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Another Soapie..

A while ago one of my friends from Nigeria gave me this soap. She was raving and ranting about it, insisting that I try it. I read the name and looked at the colour of the soap, thought to myself – hmm I don’t know about this.

…Truth be told I am not one to one to turn down something that is free, so I gladly accepted the black soap. Yes, I am black like that.

I still couldn’t help but think to myself, another product that is being pushed to an innocent consumer like myself by a natural haired sister that has seen the light, rolls eyes. Come one we all know someone like that.

That was about about a year ago. Initially I just used the soap for my hair. Let me just say, from the moment I made my hair damp, lathered the soap then watched the product build up being washed away in the bathroom sink. I had an aaha! Oprah moment, I knew I would never wash my natural hair with anything else. Never Ever.

My natural locks were left feeling soft and stripped of all impurities. Like Virgin hair. Touched for the first time.

As I got more confident with the soap I decided to use it from head to toe. I read the product listing and could see that it was all natural so  I used this soap during my pregnancy. Personally I credit the soap (genetics and lots of moisturising) for preventing the development of the dreaded stretch marks  – big call I know, but I honestly believe it. I have combination oily skin and using this soap has reduced breakouts that I used to have by really cleansing the skin. I am most thankful for as I am thirty plus with now minimal random breakouts.

Complete Ingredient Listing:

Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun (camwood), Palmkernel Oil, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Bunch Ash, Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Lime Juice & Oil, Lemon Juice & Oil,Water & Natural Fragrance. As you can see and to my delight all natural products.

If you would like to change your life and try this amazing Black Soap Bar (Dudu Osun) you can find it here. I used to buy if from an African shop for $9 a soap bar, which was similar to flushing money down the toilet now I just use Amazon which is cheaper even with the shipping costs.

…no this is not an paid endorsement post, though I wish it was! I just found the product to be amazing – its that good I am writing about a damn bar of soap.

So why not share it?

I will warn you though that with the regular use the product can leave a brown residue on bathroom tiles which your other half will complain about, so be sure to wash away residue after each  use.

You can thank me later.