Mini Me

Dressed Up In Love…

Say hello to Tasima! My beautiful baby girl. I am obsessed with her. Like any new parent I can’t believe she is mine, all mine!

*giggles uncontrollably*

You have read about Tasima here, here and here – so its high time you meet her right?


Look at that smile and tell me it isn’t infectious? Quick facts, Tasima likes regular and I mean regular feeds otherwise she gets hangry. She is not about the dirty diaper life, so be sure to keep a close eye on that otherwise she will not hesitate to give the side eye – True Story. She is also a fan of naps and lots of them through out the day. Perhaps thats the secret to her natural beauty.

Before Tasima was born her wardrobe was full of gorgeous goodies purchased by our amazing family and friends. When I pull out my camera or even just my iPhone to take a picture or a selfie her face just lights up and she gives these amazing gumless smiles. With the love of the camera its clear that she is my daughter. Honestly I don’t blame her because the camera loves her.

Tasima wears outfits from Pumpkin Patch, a brand that I honestly had not heard of until I had Tasima. Now that I can see that they have all the latest trendy items for my tiny tot, she pretty much has all the “must have items”.

More updates to come on what my mini is wearing…bonus picture shown below!


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  • Reply Noluvo February 28, 2016 at 3:54 PM

    She’s absolutely gorgeous. Shes going to love fashion like mommy.

    Enjoy mama

    • Reply IamTinashe February 29, 2016 at 9:25 PM

      thank you hun 😉

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