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How To Spot “Mr. Waste Your Time”.

I felt the anger build up in me as I drove, the devilish thoughts that were going through my head made me think I was going crazy. The thought of pulling up at a sports shop and purchasing a baseball bat crossed mind – it might help me with the ultimate revenge. Yes, I was very angry, but this hasn’t only happened to me. At the age of 32, I feel there are many other women that have experienced this level of anger and the feeling of betrayal in the dating world. Today, I sit here writing this article and thinking one thing – how did I miss the signs? I was dating a “Mr Waste Your Time”. Mr Waste Your Time exists in every culture, draped in gold and sugar coated in everything you’ve ever wanted.

Ladies – when you are dating, what do look for in a man? I ask myself this question every time I go on my first date and now, after so many first dates, I somehow still find myself being attracted – dating even guys I can only describe as, Mr Waste Your Time.

That being said, here are my top ten characteristics you will find in”Mr Waste Your Time:

  1. At the beginning, they say everything you want to hear – sweet nothings. The relationship starts off with constant praise and him telling you everything that’s perfect about you, then once he thinks he has you hooked he will change just like that!
  2. They will lie about their past relationships. They will tell you something like “my wife and I are separated, we have been separated for a while now” or “I’m 34 and I haven’t had many girlfriends”.  Lies, lies, lies.
  3. They won’t commit to a future with you, let alone talk about it. I.e They make every excuse to fight with you about planning future or committing to plans.
  4. Constantly begging for nude photographs or any form of sexual activity. They have so many girls on the go and still want you to “send nudes”, while they are getting sex on the side.
  5. They never want to be seen in public with you. He doesn’t want you to be seen by his other chick, (wife even) or friends.
  6. They try to seclude you from family and friends. He’ll make excuses about how your family members are judging him and it should be just the two of you.
  7. They won’t introduce you to their friends. His friends may give away his little charade he has going on so he won’t bother introducing you.
  8. They manipulate every situation to benefit themselves. You’ll often hear “your friends weren’t nice to me, so I don’t think we should hang out” when your friends only ask the right questions and he is intimidated by them.
  9. They never post any pictures of the two of you on social media. He’s afraid that his other chick/wife will see them
  10. They make up excuses for why they don’t use certain age appropriate social media platforms. He’s likely hiding his current or previous relationships that haven’t ended.

Ladies, in my humble opinion, those are the top 10 signs that you have just met/started dating “Mr Waste Your Time”. The actions of a man will tell you he is really into you. Should he become hot and then cold or the consistency in calls, texts or even time spent together changes – don’t waste your time or settle for second best. A guy who is really into you will do everything in his power to get and keep you.

You can find Ms Tinashe Fay on Instagram dropping knowledge regularly.

Thank you, Tinashe Fay, for your honest and open account – your message should assist those active in the dating world right now.

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