the plain, clear plastic looking ones. Sort of like the ones shown below:

The boots that I am lusting over are what I would call a more grown up version of the above mentioned shoe. Granted, there are also many different colours available– but I am going to stick with the clear Perspex as I feel it will give any of my chosen outfits more life! You can thank me later, but just in case you are interested in these boots I scoured the internet looking for options – because as a woman you can never have too many options.



Cape Robbins Benny – 1 $67



Boohoo – $AU99.95



 YEEZY Season 3 PVC Ankle Boots – AU$ 1,376.98

Now you know how I feel about my money honey – there is no way I am going to drop some serious coin on a trend item.

So you guessed it! I am going to stay in the cheap as chips lane.

I am interested to find out – what are you lusting over at the moment?



An African City…

I had a friend come and visit me from interstate – which a big deal because for some reason no one wants to visit the capital of Australia. Their loss I say, this place is Executive Living at its finest.

I digress.

Back in the day when I would have a friend come over we would get dressed up and head out for fancy pants dinner and a cocktail filled night out. Wake up the next day with a massive hangover and lie to ourselves about how much fun it was and how we should do it again. Good times.

Now that I am actually someone’s mama the thought of doing that hasn’t entered my mind – still obsessed with my little blessing. My friend who was visiting was equally happy to stay home and just hold the baby and basically play mum without having to get pregnant, the pain of delivery, sleepless nights etc. Hubby found a way to make himself invisible and it was basically a “Girls Night In”.

I cooked dinner, my friend enjoyed a glass of Moscato and we settled on the couch for some intense binge watching. I always love this time spent with my friends as they open up my eyes to the possibilities of other shows to be hooked on. Not just focusing on my ratchet reality TV shows that I love. Don’t judge me!

A dear friend (you know who you are!) introduced me to the web series,  An African In The City. Have you ever imagined what Sex In The City would be like with an all African cast? Well your prayers have been answered.

They have a “Carrie” – who is my opinion was always the “star of the show”. By far she was best dressed (catered to my contradictory fashion sense) and just annoying with her inability to make a decision or to accept that her actions resulted in the other people’s reactions.

They have a “Miranda”  – I have always identified the most with with her – no nonsense, straight shooter – who also has a more softer, vulnerable side and just wants to be loved.

They have a “Charlotte” who is so politically correct that its borderline annoying and refreshing at the same damn time.

Last but not least they also have a “Samantha”, probably the most outgoing female character in television history. Why? She has probably had more sex than most people you and I know…COMBINED.

I could point out who’s who, but I think it would spoil the fun. As you watch the show it you will just come to you. You will know who is who.

The story lines are relatable and at times laugh out loud funny. Like really? Did that just happen? Of course expect them to add some African spice for entertainment value – but its not cringe worthy, TRUST.

For me though the show really had me with their impeccable styling of the characters. Scene after scene after scene they stole my heart. I could see my self (style wise) in each one of the characters depending on the day and mood I am in. Its funny because until I started watching this show I was beginning to think that African print attire had been played out and I was ready to move on. It was too mainstream and I felt it had lost its authenticity BUT the way that the bold prints are styled on the show will make you go back to your wardrobe to see if there is ways that you can recreate the looks – no lie!

Lets not forget the hair…The hairstyles too are just on point. As a naturalista (yes, under all those wigs I am  natural) its visually enticing to take in the versatility presented of what can be done with the natural African mane.

In short you will be witnessing some organic Black Girl Magic. It honestly excites me to see a more sophisticated version of the African woman on our screens dressed to the nines not playing a slave or acting like a scary, rude, loud, malicious, stubborn, bitchy, emasculating woman.

I have watched the first season twice now and I am trying hard to find season two. You can find the show on YouTube by searching “An African City“.

Once you have watched the show, please come back to me with your comments – I am interested to find out what you thought of the depiction of the black women and topics covered in the show etc.

Since I am back to loving African attire I thought I would share one last image of the women of the hour donning some epic African style.


Disclaimer: I am not trying to catch a case here, all images are from my good friend – Google.


Generations, The Legacy…

Lets me honest everyone has those TV shows that they watch on their own or are too embarrassed to tell anyone about. Yet they tune every week in secret. Well I am no different. Early last year my pregnancy hormones had me craving Afrocentric TV shows and music. That is when I stumbled on the TV show “Generations The Legacy”. I have spent pretty much my whole life in diaspora so I was excited to find this show. My hubby, my friends  – not so much – as it was something they grew up with before they relocated to diaspora for their studies.

It started slowly but eventually I found myself watching the show religiously. Now, I am proud to say that its my not so secret obsession. Obsession may be a strong world. But I will say, from Tuesday to Saturday of each week I dedicate half an hour so I can stream the show from You Tube. During that half hour I engross myself in the ridiculous story lines and analyse the outfits of the impeccably dressed stars of the show. Truth is its basically another soapie but with a stellar all African cast – some actors acting better than others.

Dunno about you – but I feel like its always nice to see well dressed Africans on television doing their damn thing. Out here in diaspora the World Vision adverts are on heavy rotation.

So what is the show about?

‘Generations The Legacy, is about stimulating a conversation on the transfer of wealth, knowledge and culture. Successive generations in African society have produced men and women of great intelligence, vision and the drive for excellence‘ says both elated and relieved creator, Mfundi Vundla. I couldn’t have said it better myself, believe me – I tried.

People that have come to visit me have often scoffed at me saying, “why you watching that crap for?“. I didn’t even listen to the hate, I just tuned out as the jazz theme song signalled the start of the show. Whats hilarious is that the same people who made fun of me find themselves getting hooked and start watching the show at their houses. When the ridiculous storylines play out those same people are Whatsapping me to talk about it. Did you see that? Can you believe this happened? Now I am not going to name no names, you know who you are.

Before I went on maternity leave I was terrified that I would become one of those stay at home mums that is addicted to Ellen, Days Of Our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful etc, etc. I don’t want to offend readers who are into that. So let me clear its not my intention offend you. Its just my personal preference. I swore up and down that wasn’t going to be me. Whilst I never got into the above mentioned shows Generations the Legacy has become an integral part of our family life.

So much so that when I was home last month I managed to take the below picture with my daughter and my beloved mother – showcasing three generations of women in our family.



Nailed It…

Never ever in my 30 plus years on this planet have I had acrylic nails. For the longest time I admired women I had seen with claw like nails, Real or Fake. Infact it became a sick game of mine were I would look at nails and try and determine acrylic and authentic nails. I stalked Instagram pages for inspiration. Lean, long and glossy nails were my wonder wall – yes, the eagle had landed.

I loved the idea of claw shaped nails, but the timing was never right. Especially now that I am adjusting to life with a newborn. I am knee deep in diaper changes, constantly washing my hands, wet wiping, applying paw paw cream not to mention cleaning, washing and handling my delicate princess. On repeat. Daily. On top of that I am also being a domestic goddess ensuring the house is in tip top condition. Can get a round of applause?

As you can imagine its hardly a conducive environment for glossy claw shaped nails to be maintained let alone prosper.

The photos I present to you are evidence of my temporary insanity, exhibit A and exhibit B. Against my better judgement I decided to go ahead and get the acrylic nails installed – in pink to boot! To be clear with the amount of vitamins I take, I have never had a problem growing my own nails, but my main struggle was maintaining the same length across all ten fingers let alone the claw effect I was drooling over.

Being a virgin to this extension nail game I wanted to share my cons and pros that I observed through out the process.


Its simple really, I finally had the claw shaped nails I had been wanting. Sure they are artificial, but the technician did a bloody good job so that no one could tell – believe me I made sure of it, no short cuts here! Although I wish I had a applied moisturiser on my hands so they looked more glossy in the photos – but hey, you win some and you lose some.


My research led me to believe that the acrylic nails can damage the natural nail bed – something I don’t have time for. To make matters worse even after child birth, I have to say I found the application process uncomfortable to the point of painful. The non english speaking technician had no mercy. My occasional ‘ouch!’ didn’t get the reaction I hoped for – empathy. The glue seemed to tighten my nail bed, more discomfort. The electric filers they used were no joke, sending a burning sensation on the edges of my nails. I just about had to pull away my finger so that she could see I was a human and was in pain! I went to a reputable salon with accredited nail technicians but I was not prepared for the level of discomfort I experienced.

Here in Australia having acrylic nails installed costs anywhere between  $40 -75 dollars. Thereafter you will need to get infills at a cost of $30 -45 each fortnight depending how quickly your nails grow out. So lets do the maths – worst case scenario if you were to pay $75 for the initial install and $45 for a refill every fortnight that would equate to $1,245 a year. That amount spent on nails? My god – I just about jumped out my skin when I annualised the cost! I am 100% certain that I can find another way to spend money that would be more cost effective and rewarding to me. Think designer dress, bag, shoes etc. I tend to agree with Carrie Bradshaw here, “I like my money where I can see it — hanging in my closet.”

It was good whilst it lasted but its safe to say that this whole process was an experience, something on my bucket list that I can now cross of. Done. Kudos to women who do this on a regular basis, you deserve a standing ovation for your dedication and commitment. Seriously I applaud you, because clearly I am not about that life.

I will never say never because I might consider doing it again for a special occasion but right now it is not something that I am looking to maintain. As soon these nails grow out, they will gone baby gone.