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Guest Blogger – Grace

Open Instagram discovery page what do you see? Scandalously dressed women doing the most just for a simple LIKE. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a step back to appreciate styles that are more subtle and modest in appearance. Introducing this month’s guest blogger, Grace.
How do you describe yourself? My name is Grace, a Zimbabwean woman who loves dressing up and photography. I’m the second born in a family of four girls. I’m a devoted lover of the color green!

Age: Twenty something

Location: Malaysia

What is your favorite hairstyle? I don’t have a favourite hairstyle, my hair is usually covered up, but underneath the head-wrap is the healthiest hair you’ve ever seen. 

How would you describe your personal style? I have a “chic-elegant-play it safe-you are a queen-so you can experiment-boho” style.

What is your go to fashion outfit? A midi dress, paired with gorgeous heels and a structured handbag. I do love a pair of sunglasses.

What are your must have items in your wardrobe? 

  • A good quality blazer
  • A pair of heels/pumps/coat shoes/stilettos – it depends what you call them
  • A structured handbag
  • Quality sunglasses 
  • A maxi dress , midi dress, and midi or pencil skirt

What inspires your style? My elegance is inspired by mother. She is the most elegant woman I know and the color palette in her wardrobe is ah-mazing. The other aspects of my personal style are inspired by the discoveries I’ve made about myself. I believe self-love inspires some of the outfits I wear. 

5 things about you that the world should know about you:

  • I take photos of anything that I find beautiful, only to delete some of them later;
  • I have a love hate relationship with travelling. I love adventure but sitting for long gets to me sometimes;
  • I fractured a bone once;
  • I can cook for multitudes;
  • I have never been a bridesmaid but I’m hopeful to be one, one day

What is your relationship with your body like? My body is loyal. I hardly get sick. In return to its loyalty I try to eat right. As we speak, I’ve cut out chocolate, cake and fizzy drinks from my diet. I do indulge in ice cream here and there. Generally, I have a great relationship with my body and we’re working on making it greater.

What do you like or don’t like about your body? I don’t like the struggle I’m having with acne on my face and my tummy.

What would you tell your sixteen year old self? It’s okay to be different. It’s even better not to be part of a ‘clique’ or to force yourself into one. Work hard, you don’t have to figure out everything yet. Enjoy being a teen you’ll, soon be paying bills haha. And pray. 

What is your guilty pleasure? Watching tv series episodes all day! Very unproductive, yet so good.

As you can see conservative fashion doesn’t mean frumpy. Grace – thank you showcasing you fashion and allowing us to get to know you. You can learn more about Grace by following her Instagram and blog.

If you would like to be a guest blogger please send me an email and we will make the necessary arrangements.


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