Cream Get On Top…

By now I think you have heard about the untimely passing of a music legend – Prince. When I heard the news at first I thought it was a hoax. He was 57, lived a strictly healthy lifestyle (well so I thought) – why are these attention seekers doing this? When I found out it was true, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness and loss.

If I told you I was a massive fan of Prince’s music I would be lying. I listen to music from various genres so I know a lot of his music. I can appreciate and easily sing along to it as he had some catchy melodies. Everyone has said it and I will say it again – he was a talented musician wether he was performing, ghost producing or writing for others.

If I am honest though it was Prince’s sartorial style that really fascinated and excited me. He is the only black man that I know who relaxed his hair, wore make up, pranced around in flamboyant get ups paired with heels but no one even battered an eyelid. That was just Prince. He was the epitome of loving oneself and unapologetically being the true version of yourself.

His “drink no chaser” sense of dressing gave confidence to those who lacked it to try new things. Years later looking at his archive of style it has inspired people like me to wear what I want and how I want to wear it. Individuality matters.

Prince was true style icon who will continue to inspire present and future generations to come. For that I would like to personally thank him – my personal style and closet is better because of him. May he rest in peace.

I end this post by sharing my favorite iconic style moments that Prince presented to the world.









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