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I have read that there are serious health dangers for women who regularly wear high heels, especially when they wear them to work daily – that’s about 90% of women I know. Wait for it – excessive heel-wearing can even cause changes in the toe joints, or cause degenerative arthritis in the middle of the foot. My eyes are wide open,  that’s a scary thought yet as woman I continue to take the risk.

I was curious to find out why women, like me wear heels so I asked my friends. Below you will find the top five reasons why my inner circle wear heels:

  1. Feel more dressed up and professional at work
  2. Makes their legs look longer and leaner
  3. A real confidence booster allowing them to embrace their inner “boss”
  4. Heels take their outfits to another level allowing them to feel glamorous and sexier
  5. It encourages them to walk in a more feminine way

I have to admit I am no different, I agree with most of the reasons listed above. During the working week it is rare that you will see me wearing flats – at 163cm who would blame me right?

Now that I have a baby on board I have to reconsider my shoe options to not only balance myself but also to make it easier to get around. I am often tempted to wear heels daily but my swollen feet say a resounding NO. For now my body and I have come to a compromise – I will wear heels every other day.

Hat – Sportsgirl – Top – H&M, Maternity Leggings – ASOS. Boots – Wittner.

Fashion, Maternity Wear, Style

Dressing For Two…

When I was last home I was looking at photos of my mother’s pregnancy with me and seems tent dresses were all the rage. Mind you this was about 30+ years ago so she was probably showing them how to dress the bump back then.

How times change right?

Fast forward to now and I have made the conscious decision to not camouflage my growing curves. My body is growing and changing regularly – each day I am accepting the challenge and dressing to positively enhance my curves.

So far I have learnt that all maternity outfits are not created equal and cost an arm and a leg. Each time I have gone online shopping for outfits – specifically work outfits – I have scrolled quickly in horror or I have just about vomited on the keyboard in disgust – slight exaggeration there, but you get my point.

The very few items I have actually liked, well let’s just say I would need to spend a small fortune to have them hanging in my closet and eventually on my lady lumps for a short period of time – not worth the investment.

This is the reason why I have chosen to show off my baby bump mostly in body con dresses – shout out to Why? They are generally cheap, stretchy, comfortable, no ironing required, the dresses grow with you and I almost always look well put together – this is subjective, I know. My opinion matters though.

Be warned, this maternity chosen maternity look is not for the faint hearted. Every time I look in the mirror, I just about start singing, “What you gon’ do with all that junk? All that junk inside that trunk?”

In short to get through your 40 weeks of pregnancy style you will need to splash out on some new baby bump pieces (stretchy is friendly) but I would also encourage you to rotate your current accessories and shoes to keep your look fresh.

For the weekend, I have been keeping it pretty low key and casual. My mantra? Maternity leggings go with everything! My hubby doesn’t know it yet, but I am eyeing a few items in his closet – menswear can be incredibly fashionable with a baby on board.

Whatever you might think of my pregnancy style – I have chosen to embrace my fuller figure, showcasing that it is possible to remain stylish during your pregnancy.

I just want to close out this post by saying it can be difficult and at times frustrating to dress your changing body during your pregnancy but keep reminding yourself to remain positive because all this is temporary. Soon you will holding this gorgeous bundle of joy and all this will be a distant memory.

Necklace – So Very African, Dress – Temt, Maternity Stockings – Target, Shoes – Wittner