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Not Excusable, But Plausible…..

My sincere apologies for the lack of posts. It’s hard to believe that we are getting closer and closer to meeting our baby girl – were has the time gone?

Let me just say, when it comes to blogging my heart wants to, but after a long day in the office my body just isn’t a willing participant. All my body wants to do is vege out in front of the TV so I can watch mind numbing reality and ratchet TV shows.

As for my mind? Well think it’s safe to say that baby brain is real.

You see before I was pregnant I used to think “baby brain” was a load of absolute rubbish – an excuse used by pregnant women to get away with ridiculous behaviour. Harsh, I know.

You would be pleased to know that this point of view has now changed. Having personally experienced “baby brain” myself, I am a lot more sympathetic and understanding.

Some examples of my baby brain episodes include but are not limited to:

Exhibit A:

After a grocery shopping trip I unpacked the goods, but some how misplaced my debit credit card. I turned the house upside down looking for the card. A couple of days later when I was just about to call the bank to cancel the card, my mother called me and said that she was cleaning out the freezer and found my debt credit card in the freezer.

Exhibit B:

The wind has been quite harsh in Canberra making my lips drier than the Sahara desert. To fix the problem, I decided to go to a local drug store to pick up some moisturising lip balm for my lips. Seems simple right? Wrong. I stood in the lip gloss aisle for about 20 minutes trying to decide which Chapstick was best for my dried lips. For the life of me I could not decide. In the end I decided to purchase four as I just could not make a decision. Much to my frustration I walked away with a cherry, watermelon, raspberry and strawberry moisturising lip balm. You can imagine at this point I just wanted out of the drug store.

Exhibit C:

By far the most dangerous I thing I have done during my baby brain period is arrive home from work, insert my key into the lock, unlock and open the apartment door, walk into apartment, carry out my night time routine and  fall asleep – all whilst my house keys are still in the lock on the other side. To my horror hubby found them the next morning  when he was heading out to work. Baby brain could have put us in a compromising position.

The “baby brain” evidence is slowly mounting again me. Lets just say hubby is keeping a close eye on me as my pregnancy advances.

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Face By M.A.C. Body By Jesus….

I recently had a friend who is trim taut and terrific ask me – What is it like to pregnant? Do you feel invincible? Have you had any weird cravings? Do you hate everyone?

All very interesting questions. Whilst I was flattered she asked me – I didn’t quite know how to answer the questions. This is my first child, hardly a veteran. I didn’t want it to sound like amateur hour.

To be perfectly honest though, now that I am pregnant I find it funny how people who have never been pregnant have these preconceived notions of what its like to be pregnant. All from movies they have seen, books they have read and an experience they had with a sister, friend or distant relative. I guess if you have never been through it before or are a man – its hard to truly imagine let alone understand what its like to be pregnant.

Pregnancy is a lot of things.

Its the gift of creating life – a miracle. You find yourself just about bursting into tears at the thought of carrying that life within you body for nine months whilst you nurture it, feel it grow. Its by far the most incredible thing I have done in my life and I am beyond excited to meet this little person that my husband and I have created.

Pregnancy can also be scary, dramatic and down right weird.

You get  hands on experience with your body as it accommodates this growing lodger inside you.  You will surprise yourself. Think constipation, wind (no matter how much of a lady you are – all bets are off), swollen feet (baby elephant) , sleepless nights (its 3am someone decides to have a kicking party inside you), backaches (comes with the territory),  you will at some point need to be pushed off the bed and pulled off the couch (true story), hair grows everywhere, I mean everywhere (you feel like wolverine) – these are some of the more interesting experiences  – some of the things you don’t and won’t expect or want to know – but its all part of the joy of entering motherhood.

This has been my experience thus far. Veterans of the pregnancy game – feel free to chip in.

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The Change Is Not Concealed…

I am originally from Zimbabwe but my family has been in Australia for about 25years – so given my age you could argue that I am African – Australian.

The economic climate of  Zimbabwe has left a lot my family members with no choice but to be scattered around the world – to get their professional hustle on.

I keep in contact with close and distant relatives using social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

The other night I was talking to one of my younger cousins and never being pregnant herself she asked, “What is it like being pregnant?”.

We were talking on instant messenger and I took some time to think about it.

My response? Before I was pregnant there were are lot of people that told me their horror stories – so I was terrified. Now that I am actually pregnant its been one of the most joyous and most memorable experiences of my life.

I am in love with my changing body and in oar of my body’s ability to create and bring another life into this world – it truly is a miracle!

This person who is being nurtured inside of me no one has ever laid eyes on her,  no one has heard her voice let alone her laugh.

At this point I can bet my last dime that my natural high can rival any ice drug feen. It is an amazing feeling of anticipation. It’s like all my previous birthdays and holidays rolled into one.

If you can’t already tell. I am loving being pregnant.

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Dreams – Walking With My Father

People warned me that I would have quite vivid dreams during pregnancy. That was a pregnancy side effect I wasn’t too worried about as I have always been quite the dreamer.

Of late I have had encounters with individuals who are dishonest for one reason or another. As a person that values honesty it’s something that I haven’t been able to understand – let alone tolerate – causing strained relationships with these individuals.

I digress.

Pregnancy brain kicking in – thats right –  my vivid dreams, YES that’s what this blog post was going to focus on.

In my dream my father was came to visit me from out of town. Together we were walking towards the entrance of the Sofitel hotel were he was staying.

Keep in mind my dad passed on eleven years ago.

Stay with me now.

As we are walking I look up to my dad and ask him, “when you are a child growing up parents often say you have to tell the truth. You can also be punished for not telling the truth. When does this all change as an adult?”

My dad was always a lot taller than me, so he looked down at the me and says, “I was different as a parent I always wanted you to seek truth, speak truth and value truth. What you have to understand is when some people get older they seem to have things or people they want to protect and lose the value of honesty or simply the desire to be honest”

With that we walked into the hotel entrance and the dream ends.

I woke up completely freaked out and started googling – dreams during pregnancy. I was reassured to read that the changes in hormone levels bring on a feast of dreams in pregnant women.

Just as well, because for a moment there I thought I was really losing it.

Can anyone out there give me some insight on my dream?

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