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Fresh Nude Foundation

It gets really hot here in Australia, so during summer you really have to be light on with your foundation application and coverage, otherwise you will end up with mountains for pimples – no matter how good your skin care routine and water intake is.

Lighter foundation application in summer makes sense, because the whole idea of wearing everyday makeup is to enhance your natural features – not to apply layers upon layers of makeup which make you unrecognisable to your family, friends and work colleagues.

You know I was thinking about this earlier – close your eyes for moment and flashback to, say, ten years ago. Its almost hard to believe now but finding a foundation that suited my brown skin was virtually impossible. More often than not, I would end up with a foundation that looked like it blended with my skin colour – under the beauty counter lights that is- but dare to walk outside and I would look like I had decided to wear baby powder on my face, you know, for that clown effect. Think Heath Ledger as the joker in the Batman movie.

Now open your eyes. You are now in the present day. Finally people in the beauty industry are starting to accept that women of colour want to look beautiful (we have disposable cash) and have introduced great products that suit our skin tones.

In the past, i would never in a million years have thought of buying foundation from The Body Shop. I would have just keep it moving because I knew there were no foundations on offer for a lady of my colour. That is, until now.

Like any makeup junkie, i am always on the lookout for hot new products to try out. I came across the “Fresh Nude Foundation” via YouTube. Pretty much every beauty blogger that i love and trust was raving about it. I watched about four or five videos and rolled my eyes because to me it seemed like they were being paid to say nice things about the product.

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a chance  – what the hell, it’s only $AU 37.95. I work. Let me try it out.

I purchased colour Caribbean Mahogany, as it was a dead match to my skin tone. Look, I don’t want to be getting any hate mail – so if you get a foundation and it’s not the right shade, you can also purchase these fantastic Shade Adjusting Drops – to transform an ‘almost right’ shade to you right shade in just one drop.


I have been using this foundation religiously for six weeks straight and it’s only now that I can give a straight up review on the foundation.


  • You get to see a slightly enhanced version of your natural self. No filter.
  • The price point – cheapest all round foundation I have ever purchased. I like buying things that don’t make you feel like you are being extorted.
  • The foundation smells amazing – it’s like you’re applying the scent of a high-end florist on your face.
  • When applying the foundation after a primer it blends perfectly with my skin tone and lasts the day at work or play.


  • Don’t try to wear layers of this foundation – you will look cakey and your skin will become hella oily. Experimentation led me to this discovery.
  • Not everyone will find a colour that will match their skin tone and will have to spend more of their hard earned cash to purchase the shade adjusting drops.
  • More is more – for what you pay it would be nice to have more of the product.

Look I really liked this foundation – it was such a positive surprise! So much so, that this foundation has been inducted into the holy grail of my makeup arsenal.

This isn’t a paid post just a customer who is happy with her purchase. If you get a chance do yourself a favour and try this foundation. You can thank me later…


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