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Dreams – Walking With My Father

People warned me that I would have quite vivid dreams during pregnancy. That was a pregnancy side effect I wasn’t too worried about as I have always been quite the dreamer.

Of late I have had encounters with individuals who are dishonest for one reason or another. As a person that values honesty it’s something that I haven’t been able to understand – let alone tolerate – causing strained relationships with these individuals.

I digress.

Pregnancy brain kicking in – thats right –  my vivid dreams, YES that’s what this blog post was going to focus on.

In my dream my father was came to visit me from out of town. Together we were walking towards the entrance of the Sofitel hotel were he was staying.

Keep in mind my dad passed on eleven years ago.

Stay with me now.

As we are walking I look up to my dad and ask him, “when you are a child growing up parents often say you have to tell the truth. You can also be punished for not telling the truth. When does this all change as an adult?”

My dad was always a lot taller than me, so he looked down at the me and says, “I was different as a parent I always wanted you to seek truth, speak truth and value truth. What you have to understand is when some people get older they seem to have things or people they want to protect and lose the value of honesty or simply the desire to be honest”

With that we walked into the hotel entrance and the dream ends.

I woke up completely freaked out and started googling – dreams during pregnancy. I was reassured to read that the changes in hormone levels bring on a feast of dreams in pregnant women.

Just as well, because for a moment there I thought I was really losing it.

Can anyone out there give me some insight on my dream?

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